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    Default Heart of Darkness Act 1

    This level is a small platform level that I made when the PSN went down. If anyone wants me to do a F4F to your level aswell please leave the link of your level.

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    Hello (and sorry for my poor english),

    Ok, reading the words "Heart of Darkness" remember me good old memories, I'll sure give it a try. But can you add a link to your level to make it easier to queue your level ?

    Thanks !
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    Sack Jones and the lava Temple [LBPCentral/]

    LBP2 :
    ... Inside the magic box [LBPCentral/]
    Shadows [LBPCentral/] ...

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    I tried to give your level a go, but I couldn't get past near the beginning. After swinging across the area with the snakes spitting fire I reached the opposite ledge where there is just a hole in the roof. I have no idea what to do here, you can't use the grapple hook to pull yourself through it and there isn't really anywhere else to go. If you could clarify on what you're supposed to do it'd be really helpful! The level is absolutely gorgeous though, there is a tremendous amount of detail in it.
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    I left a review on your level, so check it out whenever you have the time. ^^ Personally, I liked how visually appealing the level was, although I wasn't sure if the green tubes and animals fit within the setting. Despite having an intentional aura of spookiness projected by the music, I did not find the level to be spooky at all but you do seem to have the potential to create a spooky one! Nice job on the platforming elements!

    You don't have to do this immediately, but can you play through any one of my levels in my signature? Ninjas of Karura can be a bit challenging, so you don't have to leave a review on that if you don't want to. Feel free to leave feedback wherever you deem it necessary.

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    Hi Arnald, I played your level today. So far what I've seen I think it's great! But, I got to the part with the frogs? and when I shot out of the green tube it shot me clear out of the level down into the water. I didn't retry, but I'd like to if you fix the issues. Let me know if you get it fixed, so I can finish it please.

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    I saw act 1 and couldn't resist im never short of series levels ^_^ my levels in my signature
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    Little-Big-Planet-Origins Movie/Trailer and LBP Origins Thread

    My Review thread Need a review of your level?

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    The pictures remind me of Lous' levels.

    This looks great, I'll try it a.s.a.p.

    Touch the button!

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    Cool level. You did this in ONE WEEK? Wow.

    Attractive title (I'm a big Joseph Conrad fan...)
    Nice Luos-inspired visuals, sets a nice tone.
    Gameplay was interesting and varied.

    Music was well chosen. But it started stuttering very bad around the part with the fireball shooting frogs.

    Very good job.

    If you're up for F4F please check out my newest level (or one of the older ones if you prefer):

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    If it was developed in a week, it certainly didn't suffer from it. The level was quite interesting with good platforming and a very good look and atmosphere. The only problems i've found were the lack of a plot and the fact that the level started to lag massively in the part with the fire frogs. Also after the fire frogs there is a spot where the player has to enter a small gap in the back ground which is not that easy to find so maybe that gap could be made bigger. Nice Level

    Give a shot to my latest level if you can and leave feedback in the related thread (

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    Hello there (and sorry about my english),

    Good level, with a great attention to atomsphere. The platforming sequences are good, the sceneries looks very good. As Vergil said, I've noticed lags during the frog sequence, and found that the gap in the background was difficult to see. I've also found unclear what you have to do with the bugs generated by the creatinator.

    But apart from these 3 remarks, the level was good and enjoyable !

    If you have the time for F4F, the level link is in my signature !

    LBP VITA :
    L.A.S.E.R.S. [LBPCentral/]
    Wet Paint VITA [LBPCentral/]
    Sack Jones and the lava Temple [LBPCentral/]

    LBP2 :
    ... Inside the magic box [LBPCentral/]
    Shadows [LBPCentral/] ...

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    Hi - well you have my full attention based on the detail of your pics.. looks great!

    I will Queue this one up later and leave you some feedback in game..


    This is my latest one 'The Logical Wood'

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    Just gave your level a play...
    superb attention to detail, and a lot of thought gone into the level layout and technical appearance.
    Really liked the detail to the vertical section in the dark area...
    some sneaky hidden passages which I love!

    left you feedback on the level also, yay and hearted.


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    Nice level, amazed what you achieved in just one weeks create time. I love the saturated detail of the rich visual interface. Seeing a lot of peole choosing to use this Eves garden type theme in their levels and it always makes for a beautiful look to a level. Lots of varied gameplay throughout the level, I particularily liked the grapple swing across the fire shooters at the start. Didn't spot the cobweb covered hole which takes you to the upper section so that may need to be enlarged a little, but overall an original fun level.


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    Sorry guys I have been busy with test after test until june 20 or 30, anyways thanks for reporting the bugs guys is going to take me sometimes until I can fix them. Also for the people that want me to play there levels I will soon ok

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    Good level. It certainly does reminded me of the Beh-ta level except without those tribes.

    The lighting, materials, and decorations are well put together in this level, and the fireflies and Fireball shooting frogs looked outstanding.

    Great custom music.

    This level has nice use of the grappling hook and firefly creating creatinator. One bug I found in this level is that the elevator doesn't seem to be working after I activated it with the firefly, but I jumped in it and it worked.

    Despite a few bugs, this level is worth a play. A yay vote.

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    Hey guys im so sorry I couldn't play your levels I will try by best to play all of them ok

    Also here is the video of my level.

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    Hey Arnald23

    Very nice level good use of decorations and lighting. The glow flys or what ever they were are a great touch. Unfortunately i couldn't get pass the bit where you use them to climbe up the dark tree after the lift. They were just to wobbly for me to use properly.

    Altogether though a wonderful idea and a great level.

    If you wish when you have time please play any of the levels in my sig. Thanks.

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    A very, very beautiful level. Stylistically I cannot fault it. The only problems that I encountered is severe slowdown at the frog part and, like someone else mentioned, I got confused for a few seconds at the very next part.

    I love how you hide openings with the decorations for the secrets, and I did find some before this part, but for some reason the hole above your head, and the fact you have a grapple makes you think that this is the obvious path. Wasn't a game destroying moment or anything like that though.

    Also the final jump pad tube part didn't line up properly. Unless I was supposed to push the direction of the jump or something it wouldn't fire/catch me reliably. When I finally got up to the top I hit the edge of the ledge and fell back to the start of the section.

    An amazing level with great visuals, atmosphere and effects. I liked your use of the fireflies also.

    Not sure if you are still accepting F4F but check out my stage Miserable Flying Weather if you are!
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    Thank you guys for the reviews, im sorry but im still taking test. I will be done by the 29 ok

    Again sorry.

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    Latest Level: Alex Kidd in Miracle World - Remake Project!

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