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Thread: Heartbroken

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    Thanks for explaining ^
    You guys seem to miss the point though, I was just saying things I missed about the first game. Considering I stated 4 or 5 things that I missed compared to lbp2.... Seriously. LBP2 IS A BETTER GAME. I DONT AND DIDNT WANT A DUPLICATE OF THE 1ST. I THANK MM FOR MAKING CHANGES. I KNOW MM CANT TRANSFER EVERYTHING 1 PERSON LIKES ABOUT 1 GAME INTO ANOTHER.

    ...maybe I should stop stating my opinion.

    * I HATE EMINEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi guys!

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    there's nothing wrong with you missing things from the first game. we also were just saying are opinions
    on what we feel, and honestly it was hard to tell you were not just saying LBP1 is better then 2
    like some of the other people are saying in the LBP1 vs LBP2 topic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sand_Melts View Post
    Yep. You see my point completely. I'm not out here to say LBP2 is awful. LBP2 is great; better than any Call of Duty etc. I see your point, too. Thank you for your opinions guys
    i dont think you should compare to call of duty since its a whole other genre. and i miss mediocre levls... i barely see my sckboy anymore. VERY interesiong levels but as someone replied by telling me about foofles FPS, yes its innovative but it was not ground breaking. maybe the 3d cam ws but not every cool level is a breakthrough.
    i didnt like hansel and gretel that much. not hating. there was something that just kept me stumped. like if i couldnt dig into the level. and it was a very nice series.
    if i were to set an example i would say> the 2nd lil platformer. VERY original platforming, taking advantage of the tools here in lbp2.and there is no more place for lbp1 mediocreness. i will heart anybody who makes a fun level! as oldschool as possible. i will yay it, give an awesome review and promote it around my friends.

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    Yeah Im a bit stubborn.... Walrus (nice name), I was just comparing it to call of duty because more people bought Call Of Duty than LBP2, even though Lbp2 is a better game.

    Hi guys!

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    I just love my name. its so Compact, i can carry it anywhere!
    And its easy to remember! the name and the abbreviation: GGW

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    Yeah I know, awesome name AND abbreviation! Also, nice avatar

    Hi guys!

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    I understand what Sand_melts is saying, not that I dislike little big planet 2 in any way, but the first game seemed to have me gripped a lot more than the second one has. I'm really not sure why.

    For me, the story line didn't seem all that 'believable' for some reason and I found it quite hard to follow, yeah it takes on the form of an adventure and story, but the characters didn't seem to be very likeable for me. I've completed the game and none of the characters and their backgrounds really stick in mind. The first little big planets characters seem to stick in my mind more, and they didn't really play a big part in the game, apart from giving little tutorials.

    I'm also missing stickers within the game, on the 2-4 player parts. On the first game I made it my priority to go back and find people to help me get the stickers I needed, but for some reason, I just haven't found the motivation yet to find them on the second game.

    What does stick in mind though, are the levels and how each different part of the world looked. The designs within each of the games are magnificent. Even more so that the graphics are so simple and easy on the eye.


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    What I think the OP is trying to say, and I would agree with him, is that LBP2 is superior in just about every single way, but it lacked the simplistic charm of LBP1.

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    I felt that the LBP 2 story levels were really only geared towards advertising the new create mode features. It was like, there wasn't really anything creative in LBP 2's story mode. It was always "Oh no! A thing! Quick, use this advanced technology that MM just added to the game to defeat the enemy!" Think about it:

    First set of levels showcased the grappling hook
    Second showcased grabinators and the creatinator
    Third showed off sackbots
    Fourth demonstrated the controllinator
    Fifth was creatinator again, but its main focus was the projectile objects (like water)
    Sixth didn't really showcase much, but you were never running around with just your sackperson. You were always assisted by one of the new gadgets.

    I liked how LBP 1 was simpler and freer, and it came with more memories. I like LBP 2's complexity in create mode though, and how many possibilities were opened up.
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  10. Thanks!

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    I don't like to disagree with people, but I officially think LBP2 was better than LBP1.

    Mm have to show the new features, otherwise you're just stumped, staring at the Creatinator, like 'what the heck is that?'.

    Well, that, little sackpeople, is the innovation and changing ways of LittleBigPlanet 2.

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