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    Default Final Fantasy Online [Project]

    Update Feb.09,2012

    Final Fantasy XI Online Game Lauch around


    Recuiting Players

    I am making a Final Fantasy (WORLD) game on Little Big planet 2. Which means lots of enemys and areas. With Quests and Main Storyline Missions. Expect my game to be alot like FFXI & FFXIV.

    Im looking people willing to be apart of something epic.

    Game details

    The game is right off of Final fantasy 11 but will include much of the same content and our own and will be adding Content and areas from the new Final Fantasy 14 into the Land as sorta a Merge between lands. Im using alot of my old LBP1 FF Crystalva content and well as my tower content over to save on time and revamping them for LBP2.


    The Nations of Vanadiel are being attacked by the beastmen races under shadowlords command. Warriors of the dawn must stand up to protect there newfound nations and end the war that has been brewing over 20 years.

    Start out as a child. City is being attacked and everyone dies and not many escape. You wander the land with your family all dead and ..... (your choice) army picks you up. They bring you to there homeland where you to live for another ten years. Your 20 now and expected to fight for your nation to bring down the enemy.


    First off everyone starts off as lv1 reguardless what level your in. Toget your level up you need to kill enemies around your level. Once your level is high enough you can then handle tougher enemies.

    Leveling up earns you ability to equip stronger weapons that boost your DEF & attack power. Most important to seek for stronger gear as you level up.

    As you level up within that level your points will grow and a exp chest will tell you that you have reached the next level. Once you have gotten this go to the chest and press R1/Grab toget your Level Sticker. When entering a battle type level use this nearby the starting gate on the Level Chest. Doing this will make everyone that level and give you your points back.


    Beginning of each battle level theres a Equipment chest that will emite your weapon based on your sackbot level. So make sure to place your level sticker before placing your weapon sticker. After you place your weapon sticker your weapon should be emited and follow your sackbot or your friends sackbot.


    You can level up easyer if you find a Camp level. These levels are Linked within Regions on the Worldmap. Accessing it you will need to explore the region to find a Linked Gate. These Camp levels are small areas for groups of players to handle increassed respawn rates of enemies. This is for Fast Leveling.

    Sackbot Jobs and Abilities

    Each job on a sackbot has 8+ ability commands and a melee attack.
    (Will be making it 12 in the future)


    Crystal- (Earns stronger stats and extra battle bonuses for 30secs)
    Pet- Summon Wyvern
    Cure1 (Weaker Cure)
    Dragon Circle
    Weapon skill: Peta Thrust
    High Jump

    3 more Weapon skills
    High Jump2


    Crystal- (All players nearby get full HP and remove illnesses)
    Cure2 Stronger Cure
    Weapon Skill:Hecastrike

    Weapon skill: Starburst


    Crystal- Lets you do 3 Weapon skills in a row without full tp requirement.
    Meditate- Gives you 6/10 TP
    Thrid Eye
    Demon Circle
    Weapon skill: Tachi Gekko
    Weapon skill: Tachi Rana
    Weapon skill: Tachi Jinbu

    3 More weapon skills
    Shikiyoyo (Gives players its TP)


    Crystal-Manafort (Spells cost no MP for 10secs)
    Weapon Skill- Earth Crusher

    Enchance (Make your Magical Attacks upgrade) Firaga/Aeroaga/Blizzardaga/Thunderaga/Stoneaga/Wateraga
    Bio (Magical based Poison)
    Weapon Skill: Scythe based attack
    Aspir (Takes MP/Resets there Auto-Attack from enemies)

    Future Jobs...
    Bard (Supporting Party with power ups)
    Warrior (Tank/Damage/Balanced) Large Axe
    Padlin (Major Tank/Low damage/Heal) Sword
    Ranger (Long range/Damage/Power up) Bow
    Summoner (Pet/Weak DD/Can command Pets) Stave
    Beastmaster (Pet/Can make Enemies into Pets) Small Axe


    Triangle is exit and enter sackbot.
    X is Jump.
    L1 is Melee. (Builds TP and does damage to enemies DEF bar)
    Circle is comfirm command.
    Up and down on Dpad is select command.
    Right and Left on Dpad will switch to other options in the menu.
    R1 grab (Will Use to Activate Quest and Objects)
    Scan Enemies is L2. (Find Enemy Level)
    Dodge is bottom joystick. (Dodge attacks by running outta radius)

    Magic has auto-heal on alwas but each class has a faster or slower Auto-heal
    Magic spends % of your MP meter
    Magic spells can do Damage to enemys and also Cure players

    Hp/TP/MP meters

    HP is Health
    MP is for Magic spells
    TP is for Special Attacks

    Extra Logic:

    Undestanding TP

    TP is a special attack system when doing enough melee attacks or getting attacked by enemys the meter will build up. Once full you can use a limit break for your class to do damage. Melee attacks also feed Enemys TP bar also. Some enemys its wise not to overfeed them or they will kill everyone so fast the players wont be able to cure themselfs fast enough because your mking it spam the enemys limit break.

    Skillchains & Magic Bursts

    Skillchain can be preformed when combining two of the correct TP based limit breaks/Weapon Skills after preformed it will cause extra damage to the enemy.

    Magic Bursts can be preformed right after a skillchain goes off by using the correct magic attack spell element type of the skillchain. This will cause extra damage to the enemy.


    Sackbots and enemys have a Auto-heal that will be active when they are away from each other. This will speed up gameplay and make it harder for players to kill enemys if they run away from them during fight.

    Evasion Bonus:
    This is active during battle whenever a enemy or sackbot gets damage it will play a random chance Evasion bonus. There are 3 types of them Evasion, Parry, Counter.

    Evasion a attack heals your DEF bar.
    Parry/Guard a Attack gives you extra TP for Special Attacks.
    Counter make you do extra damage when you take damage.

    Crititcal Hits:

    This will only apply to normal melee hits. Both enemy and sackbots wil have. The Logic is mostly like Evasion but applyed to your attacks. When you do a crit hit it will do damage with your melee hit. Some classes will have a harder chance to do crit hits.


    Rage: Only some special enemys have this. This gets active when your fighting a enemy for way too long. The enemy will start triggering extra damage outputs and start gainning more TP. Some enemys will Rage once they reach 10% HP left. Lets say you did DMG 90 hits and has 10HP left. It will trigger it. This makes it so you have to save your attack up towards the end of the fight.

    This will make game play more tricky when fighting special enemys.

    Enemy Logic

    Enemys are pretty much the same as a sackbot in terms of HP/TP/MP/DEF and Evasion Bonus and Auto Heal.

    They all have 2-4 TP based special moves that will either heal themselfs or do massive damage to everyone near by.

    They only move right and left right now. They dont follow the land which means they will get stuck or float if the land is too high or low. (If you can fix this please give me a shout.)

    Special Enemys

    These enemys will either alwas be in the area or unlocked once type of enemy is cleared.
    This is to gain alot of points for gate passes and finishing quests to unlock extra content and obtain stronger weapons.


    Give you some ideas on how im gonna do quests and content. When finishing a quest all you need to keep is the last Sticker for the quest. Any Point stickers you gain at all you keep forever.
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    sup ed!
    this project sounds way too awesome!
    but try posting some pictures,ok?
    A epic rpg that will blow your mind .
    with absurd comedy, of course!

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    Seconding pictures. Very interested in this, Venat.

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    I will post 3 images once PSN is up an I can then access the images from my LBP account from my PC.

    or can I do it this way..?

    LBP2 lvl- take picture- save picture to PS3- on internet on PS3- send email to myself with the image selected. Open my PC goto my email and get the pictures and save them and post them on this site?

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    Enemys im working on right now are Sheep, Tripple Bats.

    Just finished special enemy Goblin. Its actually pretty tough cus I changed how auto-heal for it works. Lets just say you need a mim of 2 players. Also been working on Dwarf Wandy zone. Should inlist of the enemys:

    Rock lizards, worms, goblin poucher,goblin warrior, crabs, leeches, and 1 special goblin.

    Area pretty much a rocky,weedy,dead looking zone. Has stilled water and pretty much its kinda like a dyed swamp. It has water spraying from the ground also which can be used to access high parts of the area where enemys get harder.

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    Most people these days upload in LBP2 and access the pictures via But since PSN is down...

    You can take a picture and export to your HDD, then move it to your PC via USB drive then upload to this site or to another image hosting site.

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    Dont have a USB to USB connecter. I have a bunch of useless USB-PS3 controler type of wires and other 1 ended USB wires. I cant seem to upload to this site from my PS3 either.

    Ok I used my PSP as a link in between the 2. Now I have my images on my PC but I dont understand this URL bull. Thought I could just browes and add photo from PC to account or Forum. Can someone explain how to use this URL-Image thing
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    Found a way to put pictures up. Im sorry but I didnt get around to adding my newer pictures of all the finished classes fighting Fafnir and the Field Zone Pana Mashlands. I will include a picture of Dwarf Wandy when I add those in as well. Still working on Dwarf Wandy, need to make Worms, rock lizards, goblin mages.

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    Can I make music for you?

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    Must Have CHOCOBO!!! I LOVE THEM
    OH MY GOD! I've lost my pants!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dxcam1 View Post
    Can I make music for you?
    Sure you can. I dont want to be too picky but I have 2 rules. 1st They have to be good. 2nd they must be from the game its its from that area. Theres a ton of areas in the actual game that have no music, you can put your own music in those areas as long as your music suits it well.

    If you want toget started these 2 songs need to be made: (Gustaberg Cannon) This will be 4 levels

    (Shinryu Wyrm God Boss Music (No Sound Effects):
    Try to split the intro part and battle part into 2 parts so we can use the 2nd part to Loop

    From the actual game:

    These songs you can make up:

    Dwarf Wandy- (Goblin Stronghold) dying/hot weather

    Kolo Highlands- Hills/flowers, windmills

    Guskin Mines- Dead abobonded Mines. Has lots of undead in it

    Pana Mashlands- Swam. flowers, rain weather
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    K i'll see if I can have them done before servers up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Butter-Kicker View Post
    Must Have CHOCOBO!!! I LOVE THEM
    I already have chocobo plans put into the game. Right now have a level with Chocobo tracks.
    You use your Chocobo sticker on them to emit a ridble chocobo.

    Right now theres no chocobo yet. I have not made one. Still thinking on how to work it in because the barrier needs to follow the chocobo aswell.

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    1st minute of gustaberg finished and guskin mine original finished. Will try to finish gustaberg tommorrow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dxcam1 View Post
    1st minute of gustaberg finished and guskin mine original finished. Will try to finish gustaberg tommorrow.
    Thanks. Heres a Ingame picture of Gusgen Mines. I have not made Gusgen Mines yet for FF Online.

    I updated the forums with more pictures from my LBP level.

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    I'll try to finish pana marshland music also since you have it published.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dxcam1 View Post
    I'll try to finish pana marshland music also since you have it published.
    Its not totally finished per say. I still need to add Beastmen Turtles in it, music and multplayer feacher in it. Also update the chocobo riding. Alot of Logic and everything with the other 3 sackbots need to sync with everything still.

    Main is to finish all the levels from bastok city to Jeuno City is my main goal.

    Bastok City, 10 Field areas, 4 Cave/Duegeon areas and 1 Battlefield area total. That will be 1 path outta 3 if I deside to do this as abigger project then it already is. The up side is 50-70% of all the reg enemys will be done. Most of the regions of the world of Vanadieal share same enemys.

    Other citys besides Bastok(Miners & tech country) are Windurst (magic/wizard/wild field jungle) and Sandoria (castles/army and forest)

    Towns and other side area link these regions together.

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    I think the only thing with trying to make an MMORPG is that it wont be an MMORPG lol. Its going to be more like Phantasy Star online, since you can only take 4 players. Other than that i think its a cool idea, im interested to see how the combat turns out. Though im not particularly sold on the MP system, i don't mind testing it out.

    Is this using the FF 11 leveling system?

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    Ya, what exactly makes this an MMO? /cough

    Also... is this just a remake of Final Fantasy 11? O_o Because, I unno, I've always thought people should focus more on original ideas, and remaking an mmo... I unno. Personally, I'd think that if you were to go through all this trouble, you should make it your own. But I guess not everyone is as good storywise as me so eh. At any rate, this looks good and want to try it... even though I stand by my point to make it something original and not a Final Fantasy game. But eh, your work I guess. Unless it's a remake and thus it's your impersanation of someone else's work. I unno. I'll go now.

    This statement is true.

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    You shoud include a minigame whereby you sit in Jeuno shouting for party invites for 15 hours unsuccessfully.

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