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Thread: Draconia Cave

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    Default Draconia Cave

    Draconia Cave by ShamgarBlade
    Difficulty: Easy

    "After receiving reports of radioactive plants underground, you have been chosen to go and exterminate them. Things do seem a little suspicious since the team that went in before you has not come back out."

    This level includes small puzzles, a few baddies, and a boss. I'm not too good at using logic yet, so you won't be seeing anything too complicated... I have had a couple of people tell me that the boss at the end is tough (I don't think it is...), but overall it is a pretty easy level.

    *F4F: I will not be able to do this during the week, but if you give me any feedback at all, I will make sure I go and play your levels during the weekend.

    Haha... This level was mentioned in the "also try" section of the community spotlight 46. I'm actually pretty proud of that! Lol.

    Spoiler Spoiler -  Edits

    Last edited by ShamgarBlade; 12-07-2010 at 02:43 AM. Reason: I got rid of the F4F as I do not feel that this level displays my talent anymore. :)

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    I'll give this one a go when I can.

    EDIT: It was fun, but very dark. And by dark I mean hard to see.
    Especially in the puzzle when you use the levers to rotate the disks. I didn't even know they were there until I got to the last one, and the activated lights illuminated it. And also in the beginning. I don't even know how I activated the thing to roll down. Both of those areas need some lights.
    The reason the boss fight is supposedly hard is that if you want to shoot the 3rd target down from the upper ledge, you can only stand directly where the laser fires. This doesn't need to be changed, I'm just saying that's why people probably said it was hard.

    Otherwise it was very solid and fun. Five stars in-game.
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    thanks for the advice, I just played that level with another friend and he was commenting on how it was very dark and he had to adjust his television! (I guess that explains why my screenshots are so dark!) I'm going to go fix that now!

    Edit: Alright I tweaked the lighting and added a different look to the puzzle. It would be nice to have another person play it to see if the lighting is ok.

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    Good level there. I played and enjoyed it much. The premise is simple and the gameplay kept straighforward but sometimes you need that regular LBP level that isn't too hard but simply enjoyable to go through. I think you also made pleasing visuals in general and gave the whole thing a good ambiance. I really like your stickers work and putting some decoration leafs on top of that really beautiful leafs sticker was a great idea.

    The downside I see in this level is similar to its good side. I feel you have good potential for making levels but it's like that one here was missing "something". You know, maybe a unique idea, a more special contraption, you know what mean? Something to help it distinguishing from the lot. I know the bar is extremely high in LBP community and I am not expecting everybody to wow me (even my own level I don't feel they are top notch) but I dunno, that's how I felt in the level because without being original I had fun. Finally, I wanted to suggest something to you. When looking at the level I can see the brushes you used when I look at the walls and such. I think that "corner edited walls" looks better than pretty much anything else. It's easier to give a more organic/natural look to grotto walls in you use the corner editor. If ever you don't like that tool, I would advise you devellop friendship with him., you won't regret it.

    Anyhow, I had good fun and the level had a nice ambiance and look even if the gameplay side of things didn't bring much new or particular stuff on the table. Keep up the good work, keep on creating.

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    Thanks for the advice! I will definitely keep it in mind while I'm creating new levels (Especially about using the corner editing tool).

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    I really dug that, man.

    The ball drop contraption was neat. I never think of clever little things like that.

    Everything was nice to look at.

    You make great creatures!

    The boss was a little frustrating because a lot of times Sacky respawned right in front of a plasma bolt and died. Sacky sad. Good part was, it was fun to hit when I could get a good chain going and once I got the rhythm, it was a very satisfying takedown. Sacky happy!

    The only real issue that stuck out to me at all was the lack of sound effects. It was kind of eerie in there with so little noise, and that may be an artistic choice, but if it's an oversight, I think you'll find they add a lot to the atmosphere.

    Great level overall... especially for a mostly logic free one. and a .
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    Thanks for the advice! I'll keep that in mind. I tried to give the boss a lot of sound, but I guess I overlooked putting sound throughout the rest of the level.

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    I was not going to double post, but I saw this in the guidlines:

    That said, you are allowed to make a second consecutive post only if you have substantial information to add in the post.
    So here I go.

    I have changed a few things since I first posted this level, so I wanted to let you know about them.

    List of things I have changed:

    - I really tried to brighten up the level some. The original one was very dark and many had problems seeing what to do. The television I use was set on a high brightness at the time, so I had no idea about the darkness. But that problem is now fixed. (If you are still having problems with lighting, please tell me.)

    - I have also changed the camera angle of the boss battle. Now, you should be able to see everything clearly.

    - Added a few minor changes to the environment. Nothing too big.

    - I have added screenshots on here.

    Here's a review I got recently:

    This was a pretty nice level. The materials matched, and it just looked nice. Everything matched and made sense in the level. I liked that.
    The creatures and the whole level was creative. Very nice and interesting. Fun to play, and im sure it was enjoyable to make. Everything seemed to work fine, and it all just worked together nicely.
    One little blurp though....I kinda wish it was longer. The length of it just didn't seem to satisfy me.
    However, it's a great level. It's definitely worth playing.
    Grade: B


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    A pleasant level there,
    not too long not too difficult, moreover the puzzle games and the platforming are well balanced to ensure a smooth gameplay.
    The boss is maybe too static and I find that some materials don't fit with the atmosphere (like the door to open with the circle puzzles).
    Anyway I liked the mechanisms, the sound effects (especially the radioactive noise).
    I put

    Good job !

    Try my F4F below if you have time

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    Gave it another play, and there are more sounds throughout. There are still a couple spots where it was quiet, though. Some of the moving parts toward the beginning still seemed quiet.

    Still an awesome level man. I love how those plants fall apart when you shoot'em!
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    well, you played mine so i thought it would only be proper to play yours!
    It was great!, though some of the things inside were too boxy and didnt quite fit the level, try to corner some of the perfectly straight edges a little.
    Overall, i gave it 4 stars! great job

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    I enjoyed this level. You had some really nice close zoomed cameras that worked very well through out. The length of the level was good also.

    The thing I didn't like was during the boss fight, each time you shot one of the 4 weak points enough to activate them, they still kept shooting at you. I'd have it so that after you hit each one enough they stop. Then after that when the middle opens up have it shoot some crazy red plasma balls or something of that sort.

    Maybe look into some different logical ideas for doing that and replacing a few of the on/off switches you had on your winches in the level.

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    Just played it, nice and enjoyable, relaxing stage, so much so that the boss caught me by surprise. I agree with Mofo, I thought the parts that were dealt with shouldn't fire any more. Great job though. Worth a heart, so I did.

    take a look at mine when you get a moment

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    Thumbs up

    Quote Originally Posted by MofoSuperVillain View Post
    The thing I didn't like was during the boss fight, each time you shot one of the 4 weak points enough to activate them, they still kept shooting at you. I'd have it so that after you hit each one enough they stop. Then after that when the middle opens up have it shoot some crazy red plasma balls or something of that sort.
    That quote above was exactly what I was thinking.

    Also I was expecting a dragon from your level title. I'm sure there are bunch of cool plant names that you could use! =)
    Think about it, how many levels are based around killer plants compared to dragons? All those cool plant names are just waiting to be used.

    I had no problems (about from that quote) thoughout the level, so kudos.
    You should totally do a sequel, as killer plants (as the main theme) are an interesting concept that I haven't seen in LBP.

    I liked the frog at the scoreboard in your other level too. =)

    Bad design 101
    An ingame commentary about the good and bad design choices in my first level: "Platforming 101" ... Learn as you play!

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    Great visuals, if anything it's kind of repetitive, the whole cave is made of the same material, lights and stickers (you really abused the ivy sticker! but it looks great so it's fine). I loved the mutant tree thing, but finishing the level right after killing it felt like a sudden, abrupt ending to me.
    I gave you .

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    wow! thanks for all of the reviews guys! all of your points are valid and it is definitely something for me to think about.

    As for changing the name, I'm not sure if I will or not. Maybe it could be something like: Dionaea Muscipula... which is the scientific name for venus fly trap. Idk. Give me a suggestion I like and I will change it.

    I may update the boss as well, going off of your suggestions. I'm not sure how long this will take me to do (because I'm not too good with logic) but I will try.

    Thanks again.

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    Made a big update to the boss! Go and check it out!

    I also made a few more minor scenery changes, and changed the mechanics of one of the lifts.

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    Thanks for having me (and my son) tag along to see the new and improved boss fight. It was great!

    Lighting looks better too, and the sounds are coming along!
    Try out Invasion of the Sack Men From Space!

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    The boss fight was cool the level as a whole has a good atmosphere to it, There are plenty of a caves out there so the mutant plant style gave it a cool twist I gave it and a

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    Good level. The level has good environment and gameplay and the plant enemies looked cool. The puzzle is great too even though the radius needs to be a bit accurate and the boss battle is interesting. The level could use more decorations but the visuals still work. Overall great job. 5 stars.

    F4F either The Hero Chronicles LV3, LV4, LV5, or LV6.

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