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    Default A Salty Space adventure: Save the Girl!

    NOTE: This promotion tread should be read to this music! --->

    NOTE: F4F HAVE BEEN DISABLED! Ofcourse I'll give feedback to people who have given feedback and are doing F4F, but no new F4F-requests will be accepted. Sorry! Giving feedback on this now is pointless..except maybe you're like, a AWESOME person that just gives feedback because you're awesome and stuff xD

    Mnniska & The_Creator_1


    Oh noes! Jabbah the evil space-pirate and his nasty crew has kidnapped Goakka's tea-addicted daughter! Who can step forward to save the day? Well SACKBOY ofcourse! Make your way through Jabbah's ship while avoiding nasty traps and admiring the fork-tastic scenery!


    A HUGE load of cutscenes!

    Ships....with forks!

    ...aaaand some platforming!

    ...So, yeah! Me and Creator made a level! Originally the plan were to submit this for the Sack To The Future contest, but those plans were shattered when I got myself a Yellow Light Of DEEEATH. Fortinutely I had a backup avilable so after a new PS3 had been invested we could finish it up.
    This made us miss the deadline, but it's still a level well worth publishing.

    Fun fact: This level is maxed out...two times! First the main level takes up 98% of the thermo (adding about 10 mag keys makes it die, badly!) and then the intro and ending cutscene takes about 90% of the thermo all over again! Lucky us having a unreliable and buggy thermo-glitch huh? I think I froze about 30 times in total working on this level paha, wonderfull.

    So, yeah! Enjoy the level dudes & dudettes, or don't. Your choice. I'm pretty exited about this though because there's some pretty messed up cutscenes in there I want your reaction of paha.

    Also, we'd like to thank o--aRBee--o for helping out with 2 of the characters and making one of the cutscenes WAY more epic! Thanks!

    Level name: A Salty Space adventure: Save the Girl!
    PSN: Mnniska link:
    Located close to the north pole, along with the other "serious" levels.

    I'll add QPQ's these upcoming days. I just want to get this post done so I'm over with it for now, sorry!

    UPDATE: WOOT IN A WOOT-KOOT! (what?) This has been spotlighted and stuff, yay!
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    Thumbs up

    Normal play:
    - Move the fingerprint sticker to the right so it doesn't obscure the last letter in your intro.
    + Funny dialog
    + Confirmation sticker (cutscene/race).
    + Cutscene!
    + Paralax scrollling with stars.
    + Next character.
    - Wife enemy didn't move?
    + Momentum gameplay.
    + Holy cardboard!
    - Missed second last magic mouth at the tea party. Perhaps slow them down a little?
    + Timed paintinator thing.
    + Next paintinator section.
    + Dark matter.
    + Last scene.
    - Mini ship (I assume its the one sackboy is on) falls with the bigger "ship".
    - Bubble on daughter's head???

    Race play:
    - Can walk right through start race gate.
    + Rounded corners to help with gap jumps.

    About the only thing about this level that I didn't like was getting covered in paint and messing up my costume.
    Great cutscenes, dialog and animation.
    Some good gameplay and visuals in there too.
    5 stars + heart.
    Nice work.
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    this level is amazing...i didn't finish it because after i got stuck in that cage the chains broke and i fell down and all i could see was a black screen and i tried walking left and right and jumping and nothing happened...
    until that point the level was flawless and tons of fun so i gave it 5 stars still
    i'll probably play it again soon and see if i can finish it, but not now.
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    Thanks for the feedback + bug reports guys! I'll have a look at it later on today and fix some of those annoying issues. The only annoying part is that the level freezes my PS3 everytime I try to rewind/place too complicated stuff (such as decorations, those are mean! xD) so I'll have to really go on tip-toe in order to fix stuff paha. Thanks for the feedback heist.

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    OMG! O.O simply amazing! There's nothing I dislike about the level! The 'cutscenes' are very well made and very funny The gameplay is cool too!
    The only thing I might dislike, is the visible logic. Besides that: 5 stars and heart!

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    Finally published!
    It was a lot of fun just hanging around in create with Mnniska, the level turned out great!

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    This was such a fun level! the story was probably one of the best that i have ever played and the cutscenes and dialouge were hilarious. The gameplay was good too, as was the design. It kindof reminded me of a flash game called samorost in the begining. i thought some of the interior of the whale ship looked a bit empty at some points but it wasnt a big deal.

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    Looks good, Mnniska. I'll be checking out your talent with this one soon.

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    Oh man, I had completely forgotten about this! When ye showed me that small section in create mode a few months ago, I knew that it would become one of my favourite levels when published, but I didn't expect it to be this good! I absolutely loved it, I loved the style, I loved the gameplay, I loved the story... I basically loved almost everything about it! You and The_Creator_1 did an exceptional job...
    However, when I fancy a level this much, I start to nitpick, and I mean seriously nitpick, simply because I want the level to be the best that it can be... So I have a big list of small problems that I found, and little things that I personally didn't like about the level.
    I won't list them here though because I just played through the level with Creator and pointed em all out to him. I hope ye can fix these little issues soon, and when ye do, this will easily make my top five levels in LBP, maybe even my top three

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    This level was a joy to play, and may possibly be my favourite of yours. Although it didn't have extremely game-changing gameplay, like your 'dead sack' levels, it still was like nothing I've seen before, especially the treadmill at the beginning, and the wedding at the end. Man, that final cutscene was GREAT!

    My only nitpick was the treadmill at the beginning. I know, I said I loved it, and I did, but it was hard to use , for me, because there is only a small radius which you have to stay in.

    But, wow. Great, GREAT!

    5 stars, heart. '
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    Bravo! This level was so much fun to play. Loved all the cutscenes especially at the end. I laughed so much tears came out my eyes. Very good gameplay and has nice challenge. 5 stars all the way.

    I had to play twice though. The area where king is torturing the salesman didnt work the 1st time through. The salesman didnt fall all the way through so the next part didnt activate but on the 2nd try he fell all the way through and everything went well. Another part that might need fixing is those stacks of horizontal planks with the paint switches. The 3rd one didnt retract back to its resting position. I also was burned by it so since I had no gun I had to do suicide.

    Good job you two. Well deserved heart for this level. Also got 3rd place too . If you dont mind, could yout try out my level Frigid Facade please? Dont have a link in my sig yet but its in the cool page forum though. Would love to hear yall opinion on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anpostteller View Post
    Happy feedback~
    Ah, so glad you liked the level! I can't....really remember showing you the level since you're not even on my friends...list...hmmm xD You probably joined us when making stuff sometime, yeah. Anyway! Makes me all happy hearing people enjoyed the level! I was a bit worried because the gameplay dosen't really have the same class I want it to. To enjoy it you'll have to have a certain "flow" which is hard to get into. But yeah, I'll have a chat with creator so he can show me the issues. The level pretty much explodes if you enter with two people in create mode but I'm sure we'll be able to still work that out. Thanks!

    @Tomadon. Thanks for letting me know about the treadmill-issue. I'll be changing the way the switch works so that it won't reset itself if you fall off and stuff. I'm forming a list of things that's gonna be fixed once there's time again kaha.

    @Lightmare. Oh, that's a pretty serious bug, ouch. That cutscene has been giving us alot of trouble. Thanks for letting us know!

    Also, just send me a link to your level sometime if you need any feedback! This IS F4F, after all.
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    i just played it with some friends
    haha was a really funny storie also a great level

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    Ah, so its published now? I'll go play it then dude The snippets I've seen during its creation have been awesome!

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    Wow this level blew me away! The cuts scenes were AMAZING! Easily some of the best I've seen, ever. The gameplay was awesome, very imaginative and well thought out, just what Ive come to expect from your levels.
    The story was great and full of humor, and the visuals were just great! You could just look at this level and go, yep, Mnniska made that. Except it wasn't just another of your levels, it was even better!
    Your really pulled out all the stops for this one, in fact if you had just finished it a few weeks earlier it could've (probably would've) won the LBN STTF comp!

    Anyway raving review over, I gave it 5 stars and a heart! F4F: Fight for justice... link is in my sig.
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    Thanks for SackRacer! xD I'm kinda busy now because of school and stuff, but expect some feedback from me in the weekend!

    Although all of the dazzling visuals (exept from the nutty forks xD) were made by Creator. Basicly I would cut out everything in cardboard and then he would go ahead and sticker it up so it looked awesome.
    Really happy you enjoyed the cutscenes too. I was afraid people would go "well this is awkward!" at them and hate the level and such, but it seems like most people enjoyed em'

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    Another Mmniska level!? Added to queue.


    This was a fantastic level, one of the best I have played.
    The story is great, and the presentation and humor make it even better. The characters are awesome and the Dad is probably my favorite because of his simple charming design (and personality).
    But the story & presentation aren't the only great things about this. The level is full of fun, original and challenging platforming follow by great use of the paintinator.

    I must say Mnniska, you have outdone yourself. This is by far your best level.
    I gave it and a
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    Quote Originally Posted by blizzard_cool View Post
    This was a fantastic level, one of the best I have played.
    The story is great, and the presentation and humor make it even better. The characters are awesome and the Dad is probably my favorite because of his simple charming design (and personality).
    But the story & presentation aren't the only great things about this. The level is full of fun, original and challenging platforming follow by great use of the paintinator.

    I must say Mnniska, you have outdone yourself. This is by far your best level.
    I gave it and a
    Haaaa, so glad you liked it! Seriously makes my day just hearing people enjoyed the level! I've had a couple of beta-testers say it might not be my best but still a fun level, so hearing you think I've topped myself makes me all happy and enthusiastic! Thanks!

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    Oh yeah, one question. You ever though about continuing your Red ridding Hood series?

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    Errrrrrr, I've been considering it, and I've got a story ready to go and such. It's just that I've been too lazy to make anything serious yet. Sequels are nasty, usually I feel I've got to top the first level and in order to do that you need a whole bunch of gameplay planned out for it, and in LBP1 I can't quite find enough. I am considering making a sequel in LBP2 though, now that we've got a crazy amount of new tools and gameplay opportinities to play around with.

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