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    Default Escape from the Dark Castle (with pictures)

    Escape from the Dark Castle by olit123
    Hello there! I originally published this level back in October for Morgana25's 'Spooktacular Level Design Contest' but I could not post it on here because I had the search bug.

    In this level, you are a human who believes that Halloween is just a chance for kids to plague you all night for free sweets, there are no such thing as monsters. The human you are playing soon regrets saying that when he was transported to LittleBigPlanet and has to escape from a castle full of monsters!

    Here are some screen shots:

    You start off on earth

    You fall through a hole in the ground and get transported to LittleBigPlanet

    You meet the creator curator 'Grendel'

    Ending mine cart ride


    I am no longer doing F4F
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    From the looks of it it's very colourful and that's nice

    My only small complaint so far: always the same texture material gets pretty boring as background, you can change this up a bit with a variation on the theme

    will play this asap
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