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    Default Check out my 1st level just a little taste of what i can do.

    Search for my psn kevin2314 it's just my 1st level its got 3 stars and 4 plays.

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    I liked it. Nice use of materials for the visual look - I wish there was more, though! More to do, more to see, etc.

    Some quick thoughts:
    Don't forget to put in checkpoints next time.
    While the base style is quite nice, it did feel visually rather bland after a while.
    Related to the previous point, there were no 'hooks' to keep it engaging; for example, the funnel pumping out circles could have had more context or just sprucing up to make it look cooler.

    Judging from the tone of your post, I am guessing you were impatient and wanted to show off something Well, keep it up, and jazz it up! It's good stuff but needs more

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    I was pleasantly surprised by this one. Exactly as the title says, it's a basic platformer. The corner edited style of the ramps and walkways is nice, and I actually like the fact that there really isn't a story that goes with it. Just run, jump, and enjoy. The platforming is tuned pretty well overall and is very fun, although the timing on the second fire log is very, very tight. Add a gap of about 1 second and I promise that your ratings will go up. I liked your use of the counting switch, and you had nicely-chosen sound objects attached thoughout to make all the actions interesting and generally just more alive.

    Aside from my fire log gripe, you definitely need more checkpoints - 2 more at a bare minimum. The other thing I'd like is some more length. I know that this is more of an "appetizer" type of level, but now that I know what you're capable of creating I want to see more. Get to work already! My last suggestion is to make more use of hidden areas. I found one cave area off the main path but was surprised not to see any point bubbles in it. A few more areas like that with some bonus prizes would make this a lot more interesting.

    This is very much worth playing - I liked it. 4 stars and hearted!

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    ah thank you both taffey and merkab. I wish to add more or just focus on this new level im working on. I had a very nice level concept before this one but my profile corrupted and i was just like well darn. But yup i originally made that cave for something special a prize bubble and what not and oh yeah that rolling log I'll tweak that and jazz up that counter it is a little drawn out and yeah Ill lengthen It after I release this new level I'm working on.

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