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    Default what good are the trophies you get from playing other people's levels??

    I dont have the instruction manual as i am a Gamefly member but when u go online to play and someones level says "Loads of trophies" etc etc and u get them what good is that to you as a player in the game????

    I've had my ps3 for about 4 mos. now and have earned 'trophies' in other games but still dont understand what is the benefit to having a trophy????

    Also when u earn items from playing other peoples levels are those items that are originally in the games story mode??? Or are they user created items??? I'm pretty horrible at the story mode of the game and doubt i'll even be able to beat it much less get most of the items.

    Does playing other peoples levels and gaining prizes that they offer in the level another way of getting the items u missed from story mode???

    Any help is appreciated. thx.

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    Trophies are in relation to the Xbox 360's Achievements. They don't serve any particular purpose of themselves, but you get a nice feeling from getting them, as well as bragging rights. Your trophies fuel your profile level, according to their value. However, there are plans for Playstation Home to be able to utilize your trophies as a sort of currency for items inside it.

    For the record, you can look at the trophies you have and have yet to collect by going to the Trophies menu, and selecting each game. It's good for getting grips on what they're all about, and what you should do to get them.

    The "lots of trophies" levels are designed to let you meet certain requirements. For example, you could have something launch you to "incredible speed" and "incredible height" for a trophy each, and then be in the air for the several seconds in order to gain the "sackbird" trophy, all of which you could do on your own, it's just that their levels are convenient. There may be some other oddballs like that, with score bubble multipliers also being a big draw. However, once you've gained them, you have them and that's it. So they're not actually player trophies, just levels catering to gaining certain trophies.

    Items in player levels are (to my knowledge) only items which the player has created, and selected as a prize. Most of these are simply objects to use in Create mode.

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