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    Hello Community Spotlight applicants! Please don't think we're ignoring you - we're reading through all your applications in depth to see who's awesome. But, please bear in mind that we're well staffed at the moment (there are around 8 to 10 of us active on each Spotlight) so we are unlikely to be hiring again until LBP2 is released, or someone leaves. But don't let that stop you from applying!

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    OK! i wont.... here heres another application from me... blah blah blah blah blah...... Just kidding i am sure you and your crew know what they are doing. we will be fine. and if applicants stop, that is prbably because noone is interested ( no offense) so. yeah. you dhouldn't have to worry.

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    Sounds great to me....figured I would have the resume in with the other stack of papers

    Either way, I know it specified REVIEWS and not simple feedback, so I figured I would take a whack at an actual review. I decided to review a Ratchet & Clank level by Midnight_Heist and it turned out like this...

    Ratchet & Clank - Up Your Arsenal: "Deja Q"

    CREATED BY: Midnight_Heist
    REVIEW BY: John82WA

    The ever so popular Ratchet & Clank series has been a monumental success in regards to the support of Sony's PlayStation console lineup. Midnight_Heist has brought the same charm and action over to our very own Little Big Planet universe. As described in the description, you start off as not Ratchet, but Captain Qwark to put an end to the evil Dr. Nefarious. This process entails traveling through the city Metropiolis and fighting off its inhabitants along the way until your final stand off again Dr. Nefarious. The environment that has been set and placed gives more than enough justice to the Vid Comic series.

    The graphical presentation is nearly flawless in the reproduction of this world. The very boxes that Qwark leaps to and fro are in every way an identical match. Midnight_Heist's attention to detail didn't stop there but continued to the background as well. Colors are vibrant and objects are clear as can be. There is no mistaking what you are doing or where you are heading in this side scroller. Perhaps the biggest visual treat is the Paintinator upgrade. Sadly you are unable to see it visually in your sack persons hand, but you can't help but feel you have an upgrade.

    Gameplay is well balanced and challenging. Jumping from box to box is in perfect stride with our little sackpeoples abilities. The fight / battle sequences were done exceptionally well. With any platformer/side scrolling game, you must learn patterns and this was what helped this level achieve the perfect balance in difficulty. While this Ratchet & Clank was limited to just one layer, it gave the appropriate feel to the game its replicating. Many might find it as a downfall, but again, it works to this games advantage and clearly achieves the goal Midnight_Heist set out to do.

    Sound has always been a downfall in LBP when your attempting to recreate anything outside of Media Molecules levels. Because of this, the game suffers from a wholesome experience you would find from the original game. It doesn't help that the Vid Comic 'Deja Q' has one of the best and memorable sound tracks of the Ratchet and Clank series. It also falls slightly short of environmental sounds but luckily enough, the charm pulls you through with out much thought.

    Re-playability is also a very difficult thing to accomplish in LBP worlds. Perhaps the best achievement in all of this, is the simple reason that you actually want to go back and play it just one more time. This is a monumental feat in my opinion. How many levels can you say that you want to go back and play? Not many.

    Midnight_Heist has done a fantastic job in capturing the look, the feel, the entertainment and the 'I want to play it one more time' feeling that the true gamer wants to feel.
    Ratchet & Clank - Up Your Arsenal: "Deja Q" You have my and a very large

    Happy Gaming

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    how do you do what arnold23 does?
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    Cool cool... i will have a crack at it!

    Hey i would love to give it a crack!

    • first of all i play most of the levels in the showcase
      i am a good writer and i know a quality level when i see it
      i am experienced in the world of little big planet - eg. I have aced the collector, frozen tundra and the collectors lair -
      i can work in a team although i would rather work by myself but we will let that go for now!
      i am comfortable working with MS Excel
      and i can work with vbulletin code
      i am a helpful person when it comes to it and i do like a bit of a joke as long as it dosent go too far!

      but enough of that onto my examples

    [spoiler]lockstitch - vile ancorage
    The gameplay is awesome, water , spikes and a lot more.

    as lockstitch said he was focusing on "innovative platforming"
    the story really takes you to another place and the graphics are

    the story is ' sackboy finds himself in a graveyard of sunken ships but something else lurks in the graveyard and it is up to sackboy to find out what.

    also well done on getting it on the MM picks![/spoiler]

    [spoiler]the tank factory 2 - onturenio
    this level contains clear aesthetics and a good look, it also must have a hell of a lot of logic and it sure is a level to try as it contains some skill to complete

    it also has some hell of a lot of work put into it to create

    gameplay and the sound affects really work

    other than that

    [spoiler]whispering oak - xQziCyFlaMeZxQz_
    in this level you have to jump swing and land - a bit like tarzan! -

    the visual aspect of the game is jaw dropping and contains some really good gameplay,

    this ;evel should definately get and a i would give it but i cant!
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    Apparently you guys have about a thousand levels to play(according to Aya) and I have tons of free time as it stands now.

    Not sure if I ever posted feedback in the level showcase but I know how to spot level quality and can tell whats a Ramp and whats a AAA level

    Hope this counts as an application.

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    Don't know if you guys are still reading these, but (sorry to imitate you Brem) I have much free time, and in fact am very willing to
    help a hand where it tis needed.

    I also believe I can spot the levels that are overlooked despite their quality.
    Why I of course cannot find every gem, I can guarantee that many will be recovered from within the deep linen basket (not exactly the best choice of words..) that is the LBP community.
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  10. Thanks!

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    I would also like to raise my hand in acceptance of this challenge. I spend a lot of time creating but I have no problem with taking a look at all the wonderful levels posted to this showcase, in fact, I already play most of them so not much difference

    Examples of reviews:

    On MuddledMuppet's Shakespeare:

    Verily, I found your review most satisfying, and commentary foretold of good prophecies, nay, I speak complete idiocy in th' shakespearean tongue.

    You would never guess I was a Writing Student, with prose like that.

    Anywho, your review, my fair gent.

    First of all, your set design is really nice, but I'd personally love to see some more dramatic lighting - why not make it really quite dark and foggy, and have a go at having the lights on dimmer so that your actor is dramatically revealed?

    Sound quality is great! I'd be really interested to know what kind of mic you use

    There is some movement at the beginning, but things are a little static on the whole. I think if you had a few more little details like the fire - eye candy if you like, and some dramatic lighting, this may help the situation without having to redo all your good acting!

    I'm amazed that the loading time is so good with all this dialogue! Makes me really want to go ahead and record my own voices too!

    On the whole sir, I am impressed. Forsooth, You shall be hearted and spoken of with good will, for thou art a master of thy craft.

    Seriously, really good. Nice change of pace to see a serious take on something (so speaketh the hypocrite!)
    On CitrusRobot's The Great Forest:


    Very professional feel to the look of this level. Everything felt like it was part of a theme, like it belonged there. The look of the creatures was lovely - as someone else mentioned, very creative and original feel to it. The fluttering wings were an especially nice touch!

    I assume that the Bugs take damage at some point, however I couldn't spot any obvious visual cue about what sort of lives I had left, so couldn't see the merit in collecting fruits. Some sort of light indicator or hologram life bar would be perfect here.


    Difficulty level is slightly easy, but rather frustrating on the bug controls. I agree with a previous poster - make the player's bug spin faster. It will greatly help the player to aim quicker and get around your level with more ease.

    Playability on the whole was good, puzzles were limited but enjoyable, the Boss at the end needs some tweaking. Again, I'm repeating what another has said, but I wholeheartedly agree with blizzard_cool. The boss is very doable in multiplayer at the moment, as one of you can distract him while another shoots his bum, however when you are in single player mode, his little friends just keep getting in the way, and he follows so quickly you haven't a chance to get around.


    Brilliant, a little tweaking and this will be a fantastic level.
    On Phort's Cave Story Remake:

    You must forgive me for this, but I never played the original game, so I can't really do a comparison as a remake, but here's my feedback:


    Wow. Love the look of this. Perfect retro feel to it and the enemies were really nicely animated. It felt, I don't know, right. The animation of the sackbot is lovely, and the weapon firing is also really well animated (I especially like the little holo-blasts at the end of your range). No problems here.


    As this is a remake, I can't say much about the layout of the level, how challenging it is etc. Needless to say it is nice that you have to find your own way (as we always did back then) and figure out how to finally shoot those little blighters out of thin air! (They really irritated me till I got my gun!)

    The aiming could do with some tweaking. I guess I found it a little hard to aim and move at the same time, instead jumping into enemies rather than killing them, which irked me a little, but if this was the case in the original game it's all good.

    The only thing which I felt really took away from this level are the physics inherent to LBP itself. Sackboy (bot?) floats about so often that you find yourself taken by the spikes on the walls very often. Could you perhaps play around with global gravity and make the jumps feel more solid? That would raise this from 4 stars to 5 imho.


    A definate yay from me! Lord knows I'd never be able to do it!!

    I truly can't wait to see more.

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    i can play the psp levels ---> alot of work
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    You guys, this is 6 months old. Pretty sure it wasn't supposed to be resurrected. It also states that it's ignoring applicant who dont make a full aplication, and it isnt hiring PSP spotlighters
    My PSP broke, so I'm leaving the PSP side. See ya guys. My levels however will still be up.
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    Well... actually it is alive again due to this thread..
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    @ricky-: nooo, really ? i didnt knew that (sarcasm)
    i was just trying to be funny it was an epic fail afterwards :/
    and if this thread wasnt meant to be rrvived the mods wouldve locked this
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    If the spotlight crew needs help I'd be more than happy to help out! I have plenty of free time, and I'm currently taking a break from create until fall. I also can spot quality when I see it, so give me a chance.

    Here's my links.




    Some of em are pretty old, but should serve the purpose.
    When all is said and done. There's usually more said than done.......

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    Due to the shortage of spotlights (not to be rude or anything) I'm guessing you guys (and Morgana :P) are still looking for people to help out... If so, here's some example of my feedback:

    Quote Originally Posted by valmassoi View Post
    Wizard: Chapter 1 - From Within
    Score: 9.8/10
    Rating: & {}
    By: Comphermc

    Phenomenal stuff. And then some.

    Story: 8/10
    Not the most in depth story, but enough to keep me interested a bit.

    Music Choice/SFX: 9/10
    The sequenced music is great, especially when it changes a bit in the 2nd section. However, it got kinda repetitive and stale after a while. But the real beauty in the level is the SFX. Every little thing had a SFX which is great. I feel like lots of creators leave the SFX out, but you, you deserve a cookie.

    Appearance: 10/10
    Very Very nice. I like the castle feeling to it. The lighting is very in depth, and no matter what Gamma setting you have, the lights always look great. The Material choice is perfect, it gives you the feeling of a old rickety castle. The objects you created were quite amazing as well. I really liked a the crumbling effects you had on certain edges; It reminded me of A Cloudy Chance of Teamwork, you did that in there as well.

    Concept Workmanship: 9.8/10
    Phenomenal concept that is completely original and never broke. Ever. It runs very smoothly. It's created in a way that adds a lot to gameplay. I poke down to a 9.8 because it was kinda frustrating when you had lots of health pickups, but you forget to use one, then you lose all of them on the respawn. Especially on the elevator, it sets you up on a very bad dying streak

    Cutscenes: 10/10
    Very nice. I really liked the one near the sublevel change before you enter the library. I have to ask though: How do you get the cutscenes without the black borders?!? I really like how you did that. It had me feeling like I was watching a full movie, unlike most cutscenes in other levels. Great job.

    Gameplay: 9.7/10
    As said... The concept really makes this level a fun play. The combat is perfect, and looks great as well. By the way, you are very clever. Some of the gameplay sequences had me saying to myself, "He is so clever!!!" lol. But seriously.

    I knocked you down a little bit here, because of that elevator part. As said in the Concept Workmanship, I lost all my health pickups and went on a very bad dying streak. Also, the part with the library was a little confusing. It was hard to tell which layer opens that small passage. Other than that, everything was top notch perfect. The boss was well designed and was fun to play through.

    Overall: 9.8/10 (not an average)
    Awesome stuff. I played the beta for this a while ago and loved it instantly, but with this full version I was like You see, I'm a Harry Potter fan so this was right up my alley. I also noticed that this is Mm Picked! Congrats!! This is your first one right? Well you deserve it. In my opinion you deserved it a long time ago.. But that's beside the point

    You did a great great job on this level, and it will become an instant classic. I gave you a & a but if I was on the rating system I prefer from LBP1... I would give you

    Quote Originally Posted by valmassoi View Post
    When I saw this on the cool pages I was like "^_^ New Morgana level!!"

    Full review time...

    Score: 9.5/10
    Rating: & {}
    By: Morgana

    A Simple plotline revolves around a very well put together level.

    Story: 9/10
    Not very in depth, which is fine. It is very well put together though, and humorous at times.

    Music Choice: 10/10
    The music is chosen perfectly! It fit in just great.

    Appearance: 10/10
    People really are right about you. How you use tons and tons of lights. Because it's true! Which is a good thing btw :P The lights are what make the scenery work inside the volcano. They add so much depth to the material's texture. I also noticed you put a lot of effort in the fire. You didn't just use simple fire, you used waterfall but made it look like fire. Clever!

    Gameplay: 9.5/10
    All original, and great. The collection of the eggs really add to the replay value which is a great idea. I feel like lots of creators don't have stuff in their levels that make you want to play it through again, but you, you are one smart cookie I'm a former PSPer where I've been through tons of volcano levels. And I asked myself a while ago why there aren't very many "lava rising" things on PS3. I could be missing them.. But you're the first to actually do it right. It looked great, worked great, and made me happy.

    Overall: 9.5/10 (not an average)
    Great stuff. After reading Comphermc's review I have to say thank you for recreating this from the beta. It's very well done and I want to play it again. I gave you a & a If I was on LBP1 with the better rating system (in my opinion) I would give you a perfect 5 s

    Quote Originally Posted by valmassoi View Post
    Night Sky Dreams
    Score: 7.2/10
    By: DizzyZebra (bubbles550)

    A very nice exploration level.

    Story: N/A/10
    Just walking and exploring, no story needed.

    Music/SFX Choice: 9/10
    The music is well chosen for this level and it fit in. There's not many places you could put SFX in, but I noticed you did twinkles.

    Appearance: 9.7/10
    This is what really makes the level good. Corner editing is amazing which makes the ice look very real. Materials are well chosen and the building look great! Sticker work is real cool.

    Creatures/Objects: 9.2/10
    As said before, the buildings look really cool. The lightpost is realistic as well as everything else. You did you a dog template though The stars look great.

    Gameplay: 6.1/10
    Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against exploration levels. But when you make one, you gotta make sure you don't get stuck in places! I was able to jump from the chimney to the other side of the lightpost where I fell out of the level. I had to hit retry. Three times I landed down where the dog was and I couldn't get back up to the lights I had to jump on. Three more retries. I fell from the stars back down to the city where I landed into a checkpoint five times. I had to do the whole level again FIVE TIMES Putting some horrible gas between the stars and the city would be nice. There was literally like no time to get the sticker switch on the rocket, but I got it after 5 tries. I liked the end

    Overall: 7.2/10 (not an average)
    I say this again, don't get me wrong, I liked this level a lot. It just had that many problems to lower the score. I heard you're making another version of this, so I hope you take these things I said into consideration. Anyways if this is your first level I say congrats because you've found your style of level making I gave you
    I've done tons and tons of reviews like this in my dead PSP review thread as well.
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  18. Thanks!

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    Hey people, thanks for volunteering! We're now gonna start trying to get the cogs turning again, and the people we've picked should soon be getting a message, and hence access to the spotlight dev forum. There's lots of helpful material in there, so it should be easy for you to get started. I'll be going in there to write some more stuff soon hopefully, specially for ye newcomers, because if I'm quite honest there aren't many of the old spotlight crew in there to help you out. And I'm not gonna lie to you, it will be hard work getting the ball rolling again. I think the plan is at the moment that the spotlight starts as normal when PSN goes back up, and we make a decision on what we do with the backlog separately, so I wouldn't worry about that.

    Once again, thanks for applying!!

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