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    My order:
    1. Clive
    2. Higginbotham
    3. Da Vinci
    4. Eve
    5. Victoria
    6. Avalon

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    Herbert Higginbotham for me! It's definetly the most interesting one haha
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    I didn't like any of them. They all talked too much. I suppose I liked the one who talked the least, whichever that might be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by koltonaugust View Post
    I didn't like any of them. They all talked too much. I suppose I liked the one who talked the least, whichever that might be.
    That would be Eve.
    You like what character you got?

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    The Negativitron is definitely my favourite. The other characters were a little... Forgettable... He's a giant space hoover, what other character can compete, except sackboy.

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    Higginbotham !

    Look at my profil !

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    Quote Originally Posted by ladylyn1 View Post
    Erm, the Negativitron because without it we would have a completely different story
    Not really, it is basically the same story as the LBP games bar LBP PSP (If I remember correctly). Bad guy steals you steal it back by collecting. You beat bad guy game over. Mind it is definately my favourite of the bad guys. I honestly was disappointed by the Vita villain mainly due to it's boss battle.

    My Favourite characters from the story is
    Phillip the sackbot that runs away in the intro
    Higgan bottom
    Da Vinci
    and the only character I dislike Eve.

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    1. Clive Handforth!
    A little, depressed notepad man doesn't seem like a big emotional thing... bit this is LittleBIGPlanet of course it is! Anyway, I can relate to him in many ways, as he puts stress on himself, builds things from 'the ground up' and I even have a bit of a Lancastrian accent!

    2. Dr. Herbert Higginbotham
    A strange, hippie, scientist who has a matchbox for a head was being infected by meanies! He seems boring at first, but then you realize he has some of the best (if weirdest is best to you) lines in the game!

    3. The Sackperson
    An 8-cm tall creature filled with stuffing and believe-it-or-not ice cream! He/ She is the one who met crazies but thought nothing rude of them. He/ She was the one who stood up to the Negativitron and said "Hey, why don't you explode into tiny bits!" He/ She al- ok, you get the point.

    4. Larry Da Vinci
    The man who taught you the basics of swinging, moving, jumping, etc. (if you didn't learn already in LBP1!) As he may be a bit slow-moving at times, he still has the mind capacity of... well... a smart man!

    5. The "Stephen Fry" Narrator
    The man who's been behind your back, guiding you along Creating since you first started. His voice is magnificent, and he has one good sense of humor.

    6. Eve Silva Paragorica
    A caring mental worker who has to deal with many crazies, and a possible reference to a Bible story, she has beautiful gardens with mystical plants. also giving homes to the previous Creator Curators who unfortunately faced the wrath of 'El Negativitron!'

    7. The "El Negativitron" Negativitron
    The main antagonist, he is really good at doing his job of ruining Craftworld's flow of ideas. He is also really good at spooking, scaring, and generally being evil. His evil laugh could use a bit more emphasis though.

    8. Victoria Von Bathysphere
    An old woman, like Da Vinci, has a mind capacity of a smart person; she has many infamous meanies taking over her complex sackbots, controlling them and turning them into more and more meanies! She also has a wonderful garden which unfortunately got destroyed, like her train, and her brainwave machine that turned into a horrid monster.

    9. Avalon "Man of Science" Centrifuge
    The most confident, show-offy Creator Curator there is. Although he can be humorous, he can also be a real pain in the posterior! He also created cool creatures for defeating meanies and the Negativitron, so technically, besides you, he was the one who put in the most effort to defeat the Negativitron
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    Got to be either Avalon or Da Vinci. :P I love Da Vinci's 3D glasses! Such a good contrast with his newspaper body!
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    Bye I guess...

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    I love Eve's design, it's so well thought through. The thing with the bitten apple in the cage's just amazing.

    Avalon i like the least, he's so boring, nothing to look at, just a sackboy with moustache and his uber ego's not that funny.

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