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    (Sorry for the bad english ndD95)
    I'm making a new object, very similiar to the SixAxis motion control: it's a little circle-ball that used on an item on LBP, it detects the inclination of the object, the movements, if its falls, and if it is moving. How to use it? You place it on the object, and there are some "switch wires", that you can use in many ways. You're building something like an Overcraft or a Mech-Flying Machine? You can use the wires on some rockets, so if the item is too inclinated on the left, a rocket activates to straighten it. Or, if it's falling, a rocket can make it goes up again. Very usefull for the balance of your object.
    The object is smaller than a SackBoy, i made with the glass, but you can change material, to make it lighter. You can glue it on the item that you want, or you can place it "inside" of the item. I used the Sixaxis in a flying ship, that ship can stay in air in the same place (without go left, right, up or down) without any help of the player, when you drive it, it easier to stop it in a place, so you can drive it, than stop and start shooting with a Paintinator.
    Then i made a Tech Demo of the SixAxiS: when you move it, a big arrow shows you the inclination of it, so you can check the sensibility of it.
    I can make it more sensible, but i need to make it bigger, so now i use this "1.0" version.
    Post your comments and suggestions, photos and video coming soon (maybe today too).

    Photos of the Bigger Version

    UPDATE: Video

    [ame=""]YouTube - Little Big Planet - SixAxiS Engine Demo[/ame]
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