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    Default Help with photo albums!


    Fairly new to the site and looked this up but cannot find any information on it!

    You upload photos which go in that first selection box, I don't want to select them again, I want all the photos uploaded in one album.
    Why do I have to select each photo again and when I try to upload a different levels photos, they all get jumbled up in that selection box asking me to chose which ones I want??? To awkward!
    I just want to start a new album and upload photos straight to it and when you do get some in an album, they are all loaded back to front showing the last photo first?
    Can you not rearrange an albums photos as I cannot find a function for this!
    Thanks for any assistance on this.

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    That's it, given up on the photo albums! No need to reply to this thread.

    I use a lot of sites and upload a lot of photos but this one is just to awkward!

    I noticed the bit for rearranging them by file name etc but everytime I upload photos, they all get jumbled up and are not in order!
    I'll upload them elsewhere and put a link or copy and paste them here etc if this is ok to do.

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