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    Default LBPC Group Picture - Complete!

    The awaited LBPC Group Picture is now complete! With over hundreds of entries, members all over LBPCentral have taken their place on the picture.

    Entry time lasted from 04-24-10 to 08-01-10 (MM-DD-YY), and the picture features all categories of members who simply had to post a picture that stood within rules, within the given time. The picture has no common order.

    Several resolutions and versions available here:
    960 x 600
    960 x 600 - unnamed
    1280 x 960
    1280 x 960 - unnamed
    1280 x 1024
    1280 x 1024 - unnamed
    1360 x 768
    1360 x 768 - unnamed
    1440 x 900
    1440 x 900 - unnamed
    2560 x 1600
    2560 x 1600 - unnamed
    2560 x 2048
    2560 x 2048 - unnamed
    3595 x 2235
    3595 x 2235 - unnamed
    iPhone - unnamed
    PS3 - unnamed

    Thanks for the help!

  2. Thanks!

    4wheel, >er., AA_BATTERY, acdramon, AgentBanana, Alec, alexbull_uk, ApeCheese, applepod124, ARD•, Arnald23, Arrestor, Asbestos101, Stoicrow, Aya042, BabyDoll1970•, Blackfalcon, Voltergeist, Brixx101, Burnvictim42, Captain Rule, Cauan-XV, CCubbage, Chamion B, chinook3, Kog, comphermc, ConverseFox, Coxy224, coyote_blue•, Cpt_Sainsburys, Symin, CYBERSNAKE, CyberSora, damaz10, darcyh, Darkcloudrepeat, Darth, Darth J464, Doopz, Dragonvarsity, eagerneph, Eonknight, AbstractFlesh, ExplosiveCheddar, fatman689, Fenderjt, Fishrock123, flamesterart, FocusRSdude, Foofles, gdn001, Gilgamesh•, Gravel•, GreatWhite000, GreyMRP, Gui_Rike, Holguin86, HonzaM25, IceMaiden, illuminationx, Inanimacy, Incinerator22•, Jaeyden, javi haguse, Jedi_1993, jeffcu28•, jeperty, JKthree, Joey, Jonaolst, Joshofsouls, Jovuto, JspOt, jwwphotos, Kaumy, Keanster96, kirbyman62, kiwidog, Kn0cked-0ut, Leather-Monkey, LittleBigDragon, Lockstitch, LWBear2, Martut, Matimoo, MegaBlob, midnight_heist, mistervista, moonwire•, Morelestopher, Morgana25, mrsupercomputer, mrsvista, mutant_red_peas, napero7, nitewalker11, Nuclearfish, nysudyrgh, Oddmania, OmegaSlayer, OneEyedBanshee, Outlaw-Jack•, Pattington_Bear, Phazerz123, piggabling, Powershifter, psyntens, puppet88, PygmyOwl, Ragnarok, Rhys125, Rogar, rtm223, SackRacer77, schm0, shadow3596, Shadowcrazy, ShamgarBlade, shropshirelass•, FlipMeister, SketchNZ, SLS10, Smelling-Cowboy, Spider-Jew, standby250, Starchy, Supa_Nady, Super_Dork_42, Taffey, Takelow, talbot-trembler, tanrockstan34, Teebonesy, TehUberZac, TheCountessZ•, TheNerd, TheZimInvader, thieso31, tjb0607, Ungreth•, Valeview, ViniciusBR11, Voodeedoo, wait wtf, Weretigr, Xero Space, xkappax•, Plasmavore, YEAH_NAH, zynax555

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