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    Default Sack-imals Art contest!

    Hello, fellows and fellowettes! It's time for....(drum roll) My first contest! (kaaa-beeeewm!) Now, this contest is about drawing your favorite animal; Sackified! You pretty much draw an animal, but with our favorite brown-knit hero's twist! Here are some rules to follow.

    da RULES.

    Your little creature can be any animal ever! Be it a generic kitty or puppy, to something obscure, like a red hand fish or an okapi. Also, mythical creatures are also allowed.

    You can have more than 1 sack-imal for increased chance of winning.

    It doesn't have to be brown knit, but it has to be something you'd expect a sackperson to be made of.

    You can draw traditionally, or with those funky computer boxes. (this includes GIMP, paint, photoshop, or any program will do, really.)

    Feel free to add a bit of your own style! A cloth lizard is sorta boring, but with shoulder pads and a Mohawk is off the hoozie!

    Make sure to name them! You can optionally add a backstory, if you like.

    Your little yarn-ball must be submitted by August 31!!!

    Oh, and do remember to be creative, and have a fun time!

    I'm going to need at least 3 willing judges (because 3 is always the magic number.)
    You're sack-imals will be judged on creativity, style, and effort.

    The top 5 sack-imals get drawn doing things with each other with a neato background.
    The number 1 sack-imal will net their owners 100 xp, and a hand-crafted Ninja Krabby Katana!
    The number 2 sack-imal gets their owner 75 xp, and some muffins baked by me!(No seriously, I'll give you a muffin object.)
    The number 3 sack-imal gets their owner 50 xp, and mega props from me!
    But the main reward is putting our creative heads together, and making some adorable (or deadly) sack-imals!

    Also, just as an example, I'll put a quick drawing I made here. It isn't in the running, it's just to warm you up and give you a basic idea. (and also show you my dreadful drawing skills.)

    This is Button. Button is a happy little sack-pup who likes to roll in the mud and chase butterflies. Heartwarming, isn't he?

    EDIT: Also, seeing as this was my first time uploading an image, I got that little attachment stuck down there. I can't remove it, so pretend it's invisible, k? Also, the 3 people who viewed it thinking it was something awesome, I tip my mask to you. (But i haven't got a mask; budda budda bum bum)
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    Hail from the island of Crustacia! Well, technically it's a peninsula, but its just barely....never mind. Anyway, Ninja Krabby is here, and he's out for some STUFFIN'! No seriously, watch out for them claws. They tiny, but they KILL YOU!( And no you can't eat him up in little bites.)
    Check out my contest! Hoping to get it off the ground...!

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    I think im gonna do this if i have the extra time...the oops broke my pencil way.

    EDIT:I FINISHED ONE!!! I might make another...and also i dont like coloring.
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    Sweet....This is going to be epic.
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    I'll judge, This will be awesome...... i will lol at the drawings
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