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    Default I Return, and so does Abdullah and his challenges

    Well my break from my LBP PSP is finally over and during that time I've had a long time to mull it over.

    Those who have played my Abdhullah's Challenge Emporium level (see sig) may be happy to know that the next stage of the contest is under construction, but this time in a separate format.

    You begin this stage in the dungeon section of the palace, but this has a different layout. Instead of challenges and obstacles set at one difficulty across the level like my previous creation, the level will start out easy and will slowly increase in difficulty as you go along.

    The level will have a straight forward but still what I belive will be a fun layout. Each challenge will have it's own room in the dungeon, and each challenge or obstacle will end up in you finding a way to open the door to the next room of the dungeon, some will be obvious, some will be a bit annoying an tricky to find, and some will have you grinding your teeth on the pavement.

    Just to give you a teaser of what is in the works and to let everyone know that I'm back, but don't expect anything too soon, those who remember my slightly annoyed rant will know how long it takes me to make a level on LBP PSP

    Bye for now!

    My PSP Levels
    Abdullah's Challenge Emporium [Medium]
    Outrage in the Outback! **SPOTLIGHTED**

    PSP STOLEN!!! =[

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    Oh Cool Pete is back i dont know you i think you left the same time i joined but i remember your name and horridly cool sackboy pic.

    Welcome Back!
    [PSP]:Water Works:Spotlighted, On A Roll:Spotlight Nod, Rocks And Gems:Spotlighted.
    Wheel Room Rampage:Spotlight Nod, Bee Keepers:Spotlighted.

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