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    Default Big Problems on Little Spaceship - Co-op asymmetric puzzle/platforming

    I'm sure someone might of used the name already, but it's a working title for.

    Using what I know about LBP2 so far, I've come up with a design that can be done that I've been trying to do since LBP1 came out. I could use any comments, suggestions, and criticisms this community can come up with.

    Basically it's a co-op level 2-4 players where you have Sackboys running throughout a space ship trying to deal with a series of randomized problems/threats that pop up, all on a time limit. It will be designed similarly to the board game Space Alert and other co-op style board games.

    It will make heavy use of multiple players having their own camera when online, but will support the same screen play. It's also being designed to be replayable.

    All players start out on the bridge of the ship, and on the bridge there are various control stations and status indicators. Players are given a small amount of time to get ready, including grabbing gadgets which will effectively give that player a "class". Once that starting time is up, a randomized problem is generated, which signals various scripts to start up in some part of the ship.

    These problems can be various things like generator malfunctions, alien attacks, tribble infestations, and more. All dealt with in various ways. On higher difficulty levels, multiple problems will affect each other.

    On the bridge, there will be some kind of holographic display that lets players know where the problem is so they can prepare and find their way to it.

    But that's where the fun starts. Sometimes there will be complications just getting to the problem, also randomly generated. These things range from jammed doors, power outages stopping elevators, and more.

    These complications can cause players to lose valuable time, so that's where the co-op comes in. Wherever these complications arise, there will be a way around it if you're going alone, but those can take time, such as going through windy vent systems or platforming segments. However, if other players are with you, you can use co-op moves, or different gadgets to speed up the process. Also, if there is someone left on the bridge, he can use the controlinator to man various support systems to help out, or someone on the bridge can simply redirection suction tubes to send players the right way.

    Once you reach the problem area, you go through some puzzle solving and platforming to fix it, paintinator battling, and maybe crazier stuff like top down shooters to fend of evil robots, reaching a hanger bay and flying out in space fighters to do a shoot em up to fight off said evil robots before they land.

    All the while, the game isn't paused, other problems will start appearing if the players take too long on one problem.

    If a problem isn't solved by a certain time, the ship overall takes damage and it can lead to other problems. If enough damage happens before an overall level timer counts down, the players lose. If they succeed in keeping the ship intact long enough for the ship to reach safety, the plays win and are rewarded.

    Difficulty levels and variations in player count can be handled via multiple levels linked via a hub levels that will (hopefully) detect player count and whether the players have their own screen.

    I've started planning this out in my notebook, going to invest in a square ruled notebook to plan out actual level geometry and some game logic, but I'll have to wait and see exactly what I can use in LBP2.
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    I can see this forum becoming more and more like the GMC.....awesome idea! Sounds spectacular, don't think it could be any better. Seems hard to make, but with a mind like that, I'm sure you could do it. : D
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    Thanks for the support!

    I wanted to stress that replayability is one of the key things I'll be aiming for. The idea that you can play this level over and over and still have fun things happen. This will be obtained through complex scripts that use randomized inputs.

    I'm planning out the main bridge display and ran into a snag. Are holograms just things that just happen to display on the holographic layer, meaning they can overlap, or are they physical objects that can't? Much like the background of the missile arena with the squares lighting up behind sackboy, I wanted to have the main bridge display able to show the locations of other players, and enemies on the ship. This could lead to some intense Alien style moments where you're directing a teammate through a dark and dangerous area by watching blips move on a screen.

    One complex aspect is having some complex level elements randomized via sets of emitters laying them out. I'll have to rig up logic that will both emit randomized maze-like sections of things like air ducts, along with making sure that the connected air ducts eventually connect to the correct exit.

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