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    Post Merging Objects or Materials aka Compression Tool

    Okay, before I get started on this tutorial I want to make one thing clear. I do not take credit for making this object that I am about to tell you about. All credit goes to TINTED who is the creator of this awesome tool. He is a member here but since he hasn't been around, it's time he gets recognition for an amazing object that he created which allows you merge materials and objects together!

    Now that that's said it's time to MERGE! I am going to show you how to efficiently merge any object, material together without as much as saying nun-uh! The object looks like this and is what is responsible for allowing objects, materials etc. to be merged

    To get this object go to TINTED's level titled "P3HP Club" You need a code to get this tool and the code can be found here He also has a few levels which show off more of what the compression tool can do. COMPRESSION TOOL Tutorial *make black hole, atom bombs and more! and Compression Tool Technologies. Note: There is also a similar compression tool made by tooth_pick210 that does basically the same thing, there is no code to get this one though, and it's in the shape of a right facing arrow
    Now watch in awe as I combine story mode objects together!

    Now some of you may be wondering "how can you combine the story objects? They aren't editable!" Well thanks to this object created by TINTED, anything can be merged together, even if they are story mode objects! The object show above causes a glitch in the lbp engine which I can't really understand fully, I can say that it does cause objects/materials to occupy the same space with others and when they do occupy the same space, they act indepently of each other. Aya042 explains a little about it on page 3 and 4 of this thread, and croissantbuncake shows how to make your own on page 4

    -As you can see in these here pictures, the objects are acting seperate of each other, I have one selected while it's merged with the other.
    -Now there are some rules that come with using this object which I will explain to you, most of these are found on TINTED's level which gives you this object
    RULE 1: this tool can only work in pause mode with gride mode off
    -This rule makes sense because when an object/material is paused, is dosn't have motion, so it will not break when paused as opposed to having motion and breaking because it's in the same space as another object/material
    RULE 2: object/materials can only be merged on the right side of the compression tool
    -This object can only work with everything to the right of it. Anything on the left will act normally and not merge together like it can on the right side

    -Before I get to rule number 3 you should understand how to properly merge the objects. Basically all you do is move the object/material into the space of the other object/material. Normally these would collide and not take up the same space, but with the compression too out and in pause mode, it works.
    RULE 3: Objects/materials can only be merged by moving one into the space of another, you cannot 'paste' objects into each, they must be placed, and then moved into the same space.
    RULE 4: Objects that are merged must be glued together before exiting pause mode
    -Again, this makes sense because if they were not glued together they would act like the 3d glitch does when you have overlappin moving materials in the background, they would end up breaking. See edit below for more indepth about how to glue compressed objects
    TIP: This tool causes a lag when out in the creating field. It is perfectly fine to have this, when you are done with the tool and everthing you want is merged, delete the compression tool and the lag will go away. This causes problems when you have more than 1 person in create mode. I would caution you when using this tool with others with you because the game goes into serious lag and is may cause players to lag out. I would recommend having 2 people at max when using this object. Any more and it just makes it more difficult to use this object.

    Now for some fun with this tool. Even wanted to make a canopy of a jungle using doll heads? How about the bird feather object? Now these are just ides for what can be accomplished with this compression tool here are a few pictures to demonstrate how cool this tool is when used properly.

    -Now for the bird feathers to be properly merged, I had to embed some dark matter in them before they were merged because they have an flapping motion that would have made them break if they weren't stationary
    How about merging lights into other objects?

    Here I have a shot from my beach that's in my current level in progress see if you can spot where I used the compression tool

    Need a closer look?

    Now if you looked ahead, cheater! Now here are some arrows to point out where materials are merged together.

    Here is a pic of how ugly it looks without the merging of the sand

    Now another cool thing to do with it is making a custom scoreboard! All that is necessary is a thin piece of material, here I uses cardboard, decorate the material and merge it and tada! A custom scoreboard!

    -Now an interesting thing I forgot to mention is that the compression tool works on the 3d glitch as well, very handy for moving things in the 3d background that need that teeny little adjustment.
    I guess that's all for this tutorial, again all credit goes to TINTED for creating this compression tool. Now get to creating and merging! Peace!

    Edit: WAIT! I forgot to mention 2 important things!
    1: the tool can look unpleasant if the merged objects/materials are merged too far together.- To get an example, look at the picture below closely where the kings staff is, it resembles the mgs plasma ball and it happens when one material is merged far in another material. Again some of you may want this and some may not. If you don't want this to happen, slightly merge the objects/materials and it should look normal

    2: You cannot corner edit any merged objects.- This is important to remember if you are trying to build set pieces for say the ground. I believe you can add to the materials via pasting, but I'm not 100% sure, when I find out I will update this thread. Edit: Okay yes you can paste to merged materials but not corner edit them, if they are the same material and you paste into both, they will become one material and not 2 seperate compressed materials
    3. Some objects will not merge together properly- I found out from TINTED that bombs will not glue after they are merged.They will however shoot out erradically when unpaused making some cool explosions. TINTED's acid bomb which you can get from his compression tool level shows this off very efficiently
    List of things that won't glue together after being merged
    I will update this list if I find any others that don't glue when merged

    Major Edit: After some tinkering with this tool, I came to the conclusion that anything not made of "materials" (light, bombs, doll head, spotlights, etc.) do not glue together when merged, as opposed to being able to glue together when not merged. To get Objects to merge properly together you need to either glue dark matter or any material to the compressed objects say like a thin layer, OR compress some material into the objects and glue it from the inside. Materials will always glue wherever compressed, objects will not. Hope that helps ya'll Peace!
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