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    Default Toy Racer (LBP2 CONCEPT) (By Special_D_)

    Toy Racer (LBP2 CONCEPT) (By Special_D_) by Special_D_
    oh noooo the huge toy box has falling over in the house creating a beautiful track for you and your friends to race around.

    This is anouther one of my top down view levels where you race around the high detailed house collecting paint spots and trying to beat your friends to the finish. wait! not only inside the house but outside in the garden and frount lawn aswelllll!

    This is 1 to 4 players and each car that you get into has its own check point so if how ever you end up squishing your self you will respawn back to your car and jet pack will activate automaticly

    this level doset support the get pack glitch this time as level over heated so please try and avoid pressing circle if how ever you do when you respawn you will end up back to the last vehicle you fell from.

    Hope you have fun and feel free to look around and get some ideas for MM upcoming LBP2

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    I already played it. It was worth a heart.

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    Oh didnt see you make this thread, sorry buddy. Its a really nice concept level with greate visual style and details. Hopefully It wont fail to load when lbp2 comes out and we can make it awesome!! LOL.

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    Nice level!
    I heard it was spotlighted!
    And i'll see if i can play it later!
    Thanks to TheZimInvader for the FREAKING AWESOME AVATAR!
    And thanks to KoingWolf for the awesome sig!

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    Thumbs up

    well, I am playing Uncharted, but tonight I might play it. Seems LPB2-ish, great !
    EDIT: Wow, this is great (well, I played alone so after the second turn it was boring, but if I had friendsit would be fun)
    I like it, way better than other levels I played !
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