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    Default First Review: Review of Sackuture Science Enrichment Center.

    Hello, my name is Fudge and today i will be doing a level review of "Sackature Science Enrichment Center." a level by Tankboi.

    The level name suggests that it is a reference to the Valve game "Portal" thou in this level you won't find any portals, but the level still takes the concept of a hightec laboratory setting in which the protagonist must complete challenges. Now, first off, this level is difficult, and i don't mean you might die once or twice, i mean you will die..alot. I actually wasn't able to beat the level until the creator put in infinite re-spawn checkpoints. I don't consider myself to be a "noob" as i have plenty experience with the game, but for some one with my average skill set this level was pretty challenging. Ok onto the actual level.

    The level begins with you blindfolded. When you move to the right, you find yourself in a lot outside some facility. A man in a suit tells you to enter. You might notice the mushroom outline with a sticker switch which, when activated, will send down a race start, like this level wasn't challenging enough. As you proceed in you get scanned and steamed and then get on a lift, which does a cool descend as doors are opening and closing above and below you. You then reach the first challenge room, marked by a giant 1. A wall camera gives you some wise words of advice at that start of this and every challenge. This is a reference to Glados' advice given at the start of every Portal level, and some of the advice is actual quotes from Portal. The first room is some basic jumping, and you might think "oh this is easy" but believe me, things will get a lot harder. The second room has some moving electric parts which you must avoid with some timed jumps, nothing too hard. The 3rd room is where things get a little harder. You have to jump from rotating glass platforms, which get increasingly more dangerously towards the end. With some good timing, this part is also not too hard. Room 4 is filled with electric cubes which, according to the wall camera, hate living tissue. The hater cubes move side to side, and you have to constantly switch layers to avoid them. This part just requires some timing and observation. Room 5 is surprisingly easy and all you need to do is know how to jump and avoid the green floor. You get a nice "friendship cube", way better then those hater cubes, who is another reference to Portal. Room 6 contains rotating cubes, which only the top side is not covered with flesh hating material. If you don't succeed on the first try, i found a cool method of jumping down past most of the cubes, and landing on one of the bottom ones, worth a try to fasten your completion. Then, in the same room, you get on a list as electric blobs shoot from side to side. This part is based on luck, as some times i just stood still land got thru, and other times i died no matter what i did. Then you reach a grabbable ceiling, which rises as you avoid vents with dangerous gas. I found one spot where you can remain without moving till the end, so this part is pretty easy. Room 7 seems to be based on luck. You basically have to be in the right spot when a the floor opens up, or you'll land on an electric piece. I tried jumping as the floor opened, and changing my flight path to avoid the now visible piece, but this doesn't always work. Oh, and there is a secret in the room, where you can get a prize bubble. After some tries i did find a method. If you jump 1 second after the light goes on you can direct yourself away from the danger. Room 8 is all about timed jumping, nothing too hard. The last part has some glass jumping, which is easy if your not a noob. Room 9 involves you being lowered into an incinerator. Fun, but you got better plans. You survive by jumping onto a ledge and then going thru a hole into the maintenance areas. Again, another reference to Portal. The level then ends there. If you beat it, i congratulate you. if you haven't, i don't blame you.

    Thing i like:
    The overall theme, thou not original, is interesting, and the visuals look nice and clean cut. Some of the challenges are innovating and unseen in other levels. Overall a greatly made level.

    Thing i dislike:
    The obvious one is the difficulty. But i won't complain, as difficult levels exist to challenge skilled players. And this level isn't difficult because of bad level design, or some mistake by the creator. It's difficult because it features well made, and polished challenges. One complaint is some of the parts fell like there just based on luck.

    A great level, and worth a play.
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    If you would like a review, reply to this thread. First one to ask for one gets one.

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    can you please review my level? Im making a sequel and i need to find out what people did/didn't like.
    PSN: flamingemu
    Level: Puzzle world

    and its not my best work btw.

    also, can we have like a star rating at the bottom? people seem to like that, it makes it more rounded if you know what i mean

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    Sure think, look for review today

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    Hey, Fudge, could you please review my level? It's a mix of eight different stages in one level.

    Level name: Onion Gale
    PSN: NiKfY

    If you do review my level, I will review one of your levels in return.

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    hey can u check my level psn artise1 my levels called jungle run i published it ages ago but since then i improved it but havent published the new version yet so its the old one still but anyway can u review it for me? i give it 3 stars prob as it was my first full level but it be great if u review it thx

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