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    Default [LBP2] 2056 Grapple 'N' Bounce Survival Challenge

    Hey guys, been a while since I done one of these, but I had to publish something for LBP2 right? alright well this is a survival challenge that I whipped up in a few hours, but none the less, it's still really fun! Check out some screenshots.

    EDIT: Cog posted a video too!

    So yeah, you get the idea, you bounce and grapple some platforms that spawn and move to the left as you grab points, have fun.
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    It was fun, you're right . It kept me playing long enough to get the (current) high score. This is actually pretty unusual for me, usually I'll play a survival once or twice and then move on.
    Grappling and jumping between the different platforms was a ton of fun, although it would've been nice if it got harder overtime. I really enjoyed the visuals as well, they're simple, but also fit really well together. As it is, I don't think the level even speeds up at all. Also the amount of time it takes to get into the actual challenge is kind of frustrating; dropping down the hole was sometimes difficult because it was in the back layer.
    Very good, and a . Please check out the level in my sig.

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