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    Default Bomberman Versus 1-4 players

    Hey Guys and Girls

    Got my new Level published Its a new Bomberman Versus Level for 1-4 players.... Bots includet for singleplayers. It grants the gameplay of the older classic Bomberman Games. Would be great to get some Feedback from you, if anything could be improved.

    Thaks for your attention in advance^^
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    Hey choeb,
    I just played your Bomberman! It's one of the best LBP2 versus levels. The AI is awesome! How long did you need for creating it? The music is fantastic, too. It would be cool if you could add a few more maps.

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    Very nice looking level I queued it and I will play it soon, im currently on vacation so I wont be on my PS3 until next week. In the mean time can you play my level if you want (Cryo Lab Rat or The Heart Of Darkness, level link in my SIG)

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    Left you some feedback on the level, it plays really well, did not run into issues other than baddies all killing themselves before I got to. Nice use of items, did wish the kick option was like in the game where you hit it and it moved, and then R1 could use the throw option...but that may be near impossible. The feedback I left was just to use a blue neon instead of that blue wood for the sky...the grains bug me. In the level it may be nice to have a little more depth, just some fake lines or such so the blocks and floor look like they are deeper down. Not sure how much thermo you have, but perhaps just placing the floor a bit further back may help it work. Amazing reporduction, great work.

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    ok im back and I played the level with 3 of my friends and a CPU and here is my review.

    This level is awesome, what I really like was the menu screen, the way it works is pretty innovated. Also the way you put the option to put on a power up or take it away was really nice it reminded me of super smash brothers. The music is what I like the most specially scott pilgrims theme. Also the characters work perfectly along with the stage and animation. There are something that you need to fix but they are miner, the CPU most of the time kill himself or is not smart enough but that just a small problem and everything else is really nice. Keep it up

    Now can you play one of my 2 level which I said before please, thank you

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    Really funny to play with friends,its really well done,i felt like playing in the classic bomberman,good job

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    Thank you very much for that great feedback.

    @ Celsus:
    Unfortunately its impossible, the hidden layers are used for the mechanical movement, because i had bad experince by using impact sensors. They are also the reason for the ai failes sometimes (or maybe often)^^
    About the neon, i will change it, thx

    It took a really long time, I worked for maybe two month on this, from time to time^^

    @Arnald: As u have seen, i did, especially your Darkness level impressed me
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