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    Default Time Zone Display

    We've heard a lot about users wanting ways to more easily link up with Creators and Players on LBPCentral. Since LittleBigPlanet is such a universal interest, we have people from all over the world enjoying the game and, as a result, enjoying our forum. However, this causes a problem - how do you find people who can play LittleBigPlanet around the same time(s) as you without individually asking each person directly? Well, building off of some very quality ideas from our members, we decided to use the information at our disposal to help solve this problem.

    If you'll look to the left at my postbit, you'll see that there's now a "Time Zone" listing, accurately detailing my current time zone. If your time zone is close to mine (GMT -9, GMT -6, GMT -5, or GMT -4), you can safely assume we'll be able to easily coordinate a time to Play or Create together without too much fuss. You can decide, without even talking to me directly, whether or not we might be able to make time to play together. This is a big step up from the situation we were in before, and it should definitely prove useful.

    What about those of you that don't feel comfortable putting your time zone on display for the world? Well, don't fret - simply head to Settings > General Settings and turn it off using the option at the bottom of the page. Remember, though: in order to improve the atmosphere of the forum as a whole, time zone display is enabled by default. If you want it off, you have to turn it off yourself.

    Well, I hope you all enjoy this new feature. It's a small addition, but it should definitely ease the search for Players and Creators in the future. Enjoy!
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