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    Default Community Spotlight Episode 58

    Episode 58

    Welcome to another delicious hamper of awesome levels, handpicked for you by the Spotlight Crew from LBPC's very own level showcase! And this time we have a new PS3 Spotlight layout - snazzy!

    As you will have (or will soon have) noticed, the integration implemented on the rest of the site has now been integrated specially here, with some clever (and rather complicated) BBCode. Clicking on the level badge icon will take you to the spotlighted level's page, while clicking on the level's title should take you to the Level Showcase thread as usual. We would like to thank Aya042 and ConfusedCartman for helping with these changes, and hope you find them helpful.

    Additionally, the spotlight crew would like to apologize for the tardiness of episode 58! This episode has been in the works for four weeks, due to an unexpected (and rather overwhelming) volume of over 1000 new levels in the showcase since the release of LBP2! For this reason, the PS3 Spotlight Crew are only considering levels published before Friday the 28th January. This was to allow us to catch up on level-playing. The surplus of levels will (hopefully!) be caught up on before long! So if you published your level after Friday, Jan 28th, fear not! It is still waiting to be played!


    PS3 Spotlight

     Galactic Base Defence - 1.3
    by  urbandevill
    This is a space tower defence. The galactic colony is attacked by hordes of nasty aliens. Use 3 different type of turrets to protect the area! NEWS - Now you go back to the bridge if you loose - 4 Levels - Score limit is fixed!

    I always loved those tower defense games you could play online on your PC, and now there's a much better-looking one I can play on LBP2, right from one of its makers! Neat little subtitles give you tips on what to do, and the logic that controls the mobs and the towers is seamless. This level forces you to think tactically - make the wrong moves and you'll be destroyed in a few waves - make the right ones and you'll last a lot longer! Be prepared to try again and again at this one, it's addictive.


    Tower defense games have really taken off over the past little while. They're incredibly addicting, overly time consuming and ridiculously fun! Finally, the tower defense experience has been brought to LBP with Urbandevill's Galactic Base Defence. Everything you love about the genre has be captured here, with three types of upgradeable towers and plenty of different monsters to destroy and maps to chose from. Urbandevill has set the bar high on the tower defense levels of LBP2, and won't be undone for some time to come!


     Mediterranean Street Racing by steve_big_guns (LBP2 AD LEVEL)
    by  steve_big_guns
    Exhilarating top down miniature racing action for 1 to 4 players. Complete 4 laps as quickly as possible to achieve the best score (CPU ghost car available in 1 player).

    A solid, pristinely decorated race circuit (with a very cool timer in the middle) makes up this level, around which you compete against your friends for that high score. One of the best races in the imagisphere at the moment, you will keep coming back for more of this Mediterranean speedway.


    Race against friends or a computer in this high quality top down racer from Steve_big_guns. The track is brilliantly decorated and full of power ups, and the 'ghost' computer gives you something to shoot for if you're playing by yourself. I haven't seen many LBP racers come close to the quality as this one here, so if you've got any fondness for the genre whatsoever, make sure to check it out!


     Islands of Birds (1P)
    by  jump_button
    One player only, sackboy come across a egg he maybe hungry but he have to do the right thing and take the baby back safe to it own mum.

    If you're looking for some classic Jump_Button visuals and more of his unique gameplay then this is the place to come! Grab the ankles of this little bird-bot and let him fly you up to those hard to reach places, finding fruit to feed him along the way. Delicately refined visuals are the icing on the cake here - a general all-rounder (but remember, only for one player!).


    As the brave discoverer of a baby bird whose been separated from it's mother by chance, it is your responsibility to return it to safety! What makes jump_button's level unique is the way you have to guide the baby bird along its way. Using it's ability to fly, wait for you, and gain energy by eating you have to navigate the tricky terrain with hopes of finding home. The superb 3D visuals and colorful atmosphere only add to the experience, makign it one you don't want to miss!


     Saviour Machine : Prologue
    by  Asbestos101
    The scene is set and the fate sealed for this little slave-bot... destiny is a wicked temptress indeed... [Chapter 1 will be due in a few weeks, until then I hope you enjoy this prologue/trailer/teaser]

    This is in my opinion the most atmospheric and polished cutscene level published so far in LBP2. Our very own Asbestos101 has used subtle lighting, finely tuned global effects and sackbots full of character to effectively tell an emotional story and set the scene for his coming level series. Whilst we will have to wait a while to see what it's like, this is surely the best use of movie tools so far, and not to be missed!


    Finally the true potential of the new cinema camera's is starting to be unleashed, courtesy of Asbestos101! This astonishingly atmospheric and detailed trailer doesn't only showcase the authors artistic flair but is an excellent introduction to a series that's looking to be a real hit. If you want to see some of the possibilities LBP2's new tools have to offer, look no further than this fantastic teaser level.


     The Spire Part 1
    by  HughDawg03
    You wake up in an alley, your head spinning. You try to figure out what's going on ,but something isn't right. The ominous shadow of the Spire is ever present and something is following in the darkness. Help Walt in The Spire: Part 1

    A real cinematic level at heart, The Spire part 1 introduces us to a dark and gritty world with an intriguing story that's bound to captivate you. The visuals and lighting are bang on, and the puzzles / platforming that fills the level are entertaining and will keep you in the action. Make sure to explore every nook and cranny, because there's a lot to do in this stellar introduction to a series that's bound to get better and better.


     Clockworx 2
    by  Nuclearfish
    The spinning clock survival challenge returns! Bounce around to earn points whilst avoiding deadly gaps for as long as possible. This sequel features bonus points, power-ups and lots of other snazzy cool stuff.

    This is the first real survival challenge of LBP2 that's got me hooked. It's great visual style and simple yet perfectly executed concept make for a score challenge like no other. While the game play is fantastic, and the difficulty curve is just right, it;s the power ups that you can collect that really push this level over the top. This is an amazing score challenge that you'll want to play time and time again, and my current favorite since LBP2 has come out.


    by  fenderjt
    Lost in a hideaway which has been abandoned for over 100 years back when pirates were at war with each other. Set in a remote unknown area in France. Make your way out of "The Abandoned Hideaway..." May lag in some areas due to 3D

    If you're looking for another dose of rich, over the top 3D visuals and fun, bouncy game play from Fenderjt then you've come to the right place! The level of detail in The Abandoned Hideaway is incredible, and the dynamic and dangerously fun platforming makes it a truly fun level to gad through. This level has two published versions, one for LBP1 and one for LBP2, so make sure you check out the right one!


     Stereo/mono 2
    by  Fyshokid
    This is the probably not so highly anticipated sequel to one of the more popular levels in the LBP2 beta, Stereo/mono (which sadly, isn't playable in the full game). Like the first one, this is a Rythm-platformer, which means that you'll have to time the jumps to the music etc. There's a special prize included if you ace the level! Enjoy!

    What happens when you take a catchy custom soundtrack and sync an entire level to it using dazzling lighting effects and obstacles? Stereo/Mono 2, that's what! This level by Fyshokid expertly combines music, platforming and visual flair to create a level that makes you feel as though you're literally in the song itself. An amazingly unique experience, this is a level you don't want to miss.


     Donkey Kong (Retro Arcade Version) - UPDATED 2/7 [LBDW]
    by  Chazprime
    UPDATED 2/7/2011! An homage to the classic Nintendo arcade game. Guide the hero to the top of the construction site to rescue the girl. One player only. A big thanks to Maelkav, SpikeStarkey & Azikira for the music. (v1.63)

    This recreation of arguably the most classic video game of all time is perfect. It feels, looks and plays exactly like the original, which is no easy feat to pull off. If you've never had a chance to play this game from almost 30 years ago, or if you're just looking to get your nostalgia factor on, then just play this level. That's how accurate it is. Awesome.


     Tank Top Deathmatch!
    by  NinjaMicWZ
    2 to 4 player deathmatch with custom mini-tanks. Multiple attacks, overheating, lifebars, smart scoring, tracking hud, turbo boosting, intuitive controls, and fun action for friends.

    With the surplus of multiplayer battle minigames being published as of late, Tank Top Deathmatch stands out from the crowd as a breath of fresh air. Its easy to learn controls and fast, intense gameplay make it an absolute blast to play with friends and its clean, appropriate visual style keeps the arena interesting. So grab a couple of buddies and go check this one out now!


     Karkaneias Caves
    by  XTrophx
    Cakes cakes cakes.. always do something eh... "is the cake a lie?" Explore the caves where everything looks pretty and colorful.. but sometimes the pretty colorful things means "Danger". I hope you enjoy and good luck.

    While all the new innovations pouring out with LBP2, it's nice to have a good, old fashioned platformer to play through every once in a while. And Karkaneias Caves sure delivers on that front! Some beautiful scenery, plenty of fun obstacles and a silly and amusing premise make this level a blast to gad through. If you're looking for a well polished, beautifully designed level to get away from all the survival challenges and versus matches then make sure to give this one a go!


     The Mysterious Mines of Misfortune 2
    by  SX_Shookie99
    Detective Sack continues his investigation as he ventures into the mines to track down any traces of the secret society known as the Dark Tri United. (Made entirely in LBP1)

    It's nice to see that awesome levels are still pouring in from LBP1! This great platformer from Shookie99 provides tons of entertainment. Lots of hidden score bubbles, an atmospheric setting and a wicked boss battle bring this level together as something truly enjoyable. And although it's from LBP1, it still works and looks even better in LBP2, so make sure to check it out!


     Steel City Mini Game: Furnace Frenzy
    by  Malhat06
    Survive the Steel City furnace by jumping molten metal bars. Collect score bubbles to get to the top of the leader board and unlock secret achievements for extra bonus points. WARNING! This level gets hard. Please note that no sack people were harmed in the making of this level... but lots of sackbots were burnt to a crisp. Have fun and enjoy!

    This survival challenge isn't for the weak. It's gut wrenching, brutal difficulty curve make it one of the most challenging mini games in quite a while. Yet the deaths never seem unfair, and the action is so intense you'll be back for more before you know it! Throw in an awesome introductory scene, some great lighting and visuals, and plenty of score bubbles and you've got a classic that will have people like me occupied for hours on end.


     Vietnam: FPS Advanced (With Co-Op Support)
    by  PPp_Killer
    1 - 4 players. Advanced verison. Level design partly seen in LBP2 beta. No sacks left behind, includes unqiue co op support so no need to leave your friends behind. Choose either a AK 47 - M16A1. Triangle to pull out your pistol. R2 to reload. Sackbot enemies that take cover and fire. An non stop action packed LBP style FPS. Thanks goes to Evret for ammo logic help.

    I honestly never thought I'd see the day where an FPS level could be this good. Nonetheless, PPp_killer's unique and absolutely awesome shooter breaks the barrier with over the top quality and game play, which make this level something really special. An ammo and damage counter, co-op support, great visuals and precise controls are what makes this level what it is. If you want to see what every entry into this genre should look like, search no further than this level.


    Also from the Showcase...
    Played everything in the Spotlight and still looking for more?
    These levels stand out from the crowd for a variety of reasons, so be sure to check them out!

    PSP Spotlight

    Little Big Pyramid by No Good Monkey/NoGoodMonkey
    The most important soul in Egypt is missing. And the Gods have chosen you to find him. Uncover mysteries behind, beneath and inside famous Egyptian landmarks. (watch video)

    This level was the surprise hit in the psp spotlight office this week. From the fun gameplay to the homemade characters breathing with life, this level has it all. The platforming shined for me in several sequences leaving we grinning like kid. Picture perfect camera angles compliment the detailed environments, which really opens up the gameplay in some spots. And for the high score hunter, there is even a bubble chain or two.... if your quick. My favorite part of the level is a rescue mission near the end that comes completely out of nowhere, but is done so well, I had to cheer! And you will too.


    No Good Monkey has done a fantastic job capturing the charm and lighthearted nature of the story mode levels in this cartoony and fun pyramid adventure. Make your way through the story and the landscape, picking up score bubbles and plenty of smiles along the way. This is what a LittleBigPlanet level is all about!


    Some levels try to create atmosphere and asthetics similar to those in the story mode. This level takes those two qualities from the story mode and enhances them with quirky characters and genius gameplay. The visuals are surpassed only by it's fun factor and will keep you amused until the end.


    Molten Popcorn Perils of the Third Kind by Gilgamesh/Jirugameshi
    A simple, challenging platformer set on an active volcano. Avoid firey demise as you quest for tasty popcorn for grandma. (watch video)

    This is one of the more unique levels I have played in a long time. Right off the bat, I knew I was into something different. The quirky and funny characters greeted me and sent me on my way into some very nice and challenging platforming with eye popping visuals along the way. The environments look great with colors and materials chosen, and like nothing I've seen on psp. Being spoiled on direct control over the last couple weeks, a vehicle sequence on the psp should hardly be fun right? Wrong! Climb aboard and prepare to impressed by a one of a kind trek up a fiery mountain. This is just a portion of what this level has to offer, so what are you waiting on? Go play it... now.


    Picture in your mind a typical level in LittleBigPlanet. Got it? Ok, now imagine a level that is in no way similar to the one you're imagining and you'll start to have an idea for what this masterpiece mash-up of weirdness is all about. Why are birds carrying me across lava so that I can monkey swing across rat bottoms? I don't know and I don't care. All I care about is that this level is pure awesome and that I can't stop playing it. This is an easy recommendation for a Spotlight and one of the quirkiest and most fun levels I have played so far this year.


    It's a quirky story that sets you out on a quest for tasty popcorn, but you'll soon be enjoying lovely visuals with well designed areas and superb gameplay. Get yourselfs ready for a cracking adventure!


    PacMan (survival challenge) by darcyh/darcyh_
    A fun mini game based on the legendary arcade game PacMan. Collect all of the bubbles, but watch out for the ghosts. (watch video)

    Wow!!! That is exactly what I said, when I spawned into this. The opening Pac-Man font of darcyh's newest level is spotlight worthy. But the ingenious gameplay that followed cemented it for me. I have played a few Pac-Man remakes on psp but not like this. So grab yourself a pocket full of quarters, and head on down to the arcade for some good ol' pixelated retro goodness. Nothing brings back the good memories for me like a classic arcade remake done right.


    Yeah, yeah, another Pac-Man clone. I guess I'll load this one up and... Whoa. Holy s.... uh, Sackpeople! That pretty much sums up my reaction to this level, and I'm sure yours will be similar when you give this one a try. The build quality and corner editing of this level is simply unmatched, and the gameplay is nothing short of spectacular. Put a quarter in this one and prepare to get re-infected with Pac-Man fever!


    PacMan hasn't recieved a great reputation on PS3 or PSP versions of LBP - but this level will seriously change your mind. It's not only a remake, because this level is clever and reinvents the arcade classic. It really has to be played to be believed.


    The Sky Islands of Oneiros Ch. 3 by SeekingTruth86/SeekingTruth86
    The thrilling conclusion to the Sky Islands of Oneiros trilogy. Prove your platforming and bubble collecting skills as Sackboy and Grandpa Sack venture through the crumbling Trials of Oneiros! (watch video)

    I never get a good score on St's levels, not because the gameplay is to tough, but because I am staring at the amazing art the whole time and I end up dieing.... alot. Some levels look good. Some levels look great. But this level is the Mona Lisa of psp lbp. I admit it. I am a sucker for pretty levels, and more than a few times, I had to pick my jaw up from the floor. SeekingTruth is known for his gorgeous visuals and rock solid gameplay, and this is a level that I have played over and over in the last couple days, and I still find little details that amaze me. I just can not stop playing this. Join your musky old, rootin-tootin Grandpa in the third installment, and hopefully not the last (crosses fingers), of SeekingTruth's epic fantasy.


    To be perfectly honest, I did a little happy dance when I saw another level by SeekingTruth86 show up on the Community Moon. Enjoy a triumphant and appropriately epic return to Oneiros and meet up with good ol' Grandpa Sack as you continue your aventures. With visuals that are sure to amaze you and sink-your-teeth-into-it delicious platforming, you have zero excuse for not playing this one. Beg, borrow, or steal a PSP and dive in!


    A gorgeous spectacle of a level rounds off this spotlight, but don't let the visuals fool you because this level can be tough! The gameplay though is both fair and fun and will have you itching for a high score. If you've played the other two levels you'll know what wandery to expect, and if you haven't then you should have!


    Also from the Showcase...
    Played everything in the PSP Spotlight and still looking for more?
    These levels stand out from the crowd for a variety of reasons, so be sure to check them out!

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    Been a long time coming. Hope to play them all

  3. Thanks!

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    I had already played four (I think) of these. I'm on a roll! (8 if you count the honorable mentions)
    Darn you for getting the first post claptonfann
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    Well worth the wait,
    for spotlight 58!

    Guess its going to rough on you for awhile spotlight team with the flood of levels till things cool down (at least till summer) You thought of trying to get more members to the spotlight crew? (not asking to be in the crew, just asking)
    Last edited by JKthree; 03-07-2011 at 05:28 AM. Reason: rhyme wasn't intended but i made it into a rhyme anyway :p

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    Well done spotlight crew, i could not have been easy playing all those new levels with the huge amount that have been coming in recently, i am amazed you finally got it all done!

    Also well done to everyone who was spotlighted too, I'll be sure to play all those levels as soon as i can

    2 in a row on the psp side for me! I cant believe it!
    I love create mode, this game rules!
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    Blizzard (survival challenge) *spotlighted*
    machinery mayhem (Survival Challenge)
    Across the Hilltops *new!*

    coming soon: ???

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    This is a great spotlight, thanks guys i'm on my way to play some of those psp levels since i got Little Big Planet on PSP, and there were some great LBP2 levels there but what happened to the LBP1. Some great levels there but i'm thinking that maybe a few levels got skipped in the overload of LBP2. Like i mean Vectoids, or Lockstitch's new level, and ToykoyMegalplex's awesome start to a series he got bored on (i'm awesome at listing levels as you can see). Anyway you got some great levels there thanks spotlight crew and great levels to those who got spotlighted!

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    congrats to pickled-punk for the mention...although tbh I was hoping it would have been spotlighted

  11. Thanks!

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    Good work staff!
    And a great amount of work!

    Sig by FJT

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    Wow, must be a change going from the slow trickle of levels in the days leading up to LBP2 to the flood of levels now, I must commend the spotlight team for keeping up with it, I'm sure many sleepless nights went into playing them all. Big congrats to all who were spotlighted, too bad Holguin didn't get his level out in time for this week.

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    Wow! Thanks spotlight team!

    A rise in levels, if I noticed correctly. There's some of those I haven't heard of before - until now!

    Keep up the great work, can't wait for 59!

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    Congrats all spotlighted creators! You guys have really put us through our paces over the last few weeks, that's for sure. Hopefully we'll be back to a bi-monthly publishing schedule now, even if we aren't completely caught up on all the level's we've got to sift through.

    My Levels: The Aqueduct *spotlighted*, Mechanica: District-15 *spotlighted*, Archaic Ascension

    The Odyssey: Prologue *spotlighted*, Part 1 *spotlighted*, Part 2 *spotlighted*

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    Thanx to crew for the spotlight I really didnt think ill get one with high volume of levels out there, feel like forever from the last one will play the one Iv missed

  22. Thanks!

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    LBPCentral Spotlight Crew Point & Click Printzess rialrees's Avatar
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    Way to go guys, I think we were all starting to get a little worried about the spotlight for a while there! Glad to see you're managing to claw your way back out of the flood of new levels!

    *Toddles off to add some more levels to her queue*

  24. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by darcyh View Post
    EDIT: i just realized that on the psp spotlight the levels are only from less than two weeks after episode 57, what happened to the others like 'Mar Y Tierra' and 'red rampage'? i think they both definitely deserve a spotlight (as well as other levels too).
    "So if you published your level after [B]Friday, Jan 28th[/B ], fear not! It is still waiting to be played!"
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