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    Default The Sky Islands of Oneiros Ch 1 *Spotlighted, Featured, Sacky Nominee*

    The Sky Islands of Oneiros Ch 1 by SeekingTruth86
    Join Sackboy on his journey to the legendary Oneiros Isles- a group of islands that soar through the clouds by some mysterious power! Will you find your long lost Grandpa Sack? Part 1 of the Oneiros Trilogy.

    Screenshots provided by the beneficent amazingflyingpoo! Give the level a try to see more

    Pillars in the sky!

    Islands in the sky!

    Caves in the sky!?

    This is my first experiment with the LBP level creator, it was an excellent learning experience. I have big plans for the next two chapters!

    Hope you enjoy it, I'd appreciate any comments or feedback!
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    Hey SeekingTruth86,

    This looks absolutely fantabulous! I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it on Poo's PSP Level of the Week. I can't wait to try it out, and oh, welcome to LBPCentral . Where have you been? You're late to the party!

    Also seeking truth,

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    Thank for the pregame comment jeffcu28, and for the welcome!

    To be honest the thought that a forum for creators would exist never entered my mind, as LBP PSP was my first LBP experience. (This game is a dream come true for me, btw!) While searching google for a workaround for some of the early create bugs I found LittleBigWorkshop, I saw the level announcement threads and thought "Snap! That's a great idea!"

    Then, after a couple months playing with create mode and several abandoned concept/practice levels later, I finally finished one, posted a thread on the only site I was at all familiar with, and was from there referred to come over here to this fantastic LBP PSP scene. So... literally just got here ^_^

    Anyways, I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the level! I have a deep respect for your work, particularly Birds of Paradise and Zen! Absolutely stunning.
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  4. Thanks!

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    Hi, SeekingTruth86! I am glad, that you followed my advice and came here! Welcome! I already mentioned your level in The-Recommendations-Thread here and was very glad to saw this level in Poo's PSP Level of the Week.

    I already gave you my feedback to your level in another forum, so I will just repeat main idea - thanks for great and interesting level!

    And one more time - Welcome to LBPC!

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    welcome! lbp psp was a dream come true for me too!
    i LOVE to create. in all my racing games id customise cars so much and hardly ever actually race.
    i spend so much time on lbp psp now
    id really like to give the ps3 version a try though

    anyways as for ur level, it looks awesome! ill be sure to check it out

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    YES! LBPC just picked up another outstanding creator! :-D

    I cannot recommend this level highly enough. I'm not going to go into too many details, because I already gave a lot of feedback on LBW, plus I made the Level of the Week #11 post about it, but I just want to say that this is easily one of the best levels on LBP PSP. It is a delight to look at and a blast to play.

    I am so glad that you decided to join us here SeekingTruth, and I'm sure that we will be messaging back and forth all the time (BTW, I am sending you a friends request right now).

    OH! One more thing. Since you are used to LittleBigWorkshop, you are probably not used to all the excellent bells and whistles that LBPC has to offer. If you have any questions about the site, please feel free to just toss the question my way and I will no doubt chat your ear off

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    @Domik: Thank you again for being one of the first to check out my level, not to mention recommending LBPC to me! This site is amazing, I am forever in your debt ~_^

    @ali: Thanks ali! I'd love to hear what you think of it when you get a chance to try it out

    @poo: Thank you for all your support, I really appreciate it! I'm amazed by this forum, I'll definitely be poking around, I'll be sure to ask you if I have any questions!

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    i love it! youve created a beautiful environment with an original idea. the usage of electric glass as shining crystals was impressive. gameplay was delightful and i cant wait till ur nxt level!!

    5 stars and hearted

    most inspirational

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    Beautiful level. The only part I found kind of frustrating was the part where if u jump on the swinging platforms wrong it swings all over the place and u have to wait forever for it to stop moving again. But other then that loved all of ur ideas. Ended up giving u 2 hearts and 5 stars. Can't wait to see the next chapters.

  13. Thanks!

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    @ali985: Thank you very much for giving it a play! I'm glad you liked it, progress is going surprisingly quickly on Chapter 2 This feedback is really helping drive my creativity!

    @spok22: Thank you for playing! I think the spinning islands part may have been a kinda sharp difficulty spike, some of my testers had a lot of trouble with it, while others made it across easier than I did while designing it... and I admit I was a bit eager to get to the making the next part, so I didn't devote as much time as I could have to stabilizing those a little more I'll definitely try to avoid anything that makes you wait like that in the future. I'm glad you enjoyed it overall! Thanks for the feedback!

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    Awesome level!!!! 5 stars and heart.

    I hope you will make much levels, begouse you did amazing level!!!!!

  16. Thanks!

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    Great level, you did a very impressive enviroment, that all the stuff were floating was amazing and sometimes challenging, I gave you 5 stars and a heart, I've waiting for your next level.
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    I finished playing it yesterday but I found this to be a fantastic level. First off I love how you were able to clutter the area but at the same time still make it so I could fine my way through. The platforming and puzzles were also fantastic. I have to say this is now one of my favorite levels on lbp psp I gave it 5 stars and a heart.

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    Somewhere around here is awesome sauce.... Ah, here it is!

    This level is amazing - seriously cool stuff! The basis for the story is very good and intriguing, and it really makes me curious as to what happens next! I had a blast playing through and watching the story unfold (and then playing through another 3 times to watch it unfold again ). The visuals are outstanding and ethereal - nice decision to use the Alpine background but up off the ground so all you see are the treetops. My very favorite visual bit by far is when you look back at where you came from off in the distance. Brilliant! Really well executed. The platforming is fun and just a bit on the challenging side, in a good way. The puzzle elements of this level are quite good and had me scratching my head in the section with the movable block. I tried one thing, didn't work. Hm, perhaps this? No. Maybe this? No. Ah, there's a switch over there... but I can't get to it. So what to I do to get to the switch? Ah, score bubbles in a weird place, let's try grabbing there - presto. It was really a blast to figure that part out and reminded me of my first impressions of the original Oddworld games - some of my favorites of all time. The humor is fantastic and adds just the right amount of tongue-in-cheek to keep things light and fun. It's always nice to see a level that doesn't take itself too terribly seriously, but is still very well made. The boss fight was really fun and also very amusing - you got an audible "hah!" out of me when the final gag was sprung. Very clever way to end the level as well, because hey - things float in this world so why wouldn't Sackboy?

    I didn't have many problems with this level at all. Some of the cinematic camera angles do make the jumps a little tricky, so it's a mixed bag. Make it easier to see or show off the scenery? I'm fine with your choice to go with extreme angles, but it did take a little getting used to. On one hand I also want to tell you to point out the switches and solutions to the puzzle (particularly the sliding block one), but working it out was so fun I say leave it as is. And that's all I've got for gripes!

    Killer level here, 5 stars and a heart easily. I gave you a creator heart as well - oh, and welcome to LBPC! Great to have you here.

    No need to F4F for me - you got my back elsewhere, so we're good. Thanks!

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    @himoks: Thanks for playing, and extra thanks for letting me know you liked it! I'll definitely post when I finish the next one, being generous I'd say perhaps another 3-4 weeks. :x Maybe sooner though! ;D

    @memorex: I'm glad you liked it memorex! I'd noticed you in the top 10 on the scoreboards of several prominent levels, and I was super excited to see your name on the list for my level! The next one will have plenty of tasty score-bubbly secrets to uncover

    @tominater12: Thank you so much for your feedback I'm glad that despite all the decorations the level was still navigable!

    @Taffey: Wow, thanks for the in-depth review Taffey! It's an honor, to be sure. I've been playing and replaying your levels since you began the Space Corps series I was pretty pleased with the effect of being above the alpine background, I was a bit worried that I may have began construction a little too close to the top of the creation space but gladly this was not so. Plus that background adds this kinda ethereal blue lighting which was pretty neat.

    Thanks for describing your experience with the block puzzle! I'm super pleased with your experience, it's exactly what I was hoping players would go through- trying the one thing that seems obvious, then going "Eh?" and having to look around in the scenery to find some subtle answer. At one point I actually did have stickers pointing out the solution, but after a few test plays it really began to bug me as it seemed to take away from the organic feeling of the level, so I replaced it with more pretty scenery ^_^ It's interesting (not to mention a huge compliment! Thank you! T_T) that you mention Oddworld- Abe's Oddysey and Abe's Exodus are easily two of my favorite games EVER, as well! I can't even count how many mudokons I've saved XD

    Glad you liked the boss! I had a lot of fun putting him together, but am planning something a bit more... ah, I shouldn't say. As for the camera angles, I admit I'm sorta in love with them

    Thank you so much for the in-depth feedback Taffey! I'm super glad you liked it And thanks for the welcome! I'm already in love with this community T_T It feels like home!

    Looking forward to exploring the unlimited potential of LBP with you all This game is a childhood dream come true for me!

    (Edit: I'll be sure to try and get some F4F back at y'all when I get the chance, been busy between create mode and the job lately ~_^)
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