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    Default The Arctic: The Igloo Village

    The Arctic: The Igloo Village by redcard101
    This is my first "real" level, and I like how it turned out. Basically, you're trying to save this village of Igloos from this madman trying to melt them with his heat ray. Along the way you'll meet a Creator Curator, Skidaddle, who will inform you of the situation, the Arsonist himself, a race of penguins who can't decide if you're good or bad, and a few monsters...

    So yeah, I need some criticism. I like the way it turned out, but I think some parts might be confusing, but I might not picking up on it because I've played it again and again. It also needs some details here and there for aesthetics, but otherwise it's complete. I tried to make better use of the grid, and I'm glad I did, but a found that a mix between grid and no grid seems to work best (grid makes everything a little too uniform sometimes). Unfortunately, I don't have a screenshot to show you (but I'm working on it!). This is my first real level, though I've published a few "experimental ones". There may be a part 2, maybe even a 3rd, but that's looking far into the future. I'm lazy :P

    If just a few people could go through and give me their honest opinions, I'd be greatful! I really tried hard to make a level that will get hearts, although I'm not begging here; only heart if you think it deserves it. But, comments on the level or here are welcome! I wanna hear what you have to say!
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    I'll be sure to try it out.

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    Alright, thank you. I'm still working on those pictures, I'll probably get a few up tomorrow.

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    Cute level

    Thought the ties on the penguins was a nice touch. My favorite part was the light puzzle and the boss fight. Really awesome lights after you beat it Didn't find anything confusing though.

    4 stars from me Thanks!

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    Thanks Morgana! Also, I put pix up! Woo! And I added F4F, sooo I'm not exactly sure how that works, but I'm assuming it means if you review my level I'll review yours? Sounds pretty cool, so I hope some more souls stop by! I'm pretty exploratory so I can probably find any bugs or graphical glitches in someones level, if they need it.

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