I recently published a hangout lvl for my LBP friends and am quite proud of a few of my devices. Figured id get on here and share a little. So ya i made the jukebox work XD haha at this point your thinkin.....
Quote Nooooooob, the jukebox isn't even an object!
...recalls you

Well ya,.... so?

lolz Anyway i created a basic cardboard shape just a little bigger than Sackboy but obviously around the same dimensions as the size of your jukebox. Now here's the cheating part XD... take the jukebox and set it into the cardboard mass just far enough that the window is the only cardboard left visible from the exterior (*crucial part)

Once u have accomplished that u should be left with some cardboard showing that is in the shape of a half circle. Coincidentally we have a material tool in the exact same shape XD Get out our Hologram material from ur basic materials section and reproduce the size of the card board using the half circle. Once u set the hologram into the cardboard it already looks like your jukebox has a display all lit up and ready for play XD.

.....Lets take this a step further. My Jukebox has 15 tracks in it, now im not sure if you've noticed but all the songs from LBP1 & LBP2 have a sticker of the album cover on the music box and guess what?

....So ya I'm sure you have all heard about holo-stickers at this point right? well the concept is simple just make holo-stickers of the album art and incorporate it into your logic so that every time u pick a song it displays the album art for a second or 2.

I tweaked the brightness of the jukebox holo material to a minimal value for the off setting and about 10 for the ON. Set your holo-stickers brightness to around 30-40 and it should work out well. The end result is fantastic, I've recently published a new hangout LVL for ppl and its there if you would like to give it a try XD

Wolfdre's Territory (1-4 Player)(Hangout LVL)(Mini-Games)
by Wolfdre

Hope u Likes