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    Default Story Mode: Worth the price of admission?

    so, here's a question for all you sackfolk.

    Would you buy LBP purely for it's story mode, if so...why? and if not...please explain!

    Personally? I would have paid for the story mode alone, I think in LBP games the story mode is always fantastic fun to play for and simply put, absolutely gorgeous. The only qalm I have is with the length of the story which could easily be longer in my opinion.
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    No as it is kind of random and all over the place (mainly to show off the tools) which alone, would be rather misplaced and definitely not worth $60 considering also its length.

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    LBP wouldn't be a good game without create mode. It's as simple as that.

    Though, if it was just create mode, I'd still buy it.

    Story mode is just a small bit of the game.



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    The story is fun, but I wouldn't buy LittleBigPlanet if it didn't have Create Mode.

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  5. Thanks!

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    Who the hell buys any LBP game just for the story?

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    I don't know, hence why I asked. No need to be so rude.
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    They're kinda right, story mode isn't really that long, and it's just there to show off the features. (First day I got LBP2, beat it, 3 days later, aced it)
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    Yeah, it is short but I still feel as though it's pretty good. After all your average Call of Gray shooter game has about the same story length...
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    They could've just skipped story mode.

    EDIT: Or, when you come to think of it. They should have had Victoria and Da Vincis levels as showing off tools level, but the storyline is overrated.

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    The story is random like koltonaugust said—like the machine were skipping through the dream flux(man).
    It is mostly to show off the tools and give a purpose to a sequel, in a way. It makes it so the trophy count can be higher and can show a/an [decent] example of what a level is supposed to look like, with all the pointless yet hooking decals around the world.


    LBP™ storyline made better sense than LBP™2 storyline. Much more detail, not to mention the voice acting, but it was sort of repetitive and centered. Boring. I also beat most of it on my first try and aced the first 2 Curators instantly. It was as fast as beating Portal 2, meaning it's good, but
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    Nah, LBP2 is just worth getting for Create Mode.

    Although, I enjoyed the Factory of a Better Tomorrow.

    The only one that isn't random.

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    no, since i hate the LBP2 story mode, it's random, ugly and very annoying gameplay. i buy littlebigplanet 2 for it's createmode.

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    if LBP1 didn't have the create mode i bet the "story mode" of the game would be waaaay more epic. i mean just think of the things they could've program properly without the bloody 2d-like objects and stuff. ya know real 3d animations etc in the 2d platforming

    So.. if lbp1 had a proper story without create i would totally buy it.
    if it was exactly the same story and all without create... i WOULD have brought it (since i didn't knew it had a create mode at first) but then i would probably sell it later on. and also never buy LBP2. :I

    LBP2 on the other hand.. maybe if it wasn't so expensive.

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    OP. Your sentence is a fragment. You mentioned LBP, but there was no create mode mentioned. It is not a complete sentence.
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    I enjoyed the story mode from the first game far more. I definitely wished it was longer once I was done. I didn't feel cheated. I just enjoyed it so much that I wished there was more to play once I was done with it. I think it had to do with how the whole thing felt like you were simply playing with a stuffed doll on someone's desk or in their yard. Everything actually did feel handmade in it, which was what drew me to it in the first place. I'd definitely buy that and play it over and over.

    LBP2, not so much. Create would definitely have to be there. I didn't enjoy the story as much in this game. Clive's world was my favorite out of all of them. When I initially heard that there was going to be a Steampunk world in the game, I got excited. Steampunk is my most favorite artistic theme in the world. When I played Victoria's world, I was underwhelmed. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't as focused on the Victorian aspect as I had imagined. It focused more on the dessert aspect. The orchestral music and the cinematics made the whole game feel like the world was scaled down. It removed that whole handmade, "playing with toys" feel that I loved about the first game. I don't regret buying 2, but 1's story mode was better, IMO.
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