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    Default Wicked Woodworks

    Heyy there! I would like to present you my new level "Wicked Woodworks". It is a platformer level with a big use of movers. I tried to find a unique style and I think I was able to ^^ . Furthermore did i try to balance the level between challenging but possible for everyone and entertaining. I hope I managed this
    At this point i would like to thank tom, who inspired me to build the level and for giving me the font and LFiers who created an awesome levelsymbol for me and for finding a fitting name.
    I would be happy about feedback and hope you enjoy the level

    This level became level of the month (october)
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    Queued just gonna give it a play!
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    Wow, Good level. Loved the style and the mechanics of it all. Good camera work with all the mechanics going off here and there and some fairly original concepts in there too!
    could not see any bad points there at all really. Keep up the good work! If you have time please leave feedback here
    Please try my new level, a Unique level with fresh gameplay! I need feedback here
    Or try my voicetastic pinball

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    Hey dude! I saw this level last night, it was quite fun. I noticed it was copyable, left a comment for you about that, very glad that got fixed, it would be a shame to see others get credit for this when they don't deserve it. I really liked the movers that would move out, up, in, then down, and repeat, especially because I made some in my level too, and I just thought I was soo witty for coming up with that, great minds think alike I guess! Also the flowers that would poof out after every bounce pad was a nice touch, especially when I found one where I could activate the sensor switch if I walked just barely close enough, so I probably spent a good 3 minutes just running back and forth sending flowers everywhere haha. Also I had never seen a level use both of those materials, the basket and the green whatever that was, and make it actually look appealing, so you did a good job.

    Yay from Jayhawk, and if you wouldn't mind, you could check out one of my levels in my sig

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    Very impressive platforming level!

    The materials and corner edit are very effective, and the visualizing obstacles are ingenious. The emitting flowers on the bouncing pads are creative, too.

    The "Infotain Me" music is a great choice for this level.

    Excellent use of bouncing pads and layer changing obstacles. Are we glad Mm came up with layer switch tools in LBP2? I forgot what needs to be fixed, but there are no major bugs or problems.

    The level has some of the best layer changing obstacles yet. Great job! A yeah vote, a heart, and a positive review.

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    Wonderful Jumping around! Good job by catching the essence of platforming! This is what LBP does best. Platforming. The design was pretty good too! I'm looking forward to new levels from you.

    As F4F in return, would you play my level in return?
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    Absolutely brilliant. This level plays off LBP's natural strengths so well. & Reviewed!

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    Nice level! It was very fun and i never felt like getting lost although the level had many changing paths. I couldn't spot any mistakes (and i doubt there are any). Good job! Now i have to play your other levels!
    F4F Participant.

    I have LBP2 now. I will be fiddling with the create mode so im unlikely to publish anything yet.

    Oh and im working on the sequel to "An Average Adventure: 1st Discovery". I'm also planning to fix some annoying issues of the level.

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    Played this yesterday, and it was a lot of fun. The theme of the level was really relaxing, and the layer changing obstacles were always different in ways throughout the level to keep it varied and at times challenging. For such minimal use of different materials, the level looked really good and played great too. Yay'd and hearted it.

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    Woah, this was pure awesomeness. I really loved the way you used movers here, especially the dimensional ones. I loved the complex layout of the level with a lot of different routes and paths. The simple artistic design was a great benefit (although you must have put a lot of time in it too). You focused on the most important part, gameplay. The level was really long, and I was feeling kinda exhausted near the end, but I'm not going to whine about that any more. The difficulty was perfect. I think I miss hard levels like this, haven't seen much of them lately on Cool Levels.

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    Loved this, a pure platformer in every sense. I really liked the simplicity of the visuals combined with the emitted touches, very classy and never drawing your focus away from the gameplay, which is what this level is all about. Great level, thanks!

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    Thank you all very much! Im really happy about this positive feedback ^^ And of course i will give you all a review in return

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    Whoa, played this level yesterday, I loved it. The simplicity of the design was great because it made the level easy to find your way through. The variations to the gameplay and the dificulty flowed beautifully, levels should get more difficult as you go through. I'm sorry i can't think of anything that should be changed/added, and just adding to the adulation, but you deserve it. I will definitely be playing it again and hopefully acing it.

    If you would be so kind as to try my Eagle River level any feedback or suggestions would be appreciated.

    Thanks for the great level.

    Thanks to KoingWolf for the sig.

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    Nice level you have here. Firstly, the selected material here was a good choice, and the platforming equally so.

    The obstacles were challenging but not enough to be frustrating, and the logic flow was well organized,
    and you also did not hesitate to add flower emitters when touching the bouncepad,
    showing your exact attention to detail. The display and execution of the level overall was another plus in my book.

    Basically, this level is worth a and a .

    By the way, if you can, could you play my level Funoranium? More info is on my sig.
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    Awesome! I like how you made use of little space for multiple paths. I did find one spot where the bouncy pads weren't glued down, and moved out of place, but didn't prevent me from finishing the level. Simple but elegant visuals; I like the flowers with the bouncy pads.

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