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    They don't work.

    I literally just now got my 1 year registered trophy even though I haven't been registered for a year until the 14th of November this year, that's 2 weeks out. Also, Alec joined on the 17th of November the same year (he joined after me) even though he's had his 1 year registered trophy for a week now.

    So in my opinion trophies should just be gotten rid of, not only do they not work but they encourage people to do things like posting a blog just for a trophy. And in all honesty, who actually cares about trophies?

    On a slightly related note get rid of awards too because they're annoying.

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    Tbh, trophies ssem to be causing more trouble than they're worth, along with plenty, "Wherez mah trophiz!!!??? omg " threads, so I second the idea of their removal.

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