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    All Jokes aside Sackpeople are you so unless you become someone less between LBP1 and 2 then they are indeed
    the same sack. this not Mario or Sonic. Sack is not it's own character.

    But then again it's possible we the players are Not the same person between both games...
    I think I may be a clone! D:
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    Think of it this way:

    If you decided to slap your friends into the fire or jump into the terrible gas in LittleBIGPlanet™ and you're doing it in LittleBIGPlanet™2, then it's the same sackboy.

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    I always thought of it like a loony toons cartoon-- Is it the same bugs bunny? If so, why does he get kidnapped by Marvin the Martian so many times? Or can we just go back to the Chuck Jones style of thinking now, and forget all this continuity nonsense and take the story as a separate, but equal event in the life of sackboy as the first story. Weather or not it actually happened, he will never remember, because that would cause too much plot to be set in stone for him to have fun with life
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    Quote Originally Posted by ultralucario64 View Post
    HERE IS MY THEORY! Ya 'know how Avalon looks like the same species as sackboy? Well, maybe the game is like 10 or 20 years in the future from LBP1, and Avalon was maybe the sackboy from that game. (before you ask, the currator creatures never bothered to ask sackboy for his name and just refer him to "sackboy", like Da Vinci calls the one in lbp2 "Sack thing"). In between games, Avalon probably got famous from beating the collector and let it all on his head. Avalon probably accepted Sackboy because it reminded him from him when he was that age. His contraptions were probably the things that he created in create mode from the first game. And the reason why Negativitron kidnapped Avalon is because he KNOWS that it was sackboy from the first game.

    So yeah, that's my theory.
    but what if you were a sackgirl in the first game? would that make Avalon secretly a trans?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Moonface View Post
    Wouldn't it seem a little pointless to make two characters look exactly the same at default but call them separate? It's no different really to a character of any other franchise. Jak looks different in Jak 2 than Precursor Legacy, but it's the same character still.
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    It's the same sackboy, but not the same world. Craft World looks nothing like the first game's planet.

    If Mario visited little big planet, people would be saying "who?", but the players would know.

    Alternatively, Sackboy is working at Clive's Factory, building sackbots.

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    It really depends on how you look at things. If you think Sackboy is an entity in a creative world that is neither being affected by time nor space, then yes, it's the same Sackboy. If you imagine the story of LBP 2 has any connection to LBP 1 whatsoever, then no, it's not the same Sackboy.

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