The original was a doodle by Rex I" /> Found Art: Bonnets - Are you wearing yours?


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    Default Found Art: Bonnets - Are you wearing yours?

    When you come back to the studio after being away on holiday for a week or so, you expect your chair or keyboard to have been been stolen by someone, and for your desk to be taken over by someone else. What I didn’t expect was for my monitor to be covered in a zillion post-it notes all with copies of the same doodle on…


    The original was a doodle by Rex I planned to use in a found art piece, but just before I went away, Michelle decided to absentmindedly stamp some graffiti over it it whilst hovering over my desk chatting. The Bonnets doodle was ruined… kind of.

    Whist I went away however, Michelle and her gang of ninja doodlers clubbed together to reproduce the picture a billion times, more than making up for the act of vandalism in the first place… Yay for Michelle, and yay for bonnets!


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    Haha ! Best post-it notes ever !

    Mine on my monitor reads Remember to replace the missing On/Off button. I've used the hand of a figurine to turn it on for months
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    If you get a bonnet shaped package tomorrow. Don't open it.

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    lol hilarious... looks like my locker at work, which is full of magnets i cut up to look like different things, i even have one that reads I heart lbp

    Viva La steampunk!!!!!
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