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    Default How to make a NOT gate not trigger its output immediately

    A bit of an esoteric tutorial this, but I'll throw it out there in case anyone has a use for it.

    This particular implementation only works if your NOT gate connects to a pulser (self resetting counter of 1)..

    The problem I have had is that any emitted object with a NOT trigger attached to something, with its output signal starting on, would immediately trigger whatever it was connected to. With an XOR gate and a slightly different counter, this is fixed by doing the following:

    Attach the output of the NOT gate to an XOR gate
    Attach the output of the XOR gate to your counter
    Change your counter value to 2, first state 0.
    Attach the output of the counter to whatever you are triggering, it's reset, AND the 2nd XOR gate input.

    This will mean that when the NOT gate comes into existence, it will first add 1 to the counter,
    When your NOT gate next outputs a positive signal, it will fill the counter, which resets itself AND stops the 'on' signal getting through for 1 frame - this will add 1 back on the counter again. This means it functions as a normal self-resetting counter, except for the first ON signal which simply puts the counter to 1; any subsequent triggers will put it to 2 then back to 1 again.

    Like I said, esoteric, but it was useful for me.

  2. Thanks!

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