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    I have began work on a few levels.I was wondering if anyone could give me a few ideas.

    Levels are:

    Doctor Who (Time travelling perhaps? like in Now and Then by Amazingflyingpoo. I will give the Tardis as a Prize)

    House M.D. (I have two main areas, the clinic and his office. The clinic would be curing illnesses and the office would be the main patient)

    Professor Layton (Drop down puzzles via a piston; not sure about anything else)

    A God of War-esque level (really haven't got too many ideas for this only mount olympus perhaps and a boss fight)

    Thank you if you do comment. I hope you can help.

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    Hidy Ho Swedes!

    I don't know how much help I will be since it is hard for me to give input on a project unless a specific question is asked, but I figured that I would do my best

    As sad as it may be, I am not very familiar with Dr. Who, so I can't contribute much there. If you have a specific question about my time travelling mechanic then I would be glad to help!

    As for House, I am also unfamiliar with this (I don't watch much TV).

    I am familiar with Professor Layton, though I haven't put a lot of time into that game. It is still fun to hear about you making puzzles and such for a level based off of the game. Perhaps instead of copying/mimicking the puzzles and such from the game, you can make your own and just try to make it feel like a Professor Layton level but use puzzles that work better with LBP (does that make sense?)

    As for God of War, there was an AWESOME PS3 level made by geosautus (one of my favorite authors on PS3). I can't use YouTube, but here is a link that I think will lead to a video for his level: If that doesn't work then just go onto YouTube and search for "LBP God of War geosautus" and I am sure that you will get a LOT of videos since that was a VERY popular level back when LBP was just coming out (it was made in the LBP beta, so it was on the actual game right when the game came out and it was one of the very best levels). Maybe that level can give a bit of inspiration as to what you could do with a God of War level

    I hope that that all helps a little

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