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Thread: Corrupt Wishes

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    Granted, but when there are no bugs to sustain the balance of nature, other animals die, plants die, trees die, we run out of oxygen, then we die. What a way to go!

    I wish I can be cool all the time.

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    Granted, but now you're so cool that everyone worships you, like a creepy cult.

    I wish I had something better to do with my life.

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    Granted, but there is no room left for enjoyment.

    I wish developers put more effort on their games.

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    Granted, but now their games are so good that they refuse to sell it to anyone.

    I wish I had money.

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    Granted, but it's fake money and you get arrested when you try to use it.

    I wish I can take the heat.

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    Granted, but now you can't take any cold.

    I wish I was more clever.

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    Granted, but you're also obese now. Intelligence comes with a price.

    I wish everyone fails except me.

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    Granted, but everyone fails in an awesome way.

    I wish I was good at chess.

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    Granted, but even still everyone else is better than you.

    I wish people would stop boot licking.

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    Granted, but now people are jean-licking.

    I wish the pun I just posted wasn't so corny.

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    Granted, but now it's poopy, which is even worse.

    I wish I'm a sofa king!

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    Granted, but now you can only sit on sofas.

    I wish I was a more social person.

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    Granted, but you can't handle all the drama you have to experience.

    I wish I have enough time to host a tournament.

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    Granted, but the tournament ends so fast that you feel your efforts have been wasted.

    I wish I had better planning skills.

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    Granted, but succeeding in your plans is an impossibility.

    I wish I can save gurren009 any time in any place.

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    Granted, but now you lose your ability to save L1N3R1D3R at any time or place.

    I wish I had more strength.

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    Granted, but that strength is in your stomach only. And you know what that means.

    I wish I can live as long as I want to.

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    Granted, but the side effects of your wish are blindness and deafness.

    I wish I wasn't still up this late.

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    Granted, but now you're down quite early.

    I wish I get things done in a short amount of time.

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    Granted, but now we all get things done in a short amount together time, which allows North Korea to quickly enhance its nuclear program and cause WWIII!

    I wish I wasn’t so clumsy.

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