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    Default Do You Want To Run The Plug-In? NO! I just want the Search Button to work Dagnabbit!!

    I'm really sick of being asked "Do You Want To Run The Plug-In? every single time I switch from one thread to another!! Is this something anyone else is experiencing when viewing the forum on their PS3... or is one of my settings easily changed to stop this from happening? It only seems to happen on the forum... not when I'm searching other stuff on the net through my PS3. Is it only related to this site, and is there a setting I can change here to stop it from re-occuring?

    Also... what's up with the Search button? I can never find anything here... even threads I know for a fact exist. I just tried searching for the "Show Us Your Sackboy" thread... and nothing comes up for it. I get "Show Us Your Pumpkin"... but not the actual thread I'm looking for. Am I missing something when adding text to a search? Is there some magic science techno-code I have to add for the Search tool to work?

    I'm getting really frustrated with both of these things.... can anyone help me out with some advice on these? I'd really appreciate it as I seem to be spending more and more time on the forums again these days, and don't want to end up putting my foot through my TV screen.
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    Take your copy of LBP3, put it back in it's case, wrap it up in some nice holiday paper, and stick it under your tree in hopes it will be fixed and playable by Christmas morning.

    DEVS - If you want to know what's wrong with your game why don't you just throw a copy in your machines and play it? Just a thought.

    *End Transmisson*


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