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    Default STEM Cell Sackboy - DML Competition Winner, Best in Class: Artistic

    Thanks to the robust level creation tools of LittleBigPlanet, Sackboy will jump into the cellular realm and view stem cell research up close and personal. “Stem Cell Sackboy” is a sidescrolling adventure that puts players into the “SackCell” and allows them to interact with embryonic stem cells and participate in an “accelerated” stem cell therapy procedure. Players will learn about the processes of cell growth and reproduction including the importance and ethical issues of stem cell research in the medical and scientific community, on top of experiencing this groundbreaking research through fun puzzles, minigames, and exploration as a cell!

    If you guys get a chance, please check out the link and discuss the level if you like the idea. There's also more information about the future level there as well.

    I really would love to continue this project (after Knights of the Azure Palace is finished) and hope it gets chosen as one of the finalists for the Game Changers competition.
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