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    Talking Sackhouette - 1 & 2

    Hi there, don't know if any of you have played my levels yet, but I've taken to pimping them across the internets until MM instigate a better system of exposure! I already recognise donkey show here, so, here we go:

    Sackhouette - Forest King's Request

    Video of Beta version by TeknoManEX:
    [Watch YouTube Video]

    When the final servers went up, I tweaked my old beta level by adding music, a few small visual tweaks and the noticeable upgrade to my level series titular star: BestMan, now in 2.0 form!

    For people unfamiliar with the level, the silhouette visual style is gonna be a trademark of this set of my level out-put. The level has a fully functioning multiple hit Boss, not using brains in any way. Also, if you get stuck on the Frog section, heres a tip: DO NOT JUMP.

    You can find the level by searching "sackhouette", no idea how well its doing since I can't check it until tomorrow night. Please play it, heart it, rarrrrrrr.
    Sackhouette 2 - SkyGoose's Dilemma

    The 2nd level in my Sackhouette series follows on from Forest King's Request, as your intrepid sackboy/girl visits the Sky Realm. Thunder is the main hazard up here, with perilous jumping across ancient pillars, BestMan's missing BestJet and a trio of deliquant ducks. All this and TWO boss encounters!

    There are many windmills because there is a lot of wind in the sky, you see.

    Unsightly spelling error has been fixed, but you will have to fix BestMan's problems!

    This segment may be the one to replace the frogs from the first :lol

    Even the sky isn't safe from chavs..

    I quite like making these shrines and set-pieces, its making the fearsome mechanical bosses that causes me real grief!


    Easy ways to find my levels is to search Sackhouette, which should certainly at least find my first level and from there you should be able to access my second.
    Hope you enjoy them! I've been tweaking them alot already from feedback so if you haven't played them yet, now is the perfect time!
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    Wow they are really good

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    that art design is fantastic. will make sure i check these out.

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    hey i played the first one, i love the style of these levels, but some parts are uneccesarily frustrating, and after playing the level multiple times, it ultimatyely led to me giving up on the level, when i would of liked too see all of it.

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    I played this earlier today. Fantastic work.

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    Holy schlapskie. You made Sackhouette? That's my favorite level. Excellent job, I'm gonna go try out number 2 now. =D

    Edit: I can't get past the smoking chav goose. Even when I bring his PSP the smoke is still there. =/
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    stuck on part 2 at the PSP part tried placing it everywhere I can near the duckie, but the gas stays... tried to replay just in case it was a glitch - but it still doesn't work - I heard the breaking noise as soon as I entered the level and again as I died once on the mini-boss both times I played I love these levels though ^.^

    edit : looks like I'm second in line :P

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    Sorry about that! When fixing a problem with a winch and grab-sponge getting stuck under some platforms, the stupid editor deleted all magnetic switches on the area I added geometry to. Its fixed now, but the [PSP] quest was indeed glitching at that point. Go beat it!

    For people who found the first level too difficult, when was the last time you played it? I've changed some of the harder parts considerably over the last couple of days, so it should be more than easy enough now!

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    Holy crap, Luckett, I had no idea you used these forums. I played your levels today and they're honestly my favourite levels out of user levels or MM levels. The style makes my eyes sing, the difficulty is great, the dialouge is gold. You're honestly an absolute inspiration and I can't wait to play the rest of the series.


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    I can't recommend these levels highly enough.

    It's hard to find alot of stages in LBP that feel uniquely their own and Luckett nailed it while oozing them with charm.

    The complaints about the frogs continue to perplex me though, I've done four playthroughs of The Forest King's Request and I died just four times at that point (the frogs), twice on the first attempt and two more on the third and fourth playthrough respectively. I really don't get it, it feels like a fairly basic sequence (I had read about it before on Neo Gaf and was expecting a hopping nightmare).

    Heart these levels, people, I die a lil on the inside everytime I glide past these stages and then notice quick instant trophy cash ins on the first page with a gajillion plays and hearts.

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    They look beautiful, I will try them out later on today

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    Definitely the best art design I have seen so far. Reminds me of Patapon.

    Anyway, glad to have you on the forums. More talent is always a good thing.
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    Good to know you found LBPCentral, Wurm.

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    I played them both and they are truly beautiful and fun to play (that to me is the perfect combination) Excellent work and I look forward to the next one in the series.

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    I vote Best Man for new LBP mascot.

    If he needs help leading a bloody revolt against Sackboy's throne, I will gladly aid him in his rebellion.

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    Just had to recreate BestMan because the editor wasn't letting me edit the saved object of him anymore, presumably because i saved him offline or the patches locked it.

    Anyway, stoked my levels got featured on the site!

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    I beat the thundertrunk boss on the second and had no idea where to go died, but still they are both great and really really beautiful, how did you learn your level design skills?
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    These levels are amazing! You took real advantage of the darkness and made some cool figures. I love 'em!

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    These are the most impressive levels I have seen, visually/artistically-wise. The gameplay could use a little work, as it's a little bit too difficult (or maybe it's just me...I'll try again later), but visually, it's unlike anything I have seen on LBP so far. This deserves more attention for sure. Luckett_X, I'm looking forward to your next contributions. Even if you decide to make different levels unlike these, I would like to see one or two more later on in the future. Very good stuff, keep it up!

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