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    Default Ruins of Albion (Spotlighted + YouTube Video)

    This is my brand new level and my last for LBP, as if I tried to finish another one in time I'd have probably died from not enough sleep. This level focuses on enviromental areas of LBP, I tried to re-create water with glass (but of course you dont swim in it) I'll let you decide if it worked or not

    This level took hours and hours to create, and I have discovered my greatest weakness, I use way to many stickers. Halfway through the level a black speach bubble came up and said that I am overheating the level. Working my way around this I finished my level. Beacuse I'm going on holidays tommorow I wont be able to check out your levels for at least two weeks, but when I return home a LBP2 Collectors Edition will be waiting at my door so I can review your LBP2 levels when I return home as well as your LBP levels.

    Here are some pics of my level (fog lights have been used in some areas so in game the level will look diferent in some areas)

    Now updated with a video which I found on the site thanks to fredrikpedersen (YouTube account name). Check it out on you tube bu cliking here. This was filmed in LBP2 so some areas are different from how I have designed it. Hope you enjoy my creation

    Thanks to:

    Damaz10: for helping me create this level in pretty much all areas

    Drunkenfist_Lee: for his layer tools

    TheAdipose: for different layer tools
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    This level isn't doing so well, already off the first page of threads without a single comment, what am i doing wong?

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    This level looks great. I queued it up and I'll try to play it tonight/post feed back as soon as possible. If you're feelin' Christmassy, hit up my Christmas level for a little F4F.....
    And the F4F threat is here:


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    I will try it this evening.



  5. Thanks!

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    i'm not sure why no one is playing your level. it caught my attention pretty fast!
    the level looks nice, but you're right, there's too many stickers. it felt like there was too much going on. the game play wasn't too complex or difficult, it just seemed like a series of switches i had to hit to continue. the only major issue i had was that almost immediately after that speech bubble saying welcome to albion, the level ended. i thought i was going to get to see some epic ruins

    i gave it because you obviously put a lot of effort into it. if you wanted a simple way to improve it, i'd say remove stickers. specifically the vine leaves (whatever they're called) that are everywhere.

    overall easy, nice to look at level. i was dissapointed that nothing "epic" happened, though.

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  7. Thanks!

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    Thanks for the feedback, sorry but I'm not sure i'll be able to check out your level for a long time(after LBP2). Anyway thanks

    Edit: Maybe i should do the ultimate squel in LBP2 already got ideas

    Edit: I think i should clear this up, Albion was a city for the gods and wasn't just made of buiding rather than a pardise of plants and trees, so therefore there cant be many ruins, but using it was because I'm saying that this is pretty much what it looked like
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    I have played your level now. It is great, I like the visuals. Though they are overwhelmed me a little at first. The idea of the level is great, but it is too short. A serie would be great, because the setting it nice and I think you have got a lot of ideas.
    It was fun to play. Thanks for your hard work



  10. Thanks!

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    Ooh, loved A Broken Paradise, not sure if I'll be able to give this a review but I'll deifnitely give this lvl a paly

  12. Thanks!

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    Thumbs up

    - Gas death. If the next section is right below, why not just dissolve the floor when the lights go out?
    - Easy to accidently hop onto the rock spawn button again when jumping back up. (jumping layer switches you to back layer)
    + Sun!
    + Bubble combo! Must replay to get that one right!
    + Vines.
    - Woah. Way short. =(

    I think you did a nice job with the bubble combos. It encourages replays because of the short length.
    Nice foliage!
    Beat shropshire-lass! woo.
    Hearted due to enjoyable bubble combos for replays.

    Bad design 101
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  14. Thanks!

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    With the rock thing I made it as soon as you put the rock in the hole its perminate but it still might need ajustments. Thanks for your feedback guys

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    Sorry for the double post but there are tons of new updates I put on the level

    Better bubble placing

    More bubbles

    Fixed loots of areas where you could make an escape

    Better light placing

    Fixed the rock button

    Thanks guys for checking out my level, I'm wondering if i should but a race in but you have to have a sticker you get from finishing the level?

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    Now that, is the real question


    Yes, but if you have the thermo for that... then I say this level is not done!

    edit: ah, I see... well then the race is cool for a second play through but the first play has to be all googley-eyed, "look at the beauty"... so sticker definitely at the end then. Have a jolly Holliday!
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  18. Thanks!

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    What I'm trying to do is make the level really fast paced and high scores because thats more fun for me, and if I try to make big changes to the level it will dissapear, completely. ANyway I didn't have time to add what i want to add because i'm going on holidays tommorow. Thanks for the input Gravel

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    Gorgeous level, Metalhead! One of the prettiest I've ever seen on the LBP servers.

    + Leaf stickers everywhere. This level has a very full, rich feel to it and I think part of the reason for that is that nothing is bland. Everything is bursting with color and decorations. Nice work.
    + Secret room at the beginning was very nice.
    + Title card was a nice touch. A lot of people do these, but you really went all-out and it shows.
    + Simulated water and waterfalls were very pretty.
    - Could have used a checkpoint before the waterfall. I died here and had to retrace my steps from quite far back.
    + Nice use of additional back layers in the sunrise bit.
    + The bounce pad that pushes you down the glass track was very fun and my favorite part of the level.
    - The forest nymph or whoever that was could have been animated a little bit and it would have added a lot to her appearance, I think. Something small, like her head slightly moving on an invisible piston or her body slightly swaying, maybe even breathing. Just some subtle tricks to help us believe she's not as 2D as we all know she is.

    Excellent, excellent level. I gave it five stars and plan to replay!

    Please check out one/both (if you're feeling generous) of my F4F levels:
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    Trick or Terror!

    I'll be happy to play anything you make in the future/have made.

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    right now ive checked the level again and i think it can stay in LBP2 but i was thinking updating the level, but changing the theme a bit so there less intensity on the jungle theme. Also adding a race tones of bubble combos enough to run throuh the level without stopping, anyway i'd just like to see if anyone wanted to help or got ant suggestions

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    I played this level, and i must say i am amazed! The visuals are amazing! I really liked the forest-y feeling.

    As a usual habit, i tried taking off some stickers to see what you used to create the trees/vines (they're called "vines" right?) and it took me a long time to do so. You have used way too many stickers in just a simple point, i wonder how long would it take to take the whole stickers out. There is a way to reduce the amount of stickers used in a single point;
    1st; Go on and decorate it with stickers and don't worry about going too complex,
    2nd; Take a photo of it (avoid using default background, cover the background with a cardboard or something if necessary)
    3th: Place the photo on whatever you just decorated. I would suggest placing the photo on a new object and just delete older sticker filled one to avoid filling up the thermo.

    Using the doll-head object from "metropolis" was a pretty clever idea . It must have been one of the reasons why the level is that complex though. Try placing a single, yet GİGANTİC green sticker on a small decoration to make sure you cover it all and THEN make it bigger. That way, you won't need to use the same sticker multiple times to cover up the whole thing.

    Overall; Short but Affective. The visuals were outstanding and the gameplay was pretty fun too. I can see that you are already aware of the shortness of your level. Keep in mind though; it is better to keep it short and fun rather than long and boring. I must admit it was a little disappointing though, the level ended the second i thought that it started- we are welcomed at the very end.

    Gameplay; + (nothing to complain about happened, neither did it get boring)
    Visuals; + (Simply AMAZİNG)
    Story; - (although there is a big potential, there is barely any story)

    Overall; And a

    Good job!

    F4F; An Average Adventure: 1st Discovery
    F4F Participant.

    I have LBP2 now. I will be fiddling with the create mode so im unlikely to publish anything yet.

    Oh and im working on the sequel to "An Average Adventure: 1st Discovery". I'm also planning to fix some annoying issues of the level.

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    thanks for your review nad ill get back right away. I'm also looking for beta testers, just ask if you wanna help

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    Now updated with a video, check it out. And still looking for beta testers for LBP2. Thanks

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    wow, great detail in the jungle environment, the river looks very realistic and gives you the feeling that you are near the rapid waters of a giant waterfall. also a lot of colorful visuals. I especially enjoyed the 'points fest' area in the tunnels where you can get some serious multipliers (15!). Good work, looking forward to seeing what you can make in lbp2 with different types of environments
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    lOOKS INTERESTING LOOKING INTO IT NOW bTW TELL ME WHAT you think of my level ^___^

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