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    As I mentioned before I was going to give players a Reward for Christmas when the game was post to launch but because of extra features and overhalls its been pose poned. Anyway I also said the reward would be given ahead of the games launch.

    This Level will be deleted on JAN.15th,2012. Make sure you get it before I delete it.

    Christmas Lance Weapon for Dragoon is the reward.

    Check out my Planet for the Level.

    Stats will be little better then the Starting weapon for Dragoon at lv1.
    (Stats on weapons are still in working progress)

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    I'm going to be releasing small areas that are small cut out versions of other areas. Nothing yet is planned but these areas will be called "CAMP" Areas. The purpose of these Extra Levels is to be for players to EXP in. You basically Do the "Field" or "Dungeon" level and you walk and find locations where "Keys" are. Once you get the Key you can access other Levels on "WorldMap Camps/Cutscenes".

    One WorldMap will have "Field/Dungeon/City/Boss" Levels
    One WorldMap will have "Camps/Cutscene" Levels

    With these Small Areas will be able to put more sackbots, more enemys closer together which will make better Grouping and faster Loading times within these Levels.
    Also the Monsters will have faster Spawn times. So exping will be alwas flowing without much delay.
    Also been thinking there might be more then 1 Camp location within Each level. Each Camp will hold many times of Monsters that will be only Spawn to exp on. So basically a player that finds Birds easyer to kill will enjoy that location more then a person that has a hard time killing Lizards.

    The Areas of space will be small. Like 15-25% of what a normal full size level would be. Enough space of EXP Chest, Weapon Equip, Level Upgrade Sticker Senor and enough space of Monsters to Respawn and battle.

    Im not going to be doing much work on this because its quite simple grabing whats in those other levels and copying them onto another level.
    Something like 20% bigger of the Chirstmas Item Level.

    I might make a Extra System of Rewarding Players within these levels. Such as "EXP Chains". I may Boost EXP by 1% up every kill it maxes at 10%. Chain Resets if no monsters have been killed for 30~60secs. If this is too low I may have to raise the %.

    Normally Monsters in the Field Levels have a 5min Respawn to them but with these Camps Im going to lower it to 1min.

    I would also like to mention I will be reemiting sackbots within these levels. If a sackbot Dies you lose quite of bit of EXP. Something like 500-3000. Depending of the monster level they will pump out something like 10~300XP.


    Also like to mention i'm nearly done redesigning Monsters for Update1 & some for Update2.

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    Disapointed that not enough players are going after the pre-release Weapon. The Christmas Tree Lance.

    The level only got 2 views. Its been published for sometime now.

    Maybe I just done have that big enough fan base or enough people wanting to play my game.

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    Look forward to it! Darkcloudrepeat's Avatar
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    The three people that played it are shown here...

    Did you post a level showcase here? Although I don't think it would be entirely necessary, it couldn't hurt.

    Project Support Group
    DoC = 28-10-2010

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    Its hard enough toget even few people to check it.

    Only few people checking the game out totally sucks when im putting major changes in that takes alot of my free time. I want good amount of people viewing my work and getting ready to play it. If the amount of players is sooooo low I may have to drop the group gameplay completely. I want PS Vita & PS3 players wanting to play my game.

    Main goal is to make my game like a real MMORPG in terms of bring content to the public on a basis that they can get ready to play. I personally think its more of the LittleBigPlanet rather then my game.

    I want my Levels to be Blinding Golden Ribbons of MM.

  6. Thanks!

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    This is for Update 2~3

    Area: Maze of Shakhrami

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    For Update2~3 Area: Gusgen Mines

    Image sorta dark sorry about that.

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    Auto-Attack and Weapon Skills weapon animation movements have been made for Samaurai. Dragoon may take little more work but its almost done. Equip weapons will move during auto-attacks and weapon skills now.

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    Blackmage & Dragoon are completed with weaponskill movements and auto-attack. (Theres some problems left but aren't major ones)

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    I been tweaking menu's and movements for Abilities and Display and also adding in extra features which are easy to add in.

    I made a roll movement animation but because of poor control/sliding im not going to add it in "Dodge". I am also adding in a Dodge Display when you know Dodge is ready to be used.

    I been testing and fixing illness/buff options also. There is also a few things I also been working on and I will release soon once Dragoon is all hooked up and ready. I am like 70-80% done with sackbots and weapon system right now. Once I finish sackbot's im going to work on Enemys. Once I have a good balance between both Enemies and Weapons I will start giving stats to the Weapons.

    I been locking Weapon Skills and abilities until you have your weapon out. I only have worked on this for 1 Job. Every Job will start getting this locked action.


    All Weapon Skills Weapon (3 Skills)

    5 Abilities

    Once I start building up Stats from the ground up there should be good balance for gameplay. I may have to redo sackbots and enemy Evasion and HP to even out the balance. I will not know until weapon stats & enemies are complete.

    Change of plans but i'm going to be removing some of the things I said I was going to add when I was going to release the Updates. Im adding in more content but it will be aimed for lower levels. This means im also maxing the level cap at a lower level every Update. Instead of every 10 levels its going to be every 5 levels after Update1. This means Update2 max levelcap will be lv15. This will let me add more areas aimed for lower levels and have the ones I already made saved for Higher Levels. At this rate it will be easyer for me to add in balanced content aimed for the correct levels every Update.

    I would also like to mention I finished doing Whitemage Auto-Attack battle animations. Currectly working on its weapon skill.

    (You can add any weapon to there Hands if it fits the Job) (There likes 20 weapons per Job)
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    Ok so there was another big thing I been working on and its with the weapon system. I redo the Engage and Disenage system. You can now see your weapon and have it equiped with you at all times. This is also why I needed to Lock Abilities that were Weapon Attack based. This Weapon System has been a BIG choir and I hope you guys enjoy it.

    My last to do list before Update1 is...

    First... Edit Illness/buff and redo weapon skill animations and edit Weapon Skill sackbot movement.
    Second... Redo Model Enemies for Update1 and revamp there currect Logic and add in more display options.
    Third Add in Sticker items for each Monster.
    Fourth add in EXP System logic
    Fifth Add weapons stats
    Sixth Add in EXP/Level Chest and Equipment Chest.
    Seventh Lock Job Abilities in by the correct Level Requirement

    Creation of Sandoria
    Finish Windurst
    Reedit some aspects of Gustaberg and Bastok City and Ronfaure.
    Create Field area outside of Windurst

    Place in Correct Monsters to correct areas at correct levels of the level.

    (Most of those I hoping aren't going to be totally big choirs.)

    Test everything...

    Release a date to Publish

    then start working on Update2 and look at feedback from Update1.

    Also like to mention once I get Update1 done and everything is working correctly the amount of content will be improved because all the main choirs of all this logic will be done. I will simplely just need to add onto the currect logic and it will be ready.
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    Would you guys like a test play of new menu system and abilities? Its still rough and everything but its near done.

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    Ok been thinking of how to do the new Monster System for logic. A few problems with balance appeared to me is the monster would be overpowered or slow to kill.

    I have 5 Counters that read 1 tag each. Each tag is damage number used in a attack. Each Counter is based around there DEF. Once Counter reaches max it = 10% Damage.

    All Monsters will only lose 1/10 when the counter gets maxed. (Will make a way for players to more likely be able to 1shot enemies based around there level & Weapon.)

    Each tag gives out diffrent damage to break the monsters DEF bar.

    Ok now this is important...

    I will make DEF on players to gain higher protection as they level up by adding DEF on weapons as a short of equipment. Obtaining Weapons will be most important to upgrade your attack power and your defense now. Im not just redoing enemies now, im also redoing HP for players. Enemies will do damage the sameway. Each player will have 5 Tag Counter bars equiped on there weapon.

    Also making it so that when you Auto-Heal you repair your defense with HP. HP gained by Auto-heal might end up getting longer downtime activation times.

    Weapons will have level requirements to equip them. Also don't worry I plan to add more Weapons in between some levels and make some of them easyer to obtain so the game doesn't become a "Searching Game".

    There will be some Guides and Tips that will appear often as a Publish Updates. Will cover how to kill some enemies and where toget items and how to do Quests.
    Guide Level will be Added in Update2 and will cover some tips from Update1 and small amount for Update2.


    Above post I added if players wanted to try the game system and noone replyed. I will delay it I guess but heres a Image.

    New Sam Meditate Animation

    New Drg Dragon Circle Ability & Animation
    Also been working on dragoon quite a bit and its near done roughly... 70/80%.

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    You can now test the Job Samuarai right now. Its also a bit of tuterial also and explains few things i'm bringing. Can also hear the normal battle song also.

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    Level Up logic is currectly being worked on but a system has been set up so this will work now. Planning of the logic has been taken care of.

    Logic that I have is lv1 stats and what I do is once you hit points requirement it switches from lv1 Micochip to lv2 giving you large amount of DEF aimed towards your level.
    I been working on testing new HP damage system which is included with new level system. Alot of currect abilities I may have to change due to damage change requirements.

    Also like to mention im going to make DMG PHY currect damage tag only going to effect Evasion Logic.

    Also Abilities will not longer do damage directly from there Micochip on the sackbots but the micochips on Weapons now.


    There is 11 types of new damage Tags to effect the 11 types of DEF that will be on sackbots.
    There is 11 types of new damage tags to effect DEF on enemies.

    These are the names of your damage and DEF tags at these levels. This includes enemy DEF also.

    lv1~10 AA
    lv11~20 BA
    lv21~30 CA
    lv31~40 DA
    lv41~50 EA
    lv51~60 FA
    lv61~70 GA
    lv71~80 HA
    lv81~90 IA
    lv91~100 JA
    lv100+ KA

    As you level up your stats will increase based on the Tag Counter. Each monster will do damage based on there level. Say at lv1 you have AA 5DEF and everything else is 1DEF. When you fight a enemy higher then you can handle you die but if you level up the counter requirement rises. Say at lv100 you have AA 100DEF. BA95DEF, CA90, DA85 and so on until you have KA. This means your DEF will be more even towards enemies your level and way above enemies way under your level.

    HP system has been changed now. Sackbots will alwas have 10HP. When a monster attacks you it plays a damage tag towards your DEF. When your DEF goes down you get removed 1HP. So it could take a lv1 Enemy do 100 attacks to even do 1 damage/10% to you. If a enemy plays a damage tag thats way above your level you will get KO'd in 1 shot. This plays both ways towards you of course.

    Auto-Heal now heals your DEF for all types of DEF tags at sametime.

    I know have the logic ready only problem is actual testing of the stats in gameplay and the work of making each level have its on stats because I have to do this 100 times per sackbot. Lucky im only doing this by Updates so I only have to worry about lv1~10 for now which is 40 times.

    I want protect and shell to heal your DEF now instead of HP.
    I want Evasion to heal your DEF also.
    I want to make Cures less powerful so they only cure 1HP.
    I want to change Spell attacks to attack enemy DEF.
    I want to give DEF to Dragoon's Pet.
    I want Third Eye for Block DEF Tags instead of DMG tags.
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