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    Smile Escaping The Doctor's Cave

    Escaping The Doctor's Cave by iGotFancyPants
    You fall into a cave and are forced to escape... but how? What lies ahead in this cave? Hopefully not a Mad-man with a mustache.

    This is my new level `Escaping The Doctor's Cave.` I made this level in a competition to see who could make the better level in 5 days with my friend (I won ).

    Please leave feedback. Any comments are highly appreciated!!!

    Thanks in advance
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    Sorry for this epic bump/double post but I've made quite a few changes.

    This level was made rather hastily so I decided to quickly touch it up today and add some new things.

    Well, first off, I used to have some old teleporting methods but now I utilize the switch-activated checkpoint. Things are A LOT smoother (from what I saw).

    Secondly, I added many, many, many more lighting effects to the level. It now feels a little more atmospheric. I really like playing around with lighting effects so they might seem to not fit well but meh ;P

    The end now has a very different feel/look than before and, IMO, is a lot better. Yay!

    Apart from the few changes to atmosphere, that's basically it. I think.

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    Why hasnt anyone wrote anything here. Your level looks great.

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    I'm trying it for sure now.

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    Just played this and I liked it. The best part for me was all of your crazy lighting. No I take that back the best part was the end. What a twist!!!

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    Haha, thanks guys. Been a while since I made this.. LOL!

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