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    Default A trip in your PSP

    A trip in your PSP by Thiize
    A nice level about our PSP!

    Yeah my best level! A trip in your PSP!

    Your sackboy used the minimize lase so sackboy is little enough to climb in your PSP!!!

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    sound interesting i will check it out
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    yeah , i hope that more users download my level and heart it! because if i become 15 hearts i create a very big , aircraft-carrier level!
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    and my Best project: "A trip in your PSP"

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    great idea but you don't do anything you just walk though while a speech bubble talks to you and you collect bubbles but i gave you 3 for the idea. don't wait for 15 stars to build the aircraft carrier just build it sounds awesome and people will probably like it please pm me if you make it.
    Boot Camp, working on update
    Free Tank
    Flyin Cows is my friend's level

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    Hi, Thiize! Great level idea with poor realization. I dream that you will create big level with interesting story, based on this idea. Good Luck! For now I gave you 3 stars for level.

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