Hey guys, me again, just got this level published, (Actually it's been out for a few days.) and wanted to get some feedback from the community, it's got a hefty number of plays already (Not at all what i expected, lol) and needed some opinions

A Brief history about RSZ:
The original Russian Space Zombies was my first level series that i made in LBP, waaaay back in the beginning of '09. That was the time that i had just gotten LBP after my brother had rented it. (It's funny actually, he became disinterested in it and I bought the game!) So back then I was just learning my way around create mode, and didn't have very many materials or things to work with, but I still decided to make a level with the few things I had, so on I went, I threw together a quick platformer made from solely darkmatter and a few other materials that looked just like a big box, but none the less, I claimed it was a 'spaceship' and being as lazy as I was, picked the 2 closest stickers from the signs category and said it was the name, and the 'S.S. RoflKebabs was born. The level wasn't much, you walked for 10 seconds, then jumped twice, then walked left, then jumped again, then went up a windmill, then up an elevator and bam, you're finished the level, but at the time, I was proud. And through this description you can just see the progression i've made when you compare it to the sharp new Roflkebabs in the intro, hope y'all enjoy it, i'll have the next level out 'Soon' and will reveal more history as time goes on.

P.S. For F4F, post your level below and i'll do my best to review it in Merc's Daily Queue.