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Thread: Sci-Fi World Ex

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    Default Sci-Fi World Ex

    Sci-Fi World Ex by mdaj
    Junkyard level for the first 3 Sci-Fi World series.

    New Addition to the Sci-Fi World Series!!! New concepts and new machines and made little more challenging. Sorry, no kool space ships in this level, but makes-up for it with fun hard gameplay. Better if played as single player, but still possible with 2 peepol. Post comments and suggestions and lemme know wat u think.

    These parts and ideas did not make it to the original levels cuz they were too challenging for my easy lvls or took-up too much thermometer.

    pix from morgana... thank u morgana!!!

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    Great new addition to the series. Some pretty cool new contraptions and it seems to me that it was a lot longer than the others. The level wasn't as great looking as the others, I think you mentioned something about that in the description in game though. But that doesn't matter because it was still fun play to play through. I did find a problem though on the platform that took you to the right and with a gear underneath that started to move as the platform did, it was the one that also served as the launch pad. Sorry if thats a bit confusing, but I didn't make it up the shaft the first time so I flew back down and accidently jumped just before it would launch me up again so I ended up underneath it and trapped, so I had to restart. Nothing major though, I gave it a 5 stars and a heart.

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    I really enjoyed the level, although I thought Sci Fi World 3 was better I thought this one was really good and definetly offered a little more difficulty, something the previous versions lacked.

    Btw, you make the BEST intros of any creator, you are amazing at those!

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    Hey mdaj, nice to see you around here.
    I really enjoyed this level man!. I have to confess I wasn't a fan of your SCI-FI world series, thouth I appreciate it's technology, but this one really made me play till I aced it.

    I gave it and I'll heart it tonight, because yesterday I think I forgot

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    I just played the level! It is amazing from start to finish! I love how you do your intros! They're amazing! Keep up the good work!

    I'm AliBoy1 and I pretty darn awesome and I haz a crown!

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    Fantastic stuff... AGAIN.

    I can't say this was my favourite of the series, but it was a great 'extras'
    Your contraptions are just astounding.

    You should try branching out to a new theme!

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    I love your Sci-Fi World series. Can't wait to play this one. I'm sure it'll be just as good as the rest.

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    thanx 4 tha praises on my new level!!! im glad people enjoyed it!
    and thanx for not being mean with the "constuctive criticism". =)
    i like when people give me advice, but i hate wen peepolz leave mean messages on levels u work so hard to create! Grrrrrrrr!!!
    ill look into that glitched part of the level shris. dont worry... i know wat u are talking about. i think i need to lower 1 of the gears down further into the pink smoke.
    yeah i think i over-killed the sci-fi theme!!! many other lbp playerz helped too. haha. there are now officially TOO MANY SCI-FI THEMED LVLS!!! ...but thatz just my opinion. =P

    i was thinking about making a music lvl. lol... really. i already started but the music did not come out so good. i deleted and will start from scratch again... or maybe ill just give-up.

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    Okay, played this three times now, here we go...

    I always enjoy the Sci-Fi World levels - innovative, exciting, bright 'n shiny and very slick. No, they're not the most challenging gameplay-wise, but they're not meant to be. They compare to rollercoasters - strap yourself in and enjoy the ride - and Sci-Fi World compares with the best. My own personal LEAST favourite of the series was part 3, but I still thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Now then, we have Sci-Fi World EX, and if you think you're in for the same again, you need to rethink.

    Brilliant intro as usual - almost cyber punk, industrial, down and dirty stuff. But then, and here's the rub, you have to DO stuff! And some of it ain't easy. Yes, it's all got the mdaj trademarks - the clangs, the bangs, the pink gas, the logos, the slick mechanisms - but the difficulty has been raised, and it's all the better for it.

    mdaj is one of the best chain-reaction wizards, and this EX version is full of them - put X into Y, and then Z will move causing A to open - you know the sort of thing.

    I loved it.

    + Sci-Fi World with added challenge
    + Brilliant mechanics and mechanisms
    + Post-apocolyptic settings with the loudest bangs possible
    + Some great details

    - Some fanboys will be upset at the challenge

    A worthy addition to this great series, and one that MAY put old fans off, but will certainly attract new ones. Well done, mdaj, you are The Wizard.

    I rated 5*, hearted and tagged with 'Ingenious'.

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    another chapter in the SCI-FI series and it is a pretty level good Jop

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    WOW! u give me such high praises mrs buz!!! i hope every1 else also feels this enthusiastic about my level.

    but what i dont understand iz why such great levels recieve only 4-star ratings....
    =( hmmmmm...

    perfect example is mrs-spooky-buz's levels. her levels i think r freekin' awesummmm!!! but none were rated 5-starz. i think she was ripped-off!!! grrrrr!!! really not kool! and there are many other levels ive seen that only got 4-starz when they should've been 5.

    then i see the "free prize levels" that are 5-stars!? omg... i think itz really unfair! ohh well... lol... i complain too much. i'll shut my face now. =P
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  13. Thanks!

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    I epic played this level awesome, really fun with 4 player great mechanics like the way how the level looks 5 and a heart

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    This is pretty cool. Lovely visuals, nica and clean, yet interesting

    Highlights, the flipper piston electo thingumies with the car you ride on: If you just spam R1 and don't pay attention you get killed - I like this

    The plasma generator is soooo cool, wasn't sure what was going to happen but yeah, I liked that.

    Minus points, the timed platforms are a little too high from each other IMO, it prevents natural planeshifting, which is a pain. I appreciate that this is part of the challenge, but I think the camera angle makes it impossible to know until after you have tried once. Very minor.

    The Boss fight that I played was essentially just two plasma turrets and paintball gun, and you can just stand out of range of each turret as you spam the paintenator. It did look cool but in a level with so much cool and imaginitive stuff going on, it's a bit of a let down (the perils of making stuff that's too cool I guess )

    After this I was moving spikey balls on chains and then then hit some gas and suddentl I've backtracked and my route is blocked on all sides. I can't complete the level this run through but I'll check back later. Level killing faults should never happen IMO.

    It's another cool showcase of mechanics, but this time it felt more engaging somehow. All very inventive puzzles, not to difficult, but that doesn't matter when you are admiring the gameplay you've invented.

    5 stars, heart and I'll come back to complete it later.
    -- ? --

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    I make Contraption levels cause I got inspired by that level.

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    Not as good as the original 3, but thats like saying toast isn't as good as cheese on toast. Still excellent
    Oh, hai.

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    Great level, the only bug i found is that its possible to bypass the power up negater after the bit with the bombs and before the robot boss with the paintinator. I didnt explore so it might not matter i just thought it worth mentioning
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    thanx for pointing out the let-downs and mistakes on my level evry1! sorry... i did a rush job and didnt thouroughly check everything before i published it. and the boss fight i know had an AWESOME intro with really LAME gameplay. i just got lazy. =P i had some good ides to add to it... maybe ill put them in later. ill look into the other stuff that u peepolz said needs improving. ill try ta fix em. kool???

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    Just played this, and I gotta say - I'm one of those people who fell under the category of "I like the sci-fi world series, totally appreciate them, and 5 star rate them when I play them.... but I don't feel like I'm DOING much in them."

    I really appreciate that, with this level, you've taken a different direction and built a level for us "gamers". I loved the mechanics AND the gameplay in this one - I hit #2 on the scoreboard, and plan on coming back later for some more.

    Nice job! 5 stars and a heart.
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    Good level.5 stars!

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