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    Default LittleBigPlanet 2 Tutorials and Games

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    Useful Links

    Official LittleBigPlanet site
    Playable Tutorials

    Featured Video Tutorials - By Comphermc:

    LBP2-Torials 01: Sequencers
    LBP2-Torials 02: Signal Addition And Subtraction
    LBP2-Torials 03: Probability With Randomizers
    LBP2-Torials 04: Sackbots, Followers And Checkpoints
    LBP2-Torials 05: Health Bars And Addition Applications
    LBP2-Torials 06: Menus With Pulses And Time-Independent Movie Cameras
    LBP2-Torials 07: Player Counters And Wireless Signals
    LBP2-Torials 08: Infinite Scrolling And Wireless Signals
    LBP2-Torials 09: Level Linking
    LBP2-Torials 10: Level Linking And Data Transfer
    LBP2-Torials 11: Ordered Inputs And Lockboxes (Part 1)
    LBP2-Torials 11: Ordered Inputs And Lockboxes (Part 2)
    LBP2-Torials 12: Working With Extra Layers
    LBP2-Torials 13: Sackbot Acting
    LBP2-Torials 14: Sackbot Automation
    LBP2-Torials 15: Sackbot AI
    LBP2-Torials 16: Movie Cameras and Cutscenes
    LBP2-Torials 17: Secret Counters
    LBP2-Torials 18: Sackbot Acrobatics
    LBP2-Torials 19: Theck and Thack Sublayers
    LBP2-Torials 20: Feedback Loops (part 1)
    LBP2-Torials 20: Feedback Loops (part 2)
    LBP2-Torials 21: Speed Sensors
    LBP2-Torials 22: Slow Motion Effects
    LBP2-Torials 23: Using the Merge Glitch
    LBP2-Torials 24: Ledge Climbing
    LBP2-Torials 25: Ladder Climbing
    LBP2-Torials 26: Modular Level Design
    LBP2-Torials 27: Implementing Audio
    LBP2-Torials 28: Measurement and Speed + Grid Movement

    Introducing 'Speed Create' - By Mnniska:

    Speed Create - Part 1
    Speed Create - Part 2
    Speed Create - Part 3
    Speed Create - Part 4
    Speed Create - Part 5
    Speed Create - Part 6
    Speed Create - Part 7
    Speed Create - Part 8
    Speed Create - Part 9
    Speed Create - Part 10
    Speed Create - Part 11
    Speed Create - Part 12
    Speed Create - Part 13
    Speed Create - Part 14
    Speed Create - Part 15
    Speed Create - Part 16
    Speed Create - Part 17
    Speed Create - Part 18
    Speed Create - Part 19
    Speed Create - Part 20

    Creating With Tendon:

    Game Design: Creating With Tendon - part 1
    Game Design: Creating With Tendon - Part 2
    Game Design: Creating With Tendon - Part 3
    Game Design: Creating With Tendon - Part 4
    Game Design: Creating With Tendon - Part 5
    Game Design: Creating With Tendon - Part 6
    Game Design: Creating With Tendon - Part 7
    Game Design: Creating With Tendon - Part 8
    Game Design: Creating With Tendon - Part 9
    Game Design: Creating With Tendon - Part 10
    Game Design: Creating With Tendon - Part 11
    Game Design: Creating With Tendon - Part 12
    Game Design: Creating With Tendon - Presentation Tips

    Video Tutorials - General:

    360 Degree Aiming
    3D Layer Followers
    3D Objects
    5 Level Elevator
    Ac-130 POV Shooter
    Aiming System 1
    Aiming System 2
    Analog Memory Cells & Other Useful Electronics
    Analog Signals: Detecting Changes
    Analog Signal Plotter (Work In Progress)
    Analog Signal Processing Via Logic Gates
    Animated Decorations
    Anti-Gravity Machine
    Area Limitation
    Bounce-Pad: Flickering
    Building A Crane
    Cameras And Dialogue: Part 1
    Cameras And Dialogue: Part 2
    Cameras For Each Player
    Camera: Movies
    Cameras: Movies/Films/Cut-scenes
    Camera Rotation And Adv. Mover Solved
    Car: Boost 1
    Car: Boost 2
    Car: How To Make a Car
    Car: Logic - Forward/Reverse
    Car: Logic (Simple)
    Car: Part 1
    Car: Part 2
    Car: Remote Controlled
    Collapsing Structures
    Combination Lock - Part 1
    Combination Lock - Part 2
    Control Analogue Signal With Digital Signal And Vice-Versa
    Control Icons And Custom Unicode Symbols
    Controlinator Basics
    Controlinator: How To Use
    Controlinator: Multiple
    Controlinator: Respawn In Controlinator
    Contolinator: Tricks
    Create Mode. Part 1: New Materials, Global Controls And Movers
    Create Mode. Part 2: Rotators And New Sensors
    Create Mode. Part 3: Basic And Advanced Logic
    Create Mode. Part 4: World & Object Tweakers & Powerups
    Create Mode. Part 5: Sackbots, Controlinators and Music
    Create Mode. Part 6: Miscellaneous
    Creatinator: Coaster Tutorial
    Creatinator: Vacuum Gun
    Creating A Flying Machine
    Creating Tips
    Creating With Foofles
    Cursor Tracking System/Barriers
    Custom Jump Chip
    Custom Water Volumes: Part 1
    Custom Water Volumes: Part 2
    Digital Clock 1
    Digital Clock 2
    Digital Clock: Controllable
    Digital Clock/Counter
    Direction Splitter/Direction Combiner
    Double Jump 1
    Double Jump 2
    Double Jump 3
    Double Jump 4
    Double Jump Part 1 - One Shot Button w/Debounce
    Double Jump Part 2 - One Shot Timer
    Double Jump Part 3 - Toggle Reset
    Dynamic Weather
    Electricity Movement
    Elevator: Stop On Individual Floors
    Explosion Effects
    Fire: Dousable/Spreadable
    Fire: Dynamic
    First Person Shooter - Part 1
    First Person Shooter - Part 2
    First Person Shooter - Part 3
    First Person Shooter - Part 1
    First Person Shooter - Part 2
    First Person Shooter - Part 3
    Flight: Advanced
    Game Design: Co-op Ship Level - part 1
    Game Design: Co-op Ship Level - part 2
    Game Design: Co-op Ship Level - part 3
    Game Design: Co-op Ship Level - part 4
    Game Design: Co-op Ship Level - part 5
    Game Design: Co-op Ship Level - part 6
    Game Design: Co-op Ship Level - part 7
    Game Design: Breakout
    Game Design: Decoration Tips
    Game Design: MOVE Shooting Mini Game - Part 1
    Game Design: MOVE Shooting Mini Game - Part 2
    Game Design: MOVE Shooting Mini Game - Part 3
    Game Design: Pong
    Game Design: Reducing Lag
    Game Design: Space Invaders - Part 1
    Game Design: Space Invaders - Part 2
    Game Design: Let's Create A Level (Videos 1 to 131)
    Game Design: Space Odyssey
    Game Design: Waterfall tips
    Game Design: Weather And Lighting Effects - part 1
    Game Design: Weather And Lighting Effects - part 2
    Glitch: 3D Layer Glitch Creation
    Glitch: Broken Powerups
    Glitch: Clone Sackboy
    Glitch: Custom Scoreboard
    Glitch: Glue Distant Objects Without Any Physical Connection
    Glitch: Invisible Objects
    Glitch: Light Without Light Source
    Glitch: Major 4th Layer Glitch
    Glitch: Material Layer Glitch
    Glitch: Merge Glitch
    Glitch: Merging Objects With A Checkpoint
    Glitch: Sackboy In 4th Layer
    Glitch: Stickers On Scoreboard
    Glitch: Tweakable Paintball (and others)
    Glitch: Twist Glitch
    Glitch: Walkthrough Glitch
    Glitch: Water Glitch
    Glowing Effect
    Grid Movement 1
    Grid Movement 2 - Using Selectors
    Grid Rotation
    Health Bar 1
    Health Bar 2
    Health Bar 3
    Health Bar: Simple
    Hologram: Animation
    Hologram: Sprite Making
    Hover Board
    How To Make A Level
    HUD Creation Part 1
    HUD Creation part 2
    Ice Fatality Tutorial
    Invisible Limitation
    Jump Through Glass
    Land Mines
    Lava Flow
    Layer Limitations
    Lazer Cutter
    Lethal Water Projectiles
    Level Creation - Scenery
    Light-Sabre: Burning
    Logic: 4x4 Memory Register
    Logic: Advanced 1
    Logic: Advanced 2
    Logic: Advanced - Part 1
    Logic: Basic 1
    Logic: Basic 2
    Logic: Centralized And Defered Counting
    Logic: Emitters
    Logic: Grouping Logic
    Logic: Hide And Seek
    Logic: Mission Logic
    Logic: Movers
    Logic: Part 1 - Constant On
    Logic: Part 2 - Inverting
    Logic: Part 3 - On Then Off With Time Limit
    Logic: Part 4 - On Then Random
    Logic: Pyromania And Basic
    Logic: Solid State
    Logic: Timers
    Logic: Tricks
    Logic: Tricks: Analogue Signal Analization
    Making A Tank
    Mech Robot: Part 1
    Mech Robot: Part 2
    Mech Robot: Part 3
    Mech Robot: Part 4
    Menu: Advanced 1
    Menu: Advanced 2
    Menu: Alternative Cursor Movement
    Menu: Basic
    Menu: Money/Shop
    Menu: Part 1
    Menu: Part 2 - Mouse UI Tutorial
    Menu: Part 1
    Menu: Part 2
    Menu: Part 3
    Menu: Part 1
    Menu (And Teleportation): Part 2
    Menu: Selection Screen 1
    Menu: Selection Screen 2
    Menu: With Sub-Menus - Part 1
    Menu: With Sub-Menus - Part 2
    Menu: With Sub-Menus - Part 3
    Microchips: Decorating Them 1
    Microchips: Decorating Them 2
    Microchips: Pulse Power Selector
    Microchips: Reusable Functions With Microchips/Threshold Chip
    Minesweeper: Behind The Scenes
    MOVE: Analysis - Part 1
    MOVE: Analysis - Part 2
    MOVE: Analysis - Part 3
    MOVE: Eight Players
    MOVE: Menu
    MOVE: Movinator: Cursor Animation
    MOVE: Movinator: Custom Cursar
    MOVE: Sticker Panel: Easy Animation
    Movers: Advanced 1
    Movers: Advanced 2
    Movers And Sequencers (basics)
    Movers: Electric Movers
    Moving Platforms 1
    Moving Platforms 2
    Moving Platforms 3
    Music Chooser
    Music: Ipod Nano
    Music Sequencer 1
    Music Sequencer 2
    Music Sequencer 3
    Music Sequencer 4
    Music Sequencer 5
    Music Sequencer 6
    Music Sequencer 7
    Number Of Players 1
    Number Of Players 2
    Number Of Players 3
    Object Tweakers
    Objects As Actors
    Paintinator: How To Make A Wall Disappear
    Perma Switch, Set/Reset And 'One-Shooter'
    Pet Monkey
    Platforms: In/Out Movers 1
    Platforms: In/Out Moving 2
    Platforms: In Out Movers And Street Lights
    Platforms: Floating
    Platforms: Flying
    Platforms: Follower Based
    Playing With Timers: Part 1 - Basic Tricks
    Playing With Timers: Part 2 - Logaritmic Timer
    Playing With Timers: Part 3 - Analog Signal Smother And Noise Generator
    Playing With Timers: Part 4 - Tape-broken Sounds + Thunder Lightning
    Points As Money
    Popit Features-Categorize & Organize
    Power Ups (Without Sackbots)
    Pulse Power Selector
    Radius Detector (Closeness)
    Rain Drops Into Ice Drops
    Real Time Strategy
    Sackbot: Aiming
    Sackbot: And Bouncepads
    Sackbot: Basics 1
    Sackbot: Basics 2
    Sackbot: Basics 3
    Sackbot: Basics 4
    Sackbot: Basics: Pan-Cam
    Sackbot: Basic enemies
    Sackbot: Check Point 1
    Sackbot: Check Point 2
    Sackbot: Comphermc Wizard - Part 1
    Sackbot: Comphermc Wizard - Part 2
    Sackbot: Comphermc Wizard - Part 3
    Sackbot: Comphermc Wizard - Part 4
    Sackbot: Controlling 1
    Sackbot: Controlling 2
    Sackbot: Controlinator - Part 1
    Sackbot: Controlinator - Part 2
    Sackbot: Control With Controllinator
    Sackbot: Control Override
    Sackbot: Control Synchronization And Filtering
    Sackbot: Creatures
    Sackbot: Dashing
    Sackbot: Dash Power
    Sackbot: Death Cut-scenes
    Sackbot: Destroy With Paintinator
    Sackbot: Emit things (Sackbot weapons)
    Sackbot: Extras
    Sackbot: Fall Damage
    Sackbot: Flee From A Tag
    Sackbot: Flipping
    Sackbot: Flying
    Sackbot: Giving Them Powers
    Sackbot: Simple Jump Mechanic
    Sackbot: Kill By Circuit
    Sackbot: Leaping Tall Buildings
    Sackbot: Making A Zombie - Part 1
    Sackbot: Making A Zombie - Part 2
    Sackbot: Part 1 - Transforming Sackbot
    Sackbot: Part 2 - Fly, Hover And Run Fast
    Sackbot: Part 3 - Custom Jump
    Sackbot: Part 4 - Heat Vision
    Sackbot: Part 5 - Super Breath
    Sackbot: Physics
    Sackbot: Psychic/Telekinesis
    Sackbot: Rewind
    Sackbot: Remote Control
    Sackbot: Respawn Point
    Sackbot: Rewind
    Sackbot: Roll
    Sackbot: SackSuit Microchip
    Sackbot: Self Defence Microchip
    Sackbot: Slap Sensor
    Sackbot: Sonic Sackbot
    Sackbot: Spawning - Part 1
    Sackbot: Spawning - Part 2
    Sackbot: Stuck In Ice
    Sackbot: Super Sackbot
    Sackbot: Sackbot Tower - Part 1
    Sackbot: Sackbot Tower - Part 2
    Sackbot: Tracking Camera
    Sackbot: Tube Bots - Part 1
    Sackbot: Tube Bots - Part 2
    Sackbot: Tube Bots - Part 3
    Sackbot: Wall Jumping
    Selector-Based Counter/Timer Display - Part 1
    Selector-based Counter/Timer Display - Part 2
    Selector: Priority Behaviour - Part 1 (Counting Objects)
    Selector: Priority Behaviour - Part 2 (Prioritized AI)
    Sequencers: Part 1 - Basic Intro
    Sequencers: Radius Sensors And Sequencers
    Sharing Costumes
    Shooter: Side-scrolling Shooter - Part 1
    Shooter: Side-scrolling Shooter - Part 2
    Shooter: Side-scrolling Shooter - Part 3
    Shooter: Sniper Level
    Shooter: Target Shooter
    Smoke Machine
    Spotlight Follows Player
    Stickers: Custom Stickers
    Tank Tracks
    Teleportation 1
    Teleportation 2
    Teleportation 3
    Teleportation: Death-less/Bot-less
    Teleportation: With Selection Menu - Part 1
    Teleportation: With Selection Menu - Part 2
    Text Printing Keyboard
    Top-Down: Character (Simple)
    Top-Down: Boat - Part 1
    Top-Down: Boat - Part 2
    Top-Down: Jumping Car
    Top-Down: Racer
    Top-Down: Racer - Lap Counter
    Top-Down: Twin-Stick Shooter - Part 1: Basic Controls
    Top-Down: Twin-Stick Shooter - Part 2: Spawning Enemies
    Top-Down: Twin-Stick Shooter - Part 3: Switching To A Remote Controllinator
    Top-Down: Twin-Stick Shooter - Part 4: Health Bars
    Top-Down: Vehicle 1
    Top-Down: Vehicle 2
    Top-Down: Vehicle 3
    Top-Down: Vehicle 4
    Top-Down: Vehicle 5
    Top-Down: Vehicle Controller
    Transfering Data Between Levels
    True/False States With Counters
    Twin Stick Shooter: Part 1
    Twin Stick Shooter: Part 2
    Twin Stick Shooter: Part 3
    Walking Legs Tutorial
    Walking Robot
    Wall Jumping Tutorial - Part 1
    Wall Jumping Tutorial - Part 2
    Wall Walking
    Waypointing - Part 1
    Waypointing - Part 2
    Weapon: Destroy Everything
    Weapon: Cooldown
    Weapon: Switching
    Weapon: Turret
    Wireless Mode

    Written Tutorials:

    3D Objects
    3rd Person Top Down Rotation
    8-Way Control
    Analogue: Determining Origin Of Strongest Signal
    Analogue: Divide Signals
    Analogue: Multiple values (Range 0-100)
    Analogue: Signal Display
    Analogue To Digital Conversion
    Animation: Custom Animated/Character Boxes
    Animation: Speeding Up And Slowing Down
    Black Hole
    Bounding Box: Object limitations
    Bubbles Without Bubble Machine
    Buffering Events
    3D/Making A Cascade
    Camera: Advanced Cutscenes
    Camera: Creating Cut-scenes
    Camera: Creating Movies
    Camera: Cut-Scenes
    Camera: Record Attacks
    Camera: Objects As Actors
    Camera: Tilt With Pad
    Changable Attack
    Character Selector
    Code Sequence
    Complex Logic Chips
    Complicated Creating: 5 Steps To Make Or Break A Level
    Control Icons And Custom Unicode Symbols
    Controllinator: Various Damage
    Controllinator: Choose Working Buttons
    Convert Timer Into Health Bar
    Costumes: Design
    Costumes: Sharing
    Costumes: Making Skins
    Counter: Buffering Events
    Counter: Simple
    Creatinator Customization
    Creation Tips. Various
    Creator Entrance
    Decoration Tips
    Decoration Tips: Aesthetics
    Digital Counter: Scalable
    Digital Readout: 8/20 Bit
    Digital Value Functions
    Direction Inverter
    Emit/Destroy Technique
    Fonts: Custom With Little Thermo Use
    Fonts: The Easy Way
    Game Design: How To Create A Level
    Game Design: Making A Level
    Game Design: Visual Tips
    Glitch: 3D Camera
    Glitch: Deluxe Guide
    Glitch: Hologram
    Glitch: Light Without Light Source
    Glitch: Link Distant Objects Without Physical Connection
    Glitch: Merge Items
    Glitch: Merging Objects With A Checkpoint
    Glitch: Paintinator - Without The Metal Gear Solid Pack
    Glitch: Plasma Colour
    Glitch: Walk-Through Objects
    Glitch: Walk Through Walls
    Gravity Flipping
    Grid-Movement: Fast And Simple
    Global Sound Switches
    Guitar Hero Like Game
    Health Bar And Feedback
    Health/Damage For Values 1 to 864000
    High Gravity, High Jump
    Hologram: Black Holograms
    Hologram: Animation
    Hologram: Animation Without Flicker
    Hologram: Menu
    Hologram: Stickers
    Homing Missile: Advanced
    Homing Missile: Basic
    Hover Tech
    Hud Creation
    Invisible Wall Using Holographic Material
    Invisible Wall Using Any Material
    Level Design
    Logic: Analogue Logic - Notation
    Logic: Analogue Logic Part 1 - Fundamentals
    Logic: Analogue Logic Part 2 - Sorting & Addition
    Logic: Analogue Logic Part 3 - DAC & ADC
    Logic: Analogue Logic Part 4 - Basics Of Sampling & Scaling
    Logic: Analogue Logic Part 5 - Division & Multiplication
    Logic: Analogue Logic Toolset (Zero Latency)
    Logic: Basic
    Logic: Binary
    Logic: Charging Logic
    Logic: Custom Logic
    Logic: LBPC Logic Pack Tools With LBP2 Gizmos
    Logic: Light Sequencer
    Logic: Managing Complex Logic
    Logic: Observations About Player Data And Gates
    Logic: Organization Tips
    Logic: Part 1 - AND And OR
    Logic: Part 2 - Microchips
    Logic: Part 3 - NOT, Truth-Tables, XOR And Inversions
    Logic: Part 4 - Timers And Counters
    Logic: Perfect Hold/Tap Logic
    Logic: Permanent Switch
    Logic: Selector - Stopping It Cycling Back On Itself
    Logic: Speed Sensor, Signal Change Sensor
    Logic: Tidbits
    Logic: Understanding Logic - Part 1
    Logic: Understanding Logic - Part 2
    Menu: Grid And Gameboard
    Menu: In-depth Tutorial
    Microchip: Battery Without Battery, Looping Signal
    Microchip: Step By Step
    MOVE: Brain-Crane: Large Checkpoint/Powerups
    MOVE: Brain-Crane: Without MOVE
    MOVE: Movinator: Cursor
    MOVE: Movinator: Twist And Rotate
    MOVE: Opaque Material: Tricks
    MOVE: Paint-Tool: Detailed Paintings
    MOVE: Paint-Tool: General Tips
    Movers And Precision
    Movers: Fixing Wonky Movers
    Movers: Move At Right Angles
    Moving Platforms Without Pistons
    Moving Words
    Music Sequencer: 10 Things You Didn't Know
    Music Sequencer: Doing More With Music Remixing/Special-FX
    Music Sequencer: How To Use.
    Music Sequencer: Synchronised To Normal Sequencer
    Music Sequencer: Something You May Not Know
    Music Sequencer: Transposing To Music Sequencer
    Nearest Player Controlinator
    Opening/Closing Door
    Paintinator: Shoot Anything
    Paint: Paint Like A Pro
    Perfect Stopwatch
    Personal Anti-Projectile Shield
    Platform: Design
    Platform: Making A Great Platformer
    Popit: Mega Storage
    Race Gates Using Wires
    Randomizing Randomiser
    Real Time Strategy: Cursor Movement
    Release Switch
    Rooms For Maze Game
    Rotation With 100% Dampening
    Sackbot: Advanced Control
    Sackbot: Adding Emotions
    Sackbot: A.I And Logic Tutorials
    Sackbot: And Destroyer
    Sackbot: Attributes/Lives
    Sackbot: Beginners Guide
    Sackbot: Breadcrumb Follower
    Sackbot: Checkpoint System
    Sackbot: Checkpoint With Sackboy Checkpoint Visuals
    Sackbot: Controllable in 3D layers
    Sackbot: Die When Fall From Height
    Sackbot: Direction Detection
    Sackbot: Double Jump
    Sackbot: Knocking Back When Hit
    Sackbot: Make Selector React To Sackbot Emotions
    Sackbot: One Jump Wall And Grab
    Sackbot: Patrol Bot That Can't See Through Walls
    Sackbot: Roll
    Sackbot: Slap Sensor
    Sackbot: Swim And Move Under Water
    Sackbot: Toggle Between Sackbot And Controllinator
    Sackbot: Toggle Between Sackbots
    Sackbot: Toggle Multiple Sackbots With One Controllinator
    Sackbot: Wall Climbing
    Sackbot: Weapon Selector
    Scoreboard: The Ultimate Scoreboard
    Scrolling/Moving Words
    Sequence/Object Emitter/Generator
    Signal Trapping
    Single Digit Score Giver
    Sound Effects: Cutting Them Off
    Special Effects
    Special Orbs/Secrets And Rewards
    Speed, Rotation And Length Units
    Tag Tip
    Teleportation: Cursor Based
    Teleportation: Seamless
    Teleportation: Simple Deathless
    Tips And Tricks
    Thermometer: Low Therm Hologram
    Thermometer: Infinite Thermometer Trick
    Thermometer: Save On Thermo/Add Infinite Detail
    Top-Down: Bumper Car Logic
    Top-Down: Controllable Object
    Top-Down: Fog Out Areas
    Top-Down: Movement
    Top-Down: Various
    Top-Down View (another Way)
    UV Tool: Duplicating UV Tool Work
    UV Tool: Tricks
    Vehicle Transmission Logic
    Voice Recording 1
    Voice Recording 2
    Weapons: Cool-down Timers
    Wireless Damage Sensor

    'Games for Inspiration and The Geniuses of LBP are now two posts down'
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    Awesome! I like the sackbot jump tutorial
    The LORD, the LORD, a God merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness, keeping steadfast love for the thousandth generation, forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin, yet by no means clearing the guilty, but visiting the iniquity of the parents upon the children and the children's children, to the third and the fourth generation.

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    The Geniuses Of LBP (Please Visit Their Moon)

    MMNISKA: Hop to it! - PART 1

    The quirky, incredibly imaginative nature of this creators mind is clear as clear can be in every nook and odd cranny of the levels. In these levels you will find creativity on a level you would never have imagined. You will encounter sackboy throwing rabbits, layer changing madness and mini missile sackbots, all wrapped up in a deceptively child like aesthetic

    TURBO_EGG_SALAD: Gabriella: The Iron Nightmare

    Often disturbing and macabre, this creators levels cry out to be experienced. Although it could be argued that some of the content is immature, there is enough here to suggest an underlying irony. The often maligned cute nature of LBP is shoved unceremoniously through a meat grinder, twisting the inherent aesthetic into something astonishingly unique, and dare i say it, frightening.

    NINJA-R: Night Of Horror - Prologue

    This creator clearly has an obsession with horror, and although he often dallies with clichés he never fails to amaze. His craftsmanship is second to none, whether it's a sewer, a basement or a rickety old house, you can see clearly how much he loves to build intricate set pieces. From the lighting to the moody music, he lives and breathes his work, leaving you breathless at the end and in awe of his achievements.

    TROPICAL_GUNER: Wood In Space

    Wood In Space is this creators first level and whilst it doesn't hit the giddy heights of the giants just yet, this level demonstrates a natural gift that can only improve over time. The use of colours and simplistic platforming create a lasting appeal and you can't help but feel a sense of happiness on completion. Other creators should take note of Tropical_Guner, because what he accomplishes here is joy, and that is something even the most accomplished creators sometimes overlook

    TAKA061: Wooden

    There is something nostalgic about the way this creator works. This particular level puts you in mind of those Japanese wood puzzles we all played way back when nothing was digital and tactile was the order of the day. Cleverly, he has managed to capture the essence of eras lost and presents us here with a level of sublime simplicity whilst managing to enthral nevertheless. This is something some of his other levels also incorporate to great effect.

    RICKYYEA: Wish

    As is the case with Tropical_guner, this is this creators first foray into level design, but simplicity is something he eschews with the panache of a seasoned pro. Complex and abundant with ideas, this level has you simultaneously grinding your teeth in frustration whilst inspiring determination to continue, if only to discover what other delights his incredible imagination can conjure. Another 'Great' in the making, but with this being his first level, someone who could - and i suggest will - challenge those already at the top of the tree.

    K3NDRAKRAY: Elysian Fields - Intermission

    This remarkable creator blends high art with platforming and the results are astounding. One could imagine that if Andy Warhol had decided to make levels then they wouldn't be a million miles from what's on offer here. Stylish, beautiful and crafted to near perfection, every inch of his creations draws the eye. I will guarantee that when you sample this particular level you will want to delve deeper into his mind immediately after finishing. Quite frankly this is godly.

    TOUKI555: からくり乗り物横町

    What this creator lacks in presentation he more than makes up for with invention. The general theme running through nearly all of his work suggests a complex mind and the flare to express it. With puzzles that would have Albert Einstein chewing at his pencil, contraptions and quirky physics based puzzles, you can't help but immediately fall in love with his work. He dares to try a fresh approach to conventional thinking and in so doing delights throughout.

    KOKNSUN: Water Is Life

    The lavish, colourful, complex and unique level design of this creator leaves us without doubt that he hails from the land of the rising sun. Nothing is untouched by his gift for detail and the artistry that he so clearly possesses in abundance. If ever there was an answer to the age old question of whether games could be art, then this creator provides it. Once played, never forgotten, his levels with haunt you for hours afterwards and broaden your perspective on level design.

    FREEZZ-NL : Technix City

    Clean lines, immaculate colour and material choices, set this creator apart from his peers. Combine that with delightful design and you are left in no doubt that this creator oozes natural talent. Small creative touches are sprinkled throughout his levels that can almost go unnoticed because of how well he engrosses the player in his world. What we have here is a direct link into an incredible mind and it's a privilege to spend time there.

    FULEN: ガラクタの城

    Imaginative, immaculate, perfection and perfectly balanced are words that spring to mind immediately when playing one of this creators levels. Just as with FREEZZ-NL, this creator has the incredible gift of putting materials, lighting and colour together in such a way that you can't help but smile at every turn. Objects that would normally be seen as decoration take centre stage here and become integrated into the mechanic with a professionalism that affords FULEN the title of 'developer' as well as creator. If you want an example of how to make neat, clean, playable and enjoyable levels, then this genius should be your first port of call.

    KIPMONLIN: Lucky Strike

    The words quirky, unique, innovative and imaginative could never do this creator justice. He crushes convention under his size ten boots and does it with such panache that you can't help but stop playing for a moment to take it all in. Sometimes deceptively simple in design, these levels showcase an imagination unleashed; free to conjure whatever it wants and however it wants. KIPMONLIN is like no other creator. He stands apart proudly, demonstrating a brilliant grasp of colour, texture and continuity... but perhaps his finest attribute is knowing exactly how to use sound effects, lending the levels a fourth dimension that other creators have forsaken.

    Game Videos (For Inspiration):

    A16-bit_chris: Mario World 1-1 (8-Bit)
    Alexgangsta4: Art World
    Als_TheGamer: High Tech Cave 3
    Angel-Box: Pengauno
    Arnieboy74: Batman The Dark Knight Rises (Movie)
    Barnaky-CZ: Disney Park
    Basketsnake: Honeyland
    Beast_Maker: Cardboard Cutout
    Bender_82: The Amazon
    Blastroid: Sackeratinator 3000
    Bloo_Boy: Moonlight Caverns
    Bluetonberry: Classic Zelda 1-1
    Chazprime: Donkey Kong (retro)
    Chicoleunis: Da Vinci's first handcrafted Factory
    Choeb: Bomberman 8-Bit Style 2
    Chimpanzee: Pegged 2
    CitrusRobot: The Great Forest: Moomamoomas
    Coasterfreak1235: Bejewelled
    Comphermc: Rubik's Cube
    Comphermc: The Fourth Wall
    Comphermc: Wizard: Chapter 1 - From Within
    Crazy_Tito: Mystic Cave
    cRckls: !CALAVERA! Pinball
    Cuzfeeshe: Vectroids
    Deewtog12: Block Zombies
    Dethoptix: LittleBigZelda Engine V1.1
    Distinct-Creator: Fiore, A Relaxing Platformer
    DVCV92: Little Big Puzzles
    EaziG: Flowtation
    ElevenBane: Wooly Bully
    Evret: Time To Rewind
    Exalted_Yawn: Ivory Tower - The Cascading Spire
    Fastbro: Frostbite DX
    Felkroth: Frozen Flame - Chapter 1 (part 1)
    Felkroth: Frozen Flame - Chapter 1 (part 2)
    Foggles: Aliens V Zombots
    Foofles: Maximum Carnage
    Fotosynthesis1:Spike World [Extended]
    FriendlyCreators: Metallic Sky-City
    Fyshokid: Stereo/mono 2
    Gevurah22 : Dragon Knight (work in progress)
    Gevurah22: The Fist of Craft Earth
    Gonflette: Realistic Pinball Simulation
    Gruntosuk: Geometry Wars
    Gruntosuk: Venice is sinking
    Gurichan: Pac-man
    Gyro_bot: Yeti Must Sleep!! V30
    Halestorm_6: Mini Golf (1-4 players)
    Hm83: Pinball Gold
    Hoplyte: Sacknight 1: Fetch Quest of the King
    Hoplyte: Sacknight 1: Fetch Quest of the King (part 2
    Hymanator:Chu Chu Rocket
    I_Pinky_I: Moon Lander 2
    Jaeyden: Dragon Slayer Part 1 & 2
    Jaslow: If Trees Could Speak
    JayveewII60: Here Kitty-Kitty (Movie)
    JayveewII60: Operation Rocking Chair! (Movie)
    Jiggycake: Block Planet
    Johnee: Blast Radius
    Jump_button: Side/Top Down Platfomer|8-BIT
    Jump_Button: Black & White Planet 3
    JustinArt: Tilt, Roll and Drop
    Kawlo: Kapootie Forest 2
    Ladylyn1: Zombird Apocalypse Preview
    LBPCraftsman: Caves Of Crystal (Music)
    LBPCraftsman: Eerie Swamp (Music)
    LBPCraftsman: Ocean Floor (Music)
    LBPCraftsman: Sound Barrier (Music)
    LBPCraftsman: Quantum (Music)
    L1ghtmare: Cyberstrata
    Lockstitch: A Realm Forgotten
    Lockstitch: For Vanished Heights
    Lockstitch:Obsidian Depths
    Lockstitch: Refuse Ridge
    Lockstitch: Remnant Ignotus
    Lockstitch: Vile Anchorage
    Luos_83: Lockpick's Maze
    Luos_83:Master of Momentum
    Luos_83:Shady Functions
    Luos_83: The Ancient Cave of New Beh'Ta
    Makotoi: Peggle
    Malhat06: Patchwork World
    Mat1989Rudo: Angry Birds - Level 1
    Mcdonald1967: Crafting-platformer
    Metalhead_AS: A Broken Paradise
    Metalhead_AS: Ruins of Albion
    Mick_Leopard: An Average Adventure - 1st Discovery
    MistyPahasapa: Getting Into The Swing
    Mnnska: Flowerbucket!
    Mr_Hijinx: Bunchy's Adventure (a pixel platformer)
    MrShuanji: Little Big Fantasy: Goddess War - The Journey
    MuddledMuppet: Sackberg Presents: Hamlet - To be or not to be Created (Movie)
    NeoNintendo5: Monochrome
    Nichrome_Dragon: Sonic The Hedgehog: Green Hill Zone - Act:1
    Nichrome_Dragon: Sonic The Hedgehog: Green Hill Zone - Act:2
    Nichrome_Dragon: Sonic The Hedgehog: Green Hill Zone - Act:3
    NonI100Percent: Flat World 2
    Nuclearfish: Clockworx 2
    Pate59: The Mountain of Motocross
    PatrickP4: Colours In Concealment
    Pencil_Rain: Poultry Panic
    Phort: Cave Story - First Cave
    Pickled-Punk: Deliver me from Eve
    Pickled-Punk: Deliver me from Eve: Adventurers District
    Pickled-Punk: Deliver me from Eve: The Moolah Nightmarket
    Pirmaut: Icarus Type Alpha (The Parallax Zone)
    Polloizarraz43: Sony Vs Marvel Vs Capcom
    Poms: Magnetic Fields
    Poms: The Lost Pharao
    PwnArtist: Beta Complex
    QueenCherry: Madame Pipe
    QueenCherry: Skytation
    QueenCherry: Granny Gertrude's Babysitting Center
    QueenCherry: Dream a Little Dream
    Ramore: Aztec Secret
    Ratchet_PSN: Minesweeper
    Rhansen2: Prius_Eco Adventure
    RikiRiki-Ita: Wooden Paradise
    Ruof: Little Platformer 2
    Ruof: Starry Night
    Ryan Richards94: Mouse Maze 1
    Sasukeuchica: Duck Hunt
    Sasukeuchica: Platforms In The Jungle
    Scorpskull: Lights and Shadows
    Simsim0001: Frogger
    ShadowriverUB: Tetris
    ShamgarBlade: Shamgar's Hideout
    Shawneboi: Viohazard
    Sir_Linque: Sackbot X
    Smasher1116789 : Monster Pinball 2
    Smashrash: The Floating Islands Of Kaladar
    SneakySteve1983: Puzzle Rooms 2
    Spenson66: Clove Space
    Spenson66: Clove 2: Depths - Area 01
    Spidermaguire: Affraid (Movie)
    Splapp-me-do: Sackro Machines Championship
    Steve_big_guns: Mediterranean Street Racing
    Sx_Shookie99: Honey Factory Fiasco (Prologue)
    Sx_Shookie99: The Calamitous Clock
    Sx_Shookie99: The Unknown Depths of the Cavernous Catacombs
    Sylzoid: SODA BLOB - RETRO Adventures (World-1)
    Syroc: Caribbean Carnage
    Tawarf: Divine Nature
    Theadipose: UNO - Classic card game
    The_Lewk: Little Big Battle Racing
    The_Lewk: Tron Lightcycle Battle
    ToykyoMegaplex: La Tea Die
    ToykyoMegaplex: What Goes Up Must Go Down
    TripleTremelo: Cause and Effect 5
    Urbandevill: Galactic Base Defence 1.3
    Urbandevill: Omicron: Neon City
    Vandz: Perceptive Dreams
    WillGuitarGuy: Cogpunks - Meeting The Baker
    xSLEVENx: Obscurity
    xTrophx: Karkaneias Caves
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    I made a really good top-down car tutorial, but it's not a video, it's a text tutorial, but it's way more detailed than the others.

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    cool this is going to be usefull thanks foofles

    Hey, on the moment im buissy making some levels!

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    better Sackbot and Controlinator tutorial added. and twin stick shooter tutorial. and Ac-130 POV Shooter. and cameras and dialogue

    parts 1 - 6 of a complete overview of create added!
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    is there one tutorial that shows how to record attacks?
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    Woot! Always like a good tutorial!...or 47 Tutorials to be exact

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    Thanks for posting all these tutorials up, Very helpfull!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Night Angel View Post
    Woot! Always like a good tutorial!...or 47 Tutorials to be exact
    Quote Originally Posted by thespacemonkey187 View Post
    Thanks for posting all these tutorials up, Very helpfull!
    no problem

    i love this community and i think there is something for everything there. i'll be adding more as they come in

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    Default Embedded Videos

    For those who prefer embedded videos:

    EDIT: Removed by request.
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  12. Thanks!

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    thanks man!

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    Top-down racer: lap counter added to tutorials, thanks to AssassinatorRFC

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    updated. only two this time unfortunately. i'm thinking of adding written tutorials too, but it would have to be linked to another site. all of them come from here!!! is that ok? i'll also add some levels for inspiration

    edit: i'll do it and wait for a mod to step in
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    Really informative. In the future, when uploading new tutorials can you please in your update post just list the names of the tutorials you have uploaded, so it is easier to track this thread. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stampy View Post
    Really informative. In the future, when uploading new tutorials can you please in your update post just list the names of the tutorials you have uploaded, so it is easier to track this thread. Thanks.
    they're coming in slower now... but will do

    written tutorial added:

    Sync your music sequencer to your normal sequencer calculation
    How to toggle between multiple sackbots using the same controllinator
    Guide to Speed, Rotation and length units
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    Sweet, thanks. Those are a lot of tutorials. Which is the one that has advanced mover info, again?
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