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    Default Retro Retribution - Level 1 *video*

    Retro Retribution - Level 1 by Shebhnt
    It's another beautiful day in LBP. Little do you know, today is the day everything changes!

    The level has been fixed, if you played it while there was the glitch that forced you past the first half please go back and let me know what you think on the whole experience.

    It's a beautiful day outside so you decide to take a hike and catch the sunrise. Well you watch the sun come up you notice another object rise out of the mountains. Soon a Dr. Ivo Retro is on the TV saying that he thinks sack people are too free with their three layers. The object in the mountains lights up as the world is changed to retro!

    Hi guys! This is the first level in a little series i'm doing called Retro Retribution where the evil Dr. Retro has turned LBP retro by taking away two of it's three layers! You will have to journey across a few different levels all inspired by a classic retro game. In the end you must face off against Dr. Retro to stop him once and for all!

    This level took me a while to make and is my best yet. It is my first level to actually have an actual story to go along with it. This also contains the first cut scene I have ever done. You'll notice also that I bought the sonic pack as most of the stickers will be from there. I also created my own background for this one.

    Difficulty wise it can be pretty easy to kinda hard. I made the level so that you can proceed three different ways. By trying to stay on top, by staying at the ground level, and by using the secret entrances to the underground. Each way also gives you more bubbles depending on difficulty so if you want a challenge, I would recommend figuring out how to go down below.

    Here is a video playthrough of one of the paths thanks to Memodrix!

    I will be posting screenshots soon! For F4F I will try my best but realize that my spring break is about to end so if I don't get to them this weekend, just hold on, I will get to them eventually.
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    Heya, shebhnt! Played through your level earlier tonight, pretty cool concept.

    Cool things:

    - I really like the concept of the level a lot. The 8 and 16-bit eras are the heart of my soul as a gamer, and having a boss that brings to back to that time to remind you of what 3D makes you take for granted is an awesome idea
    - You have some really good platforming sections in here after the switch. They are a little sparse, but what's there is good
    - Awesome work with the sonic stickers, these were put together very well


    - At the first place you can bust the rock and drop down, you can walk a little ways to the left and come up against a wall. If you do, you can look down and see a block with big rubber wheels pushing up against the wood. Is this a forgotten remnant of a creativity session? : D
    - I wasn't clear about what I needed to do with the boss. I did eventually the notice the noise that occurred when I jumped up into him, but a visual cue that damage is happening would be helpful
    - There's a lift below the ground in the area just before the boss. If you take the lift up, and for whatever reason go back to the left and drop back down underground, you could end up activating a checkpoint. Doing so will strand you underground and you'll have to restart the level. If you could make the lift accessible to the underground at any time, that would solve that problem

    Bottom Line: A really cool concept with a short and simple level backing it up. I would love to see the idea fleshed out even more and built into something bigger, the story idea is that nice.

    When you get a chance, could you give me some feedback on my F4F level? Thanks a lot!

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    Okay, I'm returning the F4F now. I'm playing as I type. And yes, I type with my feet.

    So I'm playing through the beginning now. Seems lighthearted which is fine. I like lighthearted levels. I see you have the sticker glitch issue. No matter, I get those too :P After the transition to the block world (sorry i don't know what else to call it) 2 of the boxes in the lower left broke. So there's a hole in the ground where I can see the cardboard background. Okay so right after the floating guy, I somehow managed to drop to the bottom of the level. Seeing as I can't get back up, I am forced to 'Hold to Retry'. I think you were trying to go multipath with this level. A path you can take at the top and the path you can take at the bottom. I took the top path and jumped on the floating guy, jumped on the block on the right and if you keep going, you'll drop to the bottom of the level. Going to take the bottom path now, and I fall down a rock. I'm lifted up and now I have to fight the floaty boss guy. That's fine but I don't see how I can kill him to progress. Running back and forth and I don't see anyway to progress and I'm sorry but I don't feel like playing this level again to see if I can get to the scoreboard which I know is right after the "boss" because I saw it when I was at the bottom of the level.

    Was this level co-created? There are some parts of the level that are decently done and some are, well, could be done blindfolded. Example would be the oval shaped bridge. I could see why this level got rated 2 stars. I'm a nice guy, and I never give levels less than 3 stars. But I had to agree with the recent rating because this level is pretty broken. If there was at least some playtesting, these issues would be realized and hopefully fixed.

    On a positive note, I could see the potential seeping out of this level. With more attention to detail and extensive playthrough, this level would get a better rating than it has.

    Really sorry for the hammer-down but it stings me just as much for writing this review as it does for you reading it. I'll try another one of your levels tomorrow, and hopefully, it's better than this one.

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    Well I'm sorry you didn't enjoy too much. I know it isn't anything amazing but I am still working on just getting my creating skills up.

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    I LOVED the concept you put together, and your title screen with your name is one of the cleanest and nicest I've seen in a long time (did you create that font yourself? If so, kudos!) I also really liked how you transitioned to the "pixelized" world. Your pixel trees looked awesome! You must have spent ages with the corner editor to make it! The story was well done, and paced pretty well throughout (in other words, the story didn't get in the way of the game play)

    There were a lot of places where I thought you were using some great editing concepts, but you didn't quite see them through. Adding some more detail would really improve the look of your level. I was also a little frustrated by the boss, and not being able to understand how to defeat him. I was playing with my sound down, and couldn't hear the sound when I jumped and hit the boss, if you could add a lighting effect that indicated you were doing damage to the boss, that would really help I think. It is also very frustrating when you are able to get stuck in a level and have to POP to move on. I strongly urge you to play through levels and do things you are NOT supposed to do. If you find that you can get stuck, adjust your logic (or level terrain) so that a player can get back on the right track without popping. It is ESPECIALLY frustrating when you have to restart a level if you do something unintended, such as falling to the bottom after the platform has raised. I know a lot of players that would simply quit the level and not play it again on the grounds that the creator didn't spend enough time to ensure they level works.

    Again, please keep creating and please keep watching tutorials and examining other good levels. There is clearly a lot of great potential in you in terms of story, concept and execution. With a little practice and improving terrain/logic techniques you'll be creating brilliant stuff in no time!!
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    Please bear in mind that I only gave you harsh criticism because I played your Mario level the night before and it was fantastic.

    1. Silhouette Shinobi: Torn Between (LBP2)
    2. Tower of Whoop @#$ (LBP2)
    3. BioShock: Descension (LBP1)
    4. Star Ocean LBP (LBP1)
    5. Stop Finding Me! NO ENTRY! (LBP1)

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    The font I used for "Shebhnt presents" is the LBPCentral font and I created the font for the Retro Retribution.

    Thank you all for the feedback! I have just updated the level with the following:

    First the lift will go back down if you fall off, no more needing to reset yourself and you can't get stuck if you back track.

    Second, added an effect to when you hit the bottom of the boss. Now sparks shoot out to indicate you have damaged him.

    third, upgraded the bridges so they look nice.

    Fourth, no more breaking of boxes and made it so you souldn't be able to see the floor or other logic pieces.

    The hard part in all of this is that i have no one to really play test these things so often times this feedback is the first real playtest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrTran View Post
    Please bear in mind that I only gave you harsh criticism because I played your Mario level the night before and it was fantastic.

    Well I'm glad you really enjoyed it. I am still a new creator and found making the mario level to be a very good learning experience. I think with level two (which is to be based off the underground levels in super mario bros.) I will really try to go back and look at what made those levels work. I'm always glad for any constructive criticism as it is the only way I will get better.

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    Hey, I played it and I'm sure what I have to say will echo what previous feedback states.

    I thought the twins were something you could improve. I wanted to drag the twins to each other but I couldn't.. maybe make it so the player can reunite them and get a little reward, of course you'll have to move mother and child back a layer and bring the first twin forward to the front layer. I also think the mother and child should be glued down.

    The windows and doors on the building don't really look like windows and door considering they are pure glass! I think adding window ledges and in general a bit more detail to them would greatly help, maybe even add a little detail and make it look like a room is actually in there. The doors should possibly be wood, even though there is such a thing as glass doors and give them some handles too!

    Running though the grass it was very easy to tell you drew it out with the shape tool and not that I think this is wrong I just feel editing out useless edges and tidying it up with the corner edit tool would go such a long way. Plus this might help pack in some more detail!

    I also think you could add some trees and bushes in the grassy areas to add some variety and make it more visually stimulating, right now it is a little bland but with a few tweaks could look so much better.

    Like in old school games I wanted to go back and find all the areas I missed so I ended up falling back down below. The platform wasn't there and I thought I was stuck so I looked away to take note of the point but then it came back down and squished me! Maybe make it so the platform either returns automatically once you jump off or once you go out of a certain range of it.

    Finally I felt when I was in the 2d section there was a style mismatch that took you out of the state of disbelief. The underground section just looked so LBP! I think making it match the sonic sticker style more would help greatly. I seen the sticker glitch too so I'm not sure how the prospect of stickering down there sits. Maybe breaking it up into more pieces would help and seal the deal for thinking you have actually been warped into this alternate dimension. Similar to this the boss has unstickered materials too which takes away from the simple 2d look surrounding it. Tweaking these things I feel would make it much more enjoyable to look at.

    It was a good level but needs some polishing. If you apply some of the tweaks I mentioned I think it might warrant an additional star.

    Hopefully you find this helpful.

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    Thanks for the feedback, I will go back in and try to add more details to the building and the grass area. I'm sorry the platform squished you, I'll look into making it so it can go down after it stops detecting you.

    I'm also gonna look into redoing the boss to make him more 2d, I'll let you know when I update it.

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    The level is short but fun. The start of the level is relaxing and peaceful until you see something close to the sun. I enjoy the platforming and boss battle of this level. The multi-pathness of this level reminds of the original "Sonic The Hedgehog" game even though I seen those familiar stickers from the costume pack and the boss even reminded of Dr. Robotnik. This level has a good platforming feeling just like your Mario Level.

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    I'm glad you liked it JustinArt, this level was based off of Sonic and I was trying to get that feel by making it multi path. Each level in this series will be based off of a different retro 2d game and the next one is mario.

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    I played your level to respond to the feedback you gave on mine.

    I just finished your level. It started off simple enough. Nothing was special about the visuals at first. Everything seemed basic. But then, BAM! I am in retro world. OH NOSE!

    The graphics in retro world were um....... retro. But I could tell that there was more skill there than meets the eye. The texture and color of the materials was well done, and everything was uniform and neat. No imperfections to be found. I laughed at the enemies until one killed me. I fell down into a hole and found some very complex obstacles.

    What I liked: Good game-play value. The focus was on game-play, but the visuals were not neglected.
    The obstacles were challenging but not frustratingly so which is very hard to do. I know through experience that making obstacles challenging but not frustrating is very hard, so well done!
    I did get a retro feel so your theme was well established.
    I liked the multi-path nature to the level. It allowed exploration.

    What could have been better: Some parts of the level felt a bit empty. There could have been more structures or things to do. There were some parts where I just ran through an open plane of "land" and there was nothing really there.
    The boss was a little boring; mostly, because I didn't get to fight him. I was expecting a boss battle, but he was just another obstacle. This is not something you should change if you don't want a boss battle in your level. I am just saying that I got a little pumped after he said he would crush me and I wanted to kick his a**.

    I have nothing really to suggest because your level was very well made for what it is supposed to be. I think your level deserves more than the three star rating it has right now. So I rated it higher. I hope you make more because I want to save LBP from being a retro game.

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    - You should add a more specific description to the level. The way it reads now is a pretty common one. I read your description in this thread, and it got me WAY more excited to play it.
    - The opening checkpoint area is the first impressions new players get. The grass shapes are lovely, but putting more shapes/decorations to the house would really help. Flowers/leaves would be good too.
    - "Retro Retribution" font is nice, I like how there are circular parts to it.
    - Funny but realistic dialog form the mother/son. Great stuff.
    - Could use more detail on the TV (if it was a TV, the weather guy.)
    - Twins. It would be cool if you could take one to the other and get a reward of bubbles or something. The player sees a problem and they want to solve it. Let them.
    - Dr. Retro and dialog was good.
    - After killing the rock brain, I fell into the back layer. I saw your logic car some key switches, and I found a point bubble!
    - Loved those underground platforms, had fun figuring out the right path.
    - Boss, sparks where cool. Better than the ones in my level! I knew what to do because I have played some sonic before.

    I replayed it and went the top path, why do blocks fall down after you kill the plasma ball shooting guys?
    Then I went backwards through the middle path, this could use some other obstacles to solve.

    Nice level, I liked the story/dialog, multipath, underground spinning platforms and boss battle was cool.
    If you are making the player simply walk across the screen (nothing to jump over/do) you should make it pretty with shapes and decorations. If you don't like doing that, have some gameplay in there. Having a crate to jump over is better than nothing.
    Your gameplay is pretty solid (great!) and you have potential. Just keep layering your level up (gameplay, decorations, lights, etc) and the more people will like it. Good luck.

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    I'll try it soon, sounds good!

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    I can see how the middle ground is very bland, I'll try adding more to it. I guess I got more excited with the top and bottom parts.

    I'll make the twins a rewardable puzzle since that is a popular comment.


    The boss fight was suppose to feel like a classic boss fight from a sonic game, where often times you would have to figure out a way to jump up and hit the bottom of Dr. Robotnik's little flying craft.


    I will try to figure out how that happened to you. I thought I had already fixed that bug but it seems it is still there. Also the block was what the guy was connected to so when you kill the brain it falls down and disappears. I will look into an alternate way of making them move so it doesn't cause a weird block to fall.

    Has anyone found the secret path yet? Hint: It would be considered the upper up path.

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    Now that, is the real question


    Hey, a lot of what I came here to say has been said before... specifically, the intro to your level... the thing everyone sees... looks 'primitive'. Yet, your 2d world is AWESOME!

    I get it now. You are a good creater just in the process of refining your process... to that end let me suggest something... In reference to your bridge railings, grass etc... save yourself time and trouble... build better bigger pieces and then save it to your poppit for anytime use. For variety you can reverse it... I will often say have, "set piece 1, set piece 2, set piece 3, etc" The saving of thermo is intense and it will bring a 'refined' quality to your work throughout.

    Everyone wants to bring your twins together.... random point bubbles are not the way... lead player where you want using possible combos...

    Direct the player better... I ended up underground... and I didn't want to be there! I dont really think those spinning platforms are very good down there... or perhaps they are perfect... not really sure, but they ended up making me quit-out

    Thought your cutscene story telling was very good!

    If you get a chance give my The MUPPET Level a whirl... it's in no way mandatory, but it is maddening fun. Thanks for creating!

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    Sorry you had trouble with the spinning platforms, they do require a specific path to get past them. I'll look into how to maybe let the player know and decide which way to go. Also I never really thought about the setpiece idea but it makes perfect sense, I will try to do that and it will also probably speed up creation time.

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    For the block above the enemies falling, just add a strip of dark matter inbetween the block and the creature. Thats what I did.

    Bad design 101
    An ingame commentary about the good and bad design choices in my first level: "Platforming 101" ... Learn as you play!

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    Man, why didn't I think of that...

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