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    Default >shArp!!!< Melee Combat Refined

    My attempt at creating the ultimate melee combat level. Instead of chasing spawn points when you kill an opponent, the spawn point chases you. Infinite lives for as much destruction as you want before quitting. Fourteen unique and balanced weapons including Plasma Mines, Frag Grenades, a beam sabre, an explosive sword, a flaming two-handed staff, etc. Opening menu explainins how the game is played. And your chance to have your own weapon included in the game! I fully support this level. Please inform me of any glitches or any ways I can improve it. No points, just reckless, endless destruction! What's better among friends? Have fun!!!

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    i played your level and i thought it was an awesome idea! honestly i used to hate levels like this because i played dozens of them that were all poorly made but this one looks fantastic.
    i suggest you use the 3D glitch to try to make the background further away or something because it feels kind of cramped as it is right now.
    also i appreciate that you made the weapon select menu thing follow you around but it seems a little distracting. i think it would be fine to leave it in the middle but i'm sure it was a lot of work getting it to work how it does, lol.
    i would move the laser pointers a bit further out, as they are visable if you go between the two sets of lasers and go to the corners of the level.
    i made an extremely simple melee combat level and it has a pathetic amount of plays but you can use the weapon i made for it if you'd like. it's a broken version of the knife object with the blade replaced with red smoke so it makes a red effect through the air as you swing it and it's also very light because only the handle actually has any weight (but the blade part is still visable!) check it out, lol i can't describe it well.

    EDIT: forgot link, lol
    by far the best melee combat level i've ever seen and i can't wait to see it in LBP2, assuming you update it to be a competetive level so it actually keeps score
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    Thank you so much! I would love to do that! If I could think of a plausible way to keep track of players' deaths or keep score without putting a damper on the action, I would do it now, but I suppose I'll just have to wait a bit before I can update like that. Thanks again for trying it out!

    All great ideas and criticism. I actually noticed that some of the laser pointers were visible and adjusted the others so they all would be. I had thought about moving them back so they wouldn't be, but I kind of like the added detail they give. As far as using the 3d glitch to give it a less cramped feel, that is a wonderful idea. The only reason I have not done it so far is that I have never used the 3d glitch, so I didn't want to mess things up. I'll give it a try, though, because I agree with you on that. And I did play the level of yours that you are describing. I had wondered how those swords worked! I could've sworn that the swords were completely solid, so I'm glad you mentioned that it was a glitch. Pretty cool.

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    i guess it makes sense to leave the laser pointers visable if you're going for a physical arena kind of look but if it's supposed to look like it's virtual reality or something i would say try to move them out of sight so it looks less mechanical...if that makes any sense
    i personally hate using the 3D glitch, lol. it's just too confusing. but it should'nt mess up your level very much. you should just be able to delete it just like a regular object. when in doubt, back up your level
    thanks for playing my level! i'm not sure if the sword from my level would fit in well with your weapons in a gameplay sense. i guess you could play test it to see. feel free to use it if you want!
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