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    New weapon Skill Tachi: Kagero (lv15)Has been created.

    More Weapon Skills will be added.

    Been working on New weapons, Level Up logic, Abilities and balancing Jobs in stats and giving correct number of stats each level trying to make leveling smooth as it can be.

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    Added more Ability Slots for more Skills. Total Abilities a sackbot can hold in its menu is now 18.
    10 Slots increased... Alot... I have space now to give each Job more Abilities and Spells as players level up. Right now just focusing on releasing 1 Region and 1 Job.

    First it was 4 then 8 then 12 and now its 18.

    Thunder based Weapon Skill for Samuarai has been created. Animation Size Adjustment ongoing.

    Ability placement for all Abilitys will either go adjustments now or later.

    Ideal Samuarari Job Ability/Menu placement Set up

    Crystal lv1 O Tachi lv40 X Tachi lv99 X
    Third Eye lv13 O Tachi lv35 X Tachi lv85 X
    Hasso lv35 O Tachi lv25 X Tachi lv75 X
    Demon Circle lv30 O Tachi lv15 O Tachi lv65 X
    Meditate lv27 O Tachi lv8 O Tachi lv55 O
    Shinyoyo lv90 X Tachi lv2 O Tachi lv45 O

    O Mean its been created and X mean it hasnt been created yet.

    This will be included as you level up.

    Job traits

    Bonus TP lv10 (+1 TP every 20 hits)
    Bonus TP 2 lv20 (every 17 hits
    Bonus TP 3 lv30 (every 14
    Bonus TP 4 lv40 (every 11
    Bonus TP 5 lv50 (every 8
    Bonus TP 6 lv70 (every 5

    Double Attack lv30 (Triggers Counter Attack Evasion Traits without having to earn DEF damage)

    Started to create Bag/Crystal Level Up Giver & Level Setter and Weapon Equipment Storage.
    This will Senor your Points and Stickers and emite your Sackbots equipment and level Stats.

    Ongoing- Grand Companies Mission Menu Selection Adjustments
    Plant Adjustments

    Ongoing- South Sandoria City creation

    Ongoing- EXP chains (EXP Bonus's)

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    Weapon Bag & Level Saver & Level Giver

    Will appear in near every level. Crystal is for Levels and Bag for your equipment.
    As you level up you gain your levels. Only thing is you need toget your sticker from the Crystal if you want to finish.

    New Samuarai Ability

    Tachi: Thunder

    Exp Chain System giving me some bugs but its near done.

    Level Up Stats from lv1~10 are complete for all 4 sackbots.


    Extra Ability Slots



    Ton more slot options for me to add more skills in. Mainly role and damage based actions more aimed for leveling from lv1~99. Main goal is to launch 1 Region and 1 Job and 1 City. I think it will be Bastok, then Windurst then Sandoria in that order cus of the complex of the sackbots and the currect progress of citys/areas and enemies.

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    Testing of Item bag are still ongoing but progress is going good.
    I have glitches with Selecting new Weapons and Messages when choosing New Items.

    Chain Exp Logic still ongoing but having some logic bugs with that also and ways to program it so it doesn't mess up.

    Have Created a method in which players will need to seek Enemies in there above there own level range. You lose 50pts if your 5 levels ahead of the enemy. You gain no points if your 10 levels above.

    lv5 Weapon stats have been made. There is Point/Level requirements when unlocking weapons to use.

    So far have lv1/lv5 Weapon Logic done but I am going to have to add in logic in some of it cus they need to support the lv10+ Weapon Skills I am adding in.

    Will be removing Logic for Upper Menu Support because its pretty useless and the new Menu System is more down then before. Will be removing this logic as soon as all Sackbots are completed. It also was sorta buggy and will open up more memory space in doing so.

    Have gotten large amount of feedback on...

    "Older Quest Item Display"
    "Battle System"

    I have completed Bastok in every way but also will need to redo it for Quests and Objects (Like Trees) and Quests/Cutscenes and Storyline and Item Display during Quests.

    Bastok Makeover will be quite a large task but hopefully will be completed in the roads ahead. Will be trying to Emite Less Complex Item Display and try to add in better cutscenes. (SEEKING HELP)

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    Creation of outside areas are ongoing and at even rates.
    Creation of some future stuff has been done. Trees, Logic etc.
    Logic for Grand Companies Menu's have been completed but syncing it in is still ongoing.
    Tweeks of Weapon Movements have been done. Bugs have been fixed.
    I have been getting info about my Sackbot Logic. I am going to have to redo some of my Logic but not right now. The new Logic will let me have 2~3 players of the same Job.
    Exp Chains are near completed and been redone due to bugs.
    Textures have been created to suit many levels.

    Looks like I'm going to have to push release date near end of March or sooner.


    6 Quests
    4 Field Areas
    1 City Zone
    Title Screen
    Release of lv1~10
    8 New enemys
    Completion of Samuarai
    Adding Crafting Shops (Material+Material= Weapon)


    6 Quests
    4 Field Areas
    1 City Zone
    7 New Enemys
    Completion of Dragoon


    6 Quests
    4 Field Areas
    1 City Zone
    8 New Enemys
    Completion of Blackmage & Whitemage & Adding in Whitemage for every of City as a 2nd player Sackbot option.


    Grand Companies Missions rooms & 3 Missions. (6 Levels total)
    lv10~15 level increase
    Release of lv10~20 Areas (6~11 Levels)
    Release of Harder Quests aimed for lv20
    Release of lv10~30 enemys. (7+)
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    Full List of stuff whats coming in Update1


    Samuarai #1
    Dragoon #4
    Whitemage #2
    Blackmage #3

    lv1~10 Unlocked
    9 Level Up Stickers
    Exp Chain System


    Sorrow OST
    Gustaberg OST
    Sarutabaruta OST
    Ronfuare OST
    Bastok OST
    Windurst OST
    Sandoria OST
    Battle Track1 OST
    Vanadiel March1 OST

    Material Craft Area
    Basic Combine Material Level

    Field Areas

    Ronfaure Area (4 Levels) lv1~12
    Sarutabaruta Area (4 Levels) lv1~12
    Gustaberg Area (4 Levels) lv1~12

    City Areas

    Bastok Market (Near Finished)
    Windurst Woods (Near Finished)
    South Sandoria (Ongoing)


    Title Screen (Near Finished)
    Crafting Room (Ongoing)
    World Map (Near Finished)
    Game Guide (Shows All Details up to lv10 content) (Help Players from lv1~10)

    Enemies & Rewards

    Very Rare Rewarded Items

    These Stickers are KEYS into Spectal Boss fights to gain players really nice rewards.
    WARNING THESE BATTLES WILL LOCK YOU TO THERE LEVEL. Copper Beastmen Seal will lock you into a battle where your Stuck as lv10.

    REWARD from lv1~10 Enemies "Copper Beastmen Seal" 1/300%
    REWARD from lv10~20 Enemies "Bronze Beastmen Seal" 1/300%
    REWARD from lv20~30 Enemies "Iron Beastmen Seal" 1/300%
    REWARD from lv30~40 Enemies "Mythril Beastmen Seal" 1/300%
    REWARD from lv40~50 Enemies "Darksteel Beastmen Seal" 1/300%
    REWARD from lv50~60 Enemies "Gold Beastmen Seal" 1/300%
    REWARD from lv60~70 Enemies "Kindred Seal" 1/400%
    REWARD from lv70~80 Enemies "High Kindred Seal" 1/400%
    REWARD from lv80-90 Enemies "Shadowlord Crest" 1/400%
    REWARD from lv90~99 Enemies "Shinryu Crest" 1/500%
    REWARD from lv99+ Enemies "Echo Badge" 1/100%

    Vulture (lv5~7) (Specials: Helldive, Wind Gust)
    REWARDS: Vulture Feather

    Crab (lv8~10) (Specials:Bubble Storm, DEF up, Pinchers) (Attack Speed: Slow)
    REWARDS:Crab Shell, HQ Crab Shell, Salt Rock

    Sappling (lv5~ (Specials:Branch Whip, Sleeping powder) (Attack Speed: MED)
    REWARDS: Sappling Bud, Fruit Seeds

    Mandorgora (lv1~7) (Specials: Sleep Pedals, Headbutt, Sunshine) (Attack Speed: Fast)
    REWARDS: Mandorgora 2 Leaf, Mandorgora 3 Leaf, Mandorgora 4 Leaf

    Sheep (lv (Specials: Sheep Song, Sheep Charge) (Attack Speed: Slow)
    REWARDS: Sheep Skin, Sheep Horn

    Worm (lv1~5) (Magic: Stone, Specials: Earth Quake) (Attack Speed: Slow)
    REWARDS: Zinc Ore, Copper Ore, Iron Ore, Flint Stone, Onix Stone

    Rock Lizard (lv : (Specials: Stone Eyes, Ram, Bio Spit, Fireball) (Attack Speed: MED)
    REWARDS: Lizard Tail, Lizard Skin

    Crawler: (lv5) (Specials: Coccon, Poison Spit, Webbing) Attack Speed: MED)
    REWARDS: Crawler Webbing, Silk Thread

    Beetle: (lv4) (Specials: Eva Up, Flying Charge) (Attack Speed: MED)
    REWARDS:Beetle Shell, Beetle Jaw

    Goblin Hunter: (lv5~10) (Specials: Bomb Toss, Goblin Punch)(Attack Speed: MED)
    REWARDS: Copper Beastmen Coin, Goblin Mask,

    Bunny: (lv1~7) (Specials: Magic Carrot, Dust Storm, Around About)(Attack Speed: MED)
    REWARDS: Bunny Fur, Carrot

    Wasp: (lv2~7) (Specials: Final Sting, Pollen, Strong Sting) (Attack Speed: MED)
    REWARDS: Wasp Honey, Wasp Stinger, Wasp Wing

    Special Enemies

    Gustaberg Area
    Leaping Lizzy (lv14) (Rock Lizard type) Reward: Dragoon Weapon: "Lizard Slayer" (Slay random # to spawn)
    Spippi Bee (lv10) (Wasp) Reward: Thief Weapon: "Spippi Dagger" (Slay random # to spawn)
    Steam Crab (lv12) (Crab) Reards: Quest Item: "Steam Clock" (Spawned with Quest Item)

    Ronfaure Area
    Jack-Eared Jack (lv14) (Bunny Type) Reward: Quest Item: Lucky Charm (Spawned with random # of Bunnys)

    Sarutabaruta Area
    Tom-it-Tat (lv12) (Mandagora type)Reward: Monk Weapon: "Fruit Fists" (Spawned with killing random # of Mandys)
    ???? (lv13) (Crawler Type) Material: "Rainbow Silk Thread" (Used to make lv10 Blackmage Weapon) (Spawned with killing random # of crawlers)
    ???? (lv15) (Goblin Type) Quest Item: "Moblin Fishing Rig" (Spawned with Quest Item)


    3 Gathering Quests
    3 Special Enemy Quests
    3 Special Location reaching Quests
    1 Reach lv10 Quest

    Special Enemy Quest: (Defeat The Enemy) Boss fight. Will Unlock once completed all Quests within 1 City & Reached lv10.


    These are Arena Boss fights with a single enemy or many enemies in a group which you or your group need to handle.

    Required item "Copper Beastmen Seal"

    Boss fight... "Wings of Fury" " X2 lv18 "Vampire Bats" "2~3 Players needed"
    REWARDS: "Gunromaru", "Astral Ring" & Higher Level Materials"

    Will be adding more Boss fights in...

    Weapons for Update1~

    lv1 Christmas Tree Lance (Late Christmas Pre-Release Reward)
    lv1 Charm Wand (Out now)
    lv1 Basic Spear
    lv1 "Ero" Basic Great Katana
    lv1 "Wooden Club" Basic Club
    lv1 Basic Staff
    lv10 Stone Spear, Sappling Bud+ Flint Stone+Bunny Fur
    lv5 Copper Spear, Copper Ore+Zinc Ore
    lv5 Walnut Wand,
    lv5 Healing Staff
    lv5 Bronze Spear
    lv10 Bronze Wand (Copper Ore+Zinc+Elm Log)
    lv10 Jeweled Staff (Onix Gem+Walnut Log+Elm Log)
    lv10 Skull Wand (BCNM Copper Seal Boss Reward)
    lv5 Hagura Great Katana (Copper Ore+Iron Ore+ Zinc Ore)
    lv5 Esunei Wand (Walnut Log+
    lv10 "Gunromaru" Great Katana (BCNM "Wings of Fury")
    lv5 Magi Wand (Maple Log+
    lv10 Yagio Great Katana
    lv10 Lizard Slayer Spear (Leaping Lizzy NM)
    lv5 Oak Staff (Oak Log+ Maple Log+Silk Thread)
    lv10 Zakai Staff (BCNM Copper Seal Boss Reward)
    lv5 Blunt Great Katana Iron Ore+Copper Ore+Lizard Tail

    Screen shots of Upcoming Update1 in March stay tuned!

    Currect Update on what Im doing

    Level Designs and debugging Logic Main and Creating Enemies. I finished debuging alot of Logic for Equipment Select. I Will be doing Level Up Stickers & Debugging for Level Giver.
    Exp Skillchains I just finished & I lowered the Chain rewards cus players were leveling way to fast. Also theres a Question on how tough I want this game to be... which is still ongoing.

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    Got myself a Playstation Vita.

    Littlebigplanet Vita will support my game.

    (Will there be Vita Levels?) Nope. all game content will be done on PS3 with LBP2. However the Vita will support the Huge Link of Levels.

    Cant add more then 1 account to a Vita & also that would make it so I cant save more then 20 Levels on Community Planet.

    This will give me extra time to create logic and create basic Levels which then be converted over into LBP2.

    Vita Controls tools/logic that come with LBP Vita only will not be included in my levels. Whatever PS3 has Vita will also use.

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    Been getting side tracked right now with other games but I will contune with this project when these games are done with.

    Im also considering in adding the follow to my game.
    Magic Casting and Combo Link Magic actions.
    Click on Fire... (Starts Casting spell) Once Counter at Max: Emite Fire
    (Will be Removing Auto-Attack from Blackmage & Whitemage) There Weapons will boost there Magic Attacks and give them MP Boost)
    Also considering delaying release again and holding back the game a bit until I think its ready. Theres still alot of Testing and creation to do.
    Plans to revamp Magic for Combos and Spell Casting and tweek illnesses and revamp the Logic inside the sackbots to make them somewhat wireless.

    When unlocking a new spell you also aloud to combo the next tier. When using a Combo it will not Cost MP.
    Tier1 Fire- Combo Trigger! Flame Spells will glow, Click again= Fira!

    You can only unlock a Combo spell if you reached a level where you get next tier of that Element.
    Fire lv10, Fira lv20

    Chances of Combos
    Combos is totally random but its pretty much 50% at every Spell but tier7. Its 1/2 of tier1, 1/2 tier2, tier3 1/2, tier4 1/2, tier5 1/2, tier6 1/2, tier7 1/1
    Toget to tier7 its 1/7 chance everytime you cast a Spell.

    Blackmages will be casting Spells very often now and will become a favorite Job to play for most people.

    I have to add some kinda MP cost...
    tier1 Spells will cost 1/4 of the MP. Only MP Cost will be on Tier1 Spells.

    Player Weapon Guide

    (What should players get for a Blackmage Weapon...? Something with Speeding MP healing, Something with Healing MP within the battle faster, Something that decreases your hate overtime, Something to boost Combos chances) More combos=more damage

    (Combo Boosting Logic... My Notes. 1/3 Counter, Bonus Trigger hookup at Combo bar Triggered when holding special weapon)

    Fire Spells (Blackmage & Redmage Only)
    Ice Spells (Blackmage & Redmage Only)
    Earth Spells (Blackmage & Redmage Only)
    Thunder Spells (Blackmage & Redmage Only)
    Water Spells (Blackmage & Redmage Only)
    Wind Spells (Blackmage & Redmage only)
    Dark Spells (Dark Knight & Blackmage & Redmage only)
    Light Spells (Whitemage & Redmage only)
    Blue Magic (BlueMage Only)
    Summoning Magic (Summoner Only)
    Ninjitsu (Ninja Only)
    Songs (Bard Only)
    Rolls (Corsair Only)

    Flame Spells
    tier1 Fire
    tier2 Fira
    tier3 Fireaga
    tier4 Flare
    tier5 Flare2
    tier6 Firaja
    Tier7 Meteor Also lv95 Spell (Will do 15000DMG)

    Ice Spells

    Thunder Spells

    Wind Spells

    Water Spells

    Stone Spells
    Stone emite
    Stona emite
    Stoneaga emite
    Quake emite
    Quake2 emite
    Stonaja emite

    Extra Spells

    Spell Casting timers/Hate Boost

    3sec, tier1 Hate+1
    4secs, tier2 Hate+2
    5secs, tier3 Hate+3
    6secs, tier4 Hate+6
    7secs, tier5 Hate+10
    8secs tier6 Hate+13
    3secs tier7 Hate+18

    (total hate from tier1~7 is 53)

    Magic Combo Timers will be 10secs/1min. If they aren't triggered it will reset to 0.

    Ideas for Summoner!

    Have least 3~6 ready
    Menu Name Also Triggers the Pets Actions for Combos
    Summoning a Pet takes 6-15secs casting time
    Each Summon has 5 Abilities to combo with
    Can only have 1 Summon out at once
    Have Dismiss Action & Attack Action Menus
    Dissmiss makes the summon fallback to you. Double clicking removes the summon)
    Attack, Summon attacks nearest target and randomly selects Abilitys
    Summoning a Summon takes all 9/10 of your MP
    Tier1 Summon attacks cost 4MP
    Summoners have low HP. Same as Blackmage
    Summoners will have there own Weapons.
    Will we be able to summon the ifrit in the ifrit image you already showed us? Nope thats FF14 Ifrit and is quite large. The Boss is quite hard. A smaller and FF11 ifrit will be for Summoners.
    When to expect Summoner to come? Really hard to say due to the fact that might be after the LBP Vita release once I feel Updates are getting to be enough for players.
    Is there be Summon Fights...? Yes but in unlocking these Abilities you need to do the Quest line "Evoker Trials" This is a quest that keeps growing with Each new Summon added and rewards Summoners with Weapons. Each Summon is based around a level to unlock them. Ifrit is lv20 so basically for you toget him you need to do Evoker Ifrit Quest toget yourself with a Ifrit Summoning Staff which willl let you summon ifrit and give you credit. Once you reach high 70's New weapons will open up letting you summon all summons but there will be bonuses to these weapons such as MP Bonuses, Combo Summon Bonuses, Pet Auto-Heal Bonus, Pet Damage Bonuses and so on. Toget these weapons will be somewhat linked into the Summoning Circle of Quests given to you at every few levels.
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    I like any anwser any questions reguarding my game. So shoot away!

    What I been to doing...

    Level Design and Building for Gustaberg Region
    Title Menu...New Game~ Nation Selection Menu
    Debuging BattleSystem
    Redoing Magic System for Blackmage (Adding in Combo Magic)
    Removing Auto-Attack and Melee Attack from Blackmages
    Adding in 7 tier Magic Casting System
    Creation of Special Field Enemies

    Few Images of what I been working on now and in the past...

    Special Item

    Copper Beastmen Seal (For "Wings of Fury" (Chest Boss Fight)

    New Image of Spellcasting (Working progress)


    Do You want each Nation (3 Nations) to have there Intro? Simple Intro of Why your there and whats going on and mention of HELP
    "Note" These would have to be Movie Levels.
    Or Just throw you into City Level?

    New Game=Nation=Cutscene=City Level=WorldMap=First Field Level?

    Job Tuterial Level would be on the Worldmap (Not Made Yet)
    Cutscene Replay Would also be on the Worldmap (Can be Added in Easy)
    Crafting Room/Tuterial Would be also on Worldmap (Crafting System still in working progress)
    Advanced Game Tuterial Would be on Worldmap (Not Made yet)
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    You're certainly keeping yourself occupied with this.
    I approve

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    Quote Originally Posted by Megaboy93 View Post
    You're certainly keeping yourself occupied with this.
    No kidding... this looks absolutely epic, and the amount of data is just... huge! Any ETA on a beta/demo release?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZackBoy View Post
    No kidding... this looks absolutely epic, and the amount of data is just... huge! Any ETA on a beta/demo release?
    Trying for the end of March for Update1a. If not we will see... I dont think I will be able to cus still alot of extra stuff I need to add in before gameplay is smooth.
    My goals were way to extreme for a major release... I'm Sorry.
    Update1 will be a 3 Parter Update to the game since creating each part is major work.


    Release of following Levels

    Title Screen/ With New game & Contune working

    Gustaberg Region "4 Field Levels"
    Level Cap Increase from lv1~10
    Samuarai Job
    Bastok Market "City Level"
    Worldmap Level "Contune" Access to any level as long as you Unlocked it.
    5 Quests

    New Images
    "Note the following images are still in working progress"

    Gustaberg Region

    Ronfaure Region

    Saurbura Region

    Extra stuff created since March20th~22.

    New Weaponnskill created for either Sword/Great Katana
    Wasp Sting "Bee WS"
    Improved... Engage/Disenage "Much faster/less logic"
    Auto-Attack menu bar bug fixed
    Inproved Monster Spawn System and created "Spawn Spots"
    Wasp enemy created.
    Improved Hate System
    Improved Enemy Weapon Skills/Random
    Improved Gameplay Balance
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    Changing Sackbots to Sticker panel designed characters.


    Need some feedback but proper testing has been gone underway. Still question if it would be right direction to take.

    Question on amount of ingame memory is still a question.
    Would remove... Sackbot Skill Acting, Sackbots, Grab Controls. Replaced with New Walking/Jumping Logic/New Sticker Panel Frames for acting.

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    I think it looks interesting, even if the sword does pop out a bit too much. I think this would be an interesting art direction to take, but I fear too many changes will greatly delay your game from coming out.

    But it may be well worth it in the end. Ultimately, I think you will just have to ask yourself: what you want players to experience in your game? Atmosphere plays a great part in the role playing experience, and the graphics are an important part of producing that atmosphere. The good thing with this, is that it will give your games art a more united feel than when you used Sackbots, since it kinda feels like mix and match right now. It will also save you a lot of thermo space--which is a huge plus for large rpgs like this one.

    The bad things I see ( besides time constraints) is well nothing lol Its going to take a ton of time to do those animations--and I am not sure if it will be entirely better than not having it like you already have now. So, really, it just depends on what you want players to experience and how you want them to perceive your game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rpg Maker View Post
    I think it looks interesting, even if the sword does pop out a bit too much. I think this would be an interesting art direction to take, but I fear too many changes will greatly delay your game from coming out.

    But it may be well worth it in the end. Ultimately, I think you will just have to ask yourself: what you want players to experience in your game? Atmosphere plays a great part in the role playing experience, and the graphics are an important part of producing that atmosphere. The good thing with this, is that it will give your games art a more united feel than when you used Sackbots, since it kinda feels like mix and match right now. It will also save you a lot of thermo space--which is a huge plus for large rpgs like this one.

    The bad things I see ( besides time constraints) is well nothing lol Its going to take a ton of time to do those animations--and I am not sure if it will be entirely better than not having it like you already have now. So, really, it just depends on what you want players to experience and how you want them to perceive your game.

    I dont think its gonna happen. I would have to do quite alot to those images to make them POP in color better. Right now using sackbots and its going great so far. I really dont wanna delay the game just for this. Right now need to release content like crazy to keep players busy and happy. "Update1a" Gonna be a nice Update toget stuff started off.
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    Currect Tasks...
    Right now im running into a bug with my Enimity/hate System, Monster facing Direction logic and Fighting Logic. These were not problems before I change the same logic a bit to change to monster to Agrressive to None-Agressive. Also found a Tag bug and have a TP bug on the enemy which is still unknown why its happening.

    Few basic info want to share about the Wasp Enemies i'm releasing

    Level 1
    Yellow Wasp (None Angry) (Spawns near beginning)

    Wasp Wing 10%
    Wasp Honey 10%
    Wasp Stinger 6%
    Copper Beastmen Seal 1%
    Honey Sap 2% (Used to Spawn Special Monster)

    Attacks: Sharp Sting & Pollen (Final Sting will be added for lv10+ Wasps)

    Level 6 (Angry) (Spawns on top of Vamp Hill)
    Red Wasp

    Wasp Wing 10%
    Wasp Honey 20%
    Wasp Stinger 10%
    Copper Beastmen Seal 1%
    Honey Sap 7%%

    Level 10 (Angry) (Special) (Force Spawn) (Spawns top of Vamp Hill around with the other Red Wasps)
    Stinging Sippi

    Wasp Dagger (Quest/THF Weapon)
    Wasp Wing 10%
    Wasp Stinger 40%
    Wasp Honey 50%
    Copper Beastmen Seal 5%

    Making Bastok Market better to more like Windurst Woods. So far made some 3D moving backround objectives, Made more layer space by using Sticker Panel and currectly change houses a bit and adding in Goldsmithing Guild. Also made few changes to other things to save memory and look better. Removed older Equipment/Weapons/Objects I used before in the shops and putting Sticker Panel ones. Also will be making some body Equipment to be shown in the Shops.
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    I have currectly dropped support from the Image/Frame display for actions and movements. Mainly because there needs to be more focus for other things in the game. May come back in the future to do this but not until there content.

    I have made a NEW ICON system which will be placed on ALL of my Weapon,Level,Quest,Craft,Special,Monster Popitem Stickers.


    This ICON system will be placed on Every Sticker to let players KNOW what the item can be used for.
    Right now fixed all bugs of the Monster Logic with Agressive and None Agressive Enemies.
    EXP CHAIN SYSTEM & EXP Gain will stop every 5 Levels you are above the Enemy.
    EXP Gain will be -50% EXP every 3 Levels.
    Going to be Increasing EXP gain for Enemies 5+ more Levels above the player. Giving the player a Bonus 120EXP to a Total of... 220~320EXP a kill.

    Level 1 Wasp nearly done
    Will start setting stats for Wasp lv6 as soon as Random Item reward system is done. Doing final tweeks to Item Icons and Items and fixing Randomizer and doing tests.

    Finished Adding Scan in for lv1 Wasp and increased Scanning Speed/Emiter Speeds.

    (Will be Showing images of the Icon System in near Future)

  18. #258


    New Attack Spark Animation for Attacks

    Item Icons

    Types of Icons tell you what Item is used for.

    Wasp Wing (Craft)

    Wasp Honey (Craft & Quest)

    Clothcraft Guild-Windurst Woods

    Bonecraft Guild-Windurst Woods

    City Images of Bastok Market

    Field Area Saurba New Image

    Completion of

    New Drop rate System Completed
    Monster- Giant Wasp Completed

    Monster- Giant Sheep (Next)
    Bug Fixes
    Completion of City Walls/Goldsmithing Guild

    Come Errors with Level Messages & Still alot of stuff to do.

    Last edited by venat; 04-01-2012 at 06:21 AM.

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    Been awhile since I have shown anything so heres what I been working on & my team.

    Crafting System in the works

    Update2 Content in the Works

    Bastok Grand Companies (Mission 1 or 2)
    Package Protection

    New Sheep Image

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    Some Bugs and improvements have been addressed.

    Basic illness sackbot animation has been removed.

    Stoned/Petfi illness ICON is now Sleep illness. (Sleep Sackbot Animation has been added)
    Sleep isn't just 1 illness on its own but combination of illnesses active at once.

    Disable O Button/Bind Character/Disagage Auto-Attack

    Some Major changes have been done to Disable Controls. (Can move your menus now but just O button doesn't work)

    A Basic illness timer to Bind & Disable Controls have been added.
    Bind 10secs. Disable Controls secs 10secs. This illnesses can last longer when re-emited.

    Some Major changes to Logic of how these illnesses play out.

    Sheep & Wasp have Death sound and Ability sounds now.

    A bug where battle music would trigger when "Near" a enemy. It triggers now when any player gains hate.

    Some gameplay changes have been done at lv5. Enemies get alot harder. (Still trying to find a way to boost EXP gain threw battling monsters above your level range)

    Sheep enemies now have Sheep Song & Sheep Charge Abilities.

    Some Useless Logic has been removed from Menu Display. Extra Follower Logic has been removed.
    Menu Followers are much more active now to the Sackbots and will not glitche up anymore.

    Sackbot Death/Despawn Timer has been properly fixed. (Power to Scale)

    Esuna removes all bind/disable control/push/draw in now.

    (Some extra plans to do... Change Stone Icon to Sleep ZZZ Icon) Remove some other illness and add in Silence illness for Spells)

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