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    Wouldn't it seem a little pointless to make two characters look exactly the same at default but call them separate? It's no different really to a character of any other franchise. Jak looks different in Jak 2 than Precursor Legacy, but it's the same character still.
    Yeah! Like Ness and Ninten!

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    It's the same sackboy, but not the same world. Craft World looks nothing like the first game's planet.

    If Mario visited little big planet, people would be saying "who?", but the players would know.

    Alternatively, Sackboy is working at Clive's Factory, building sackbots.

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    It really depends on how you look at things. If you think Sackboy is an entity in a creative world that is neither being affected by time nor space, then yes, it's the same Sackboy. If you imagine the story of LBP 2 has any connection to LBP 1 whatsoever, then no, it's not the same Sackboy.

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