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    My first serious level loosely based on miami vice and the 80's. Been working a lot on it on and off. Many hours. Around 4 hours on the car at the end alone. Comment on it in-game or here and I might make some changes although the thermometer is 100% full. I will probably make a day level too. This is a night level. As soon as they give us the seaside background I'll be changing it. There's no real way to approach this level. Go where you feel like going and check stuff out. It's a relatively small level. Smaller than most others but I put detail into my stuff.

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    That level, my good sir, is made of only the FINEST win

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    Awesome, thanks! It has its faults but...I think it's good.

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    This level was trippy, but I liked it. I was a little confused on where to go at the beginning, so I just hung on to a balloon and ending up dropping in the level right before the car, which was very sweet. Good level, just a tad confusing at the beginning.

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    I've made it clear where to go. It's sad that the level is chugging real bad if the camera zooms out. It's because of all the lights. But anways...I might place out cameras all over that force it to zoom in...played alone there's few problems.

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    i'll try it out soon!

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    I decided to really fix it up by tweaking the lights because online with friends the level was pretty much unplayable. i think it's much better now.

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    Just want to say, I really liked this level, and I didn't even make it to the end xP I died a few too many times and even so, I plan on going back and getting the FULL experience Great job Basket!

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    It's fixed really. Double checkpoints and a few more checkpoints....I don't think there's much more to edit. Sure things can be changed but I think it's pretty good. Now I'm looking for a new project to do.

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    Hey man. So as I mentioned I had a chance to play this last night. Here are my thoughts:


    - Custom content. I think everyone knows my position on this by now and I have to say that I loved all the custom creation your level had. I particularly liked the lambo and the way you handled the palm trees, very well done.

    - The lighting is superb, really impressive!

    - The theme really worked and I did feel like I was in Miami. The decorations/materials/objects all fit the atmospehre perfectly.

    - Hidden areas. There are lots of them! This adds replay value to those who want to go back and try for the top score.

    - The skeleton doing a handstand, lol. That was just too cool.


    - The afformentioned skeletons tie would stop making it impossible for me to run under. It seemed like it reanimated at random so let me know if others have had this problem.

    - Where are the mice!?!? Either I am missing something or there should be mice in the lvl. Otherwise why Mice City vs Vice City (or another name)?

    I really enjoyed playing this and everyone should check it out. It is a fun lvl that never bores and has some nice eye candy to boot. I will check out your new lvl tomorrow once the servers are up and running again. Have a look at my new lvl if you get a chnace and let me know what you think.
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    Awesome, thanks man. The whole point of the "tie-dancing-enemy" is that it's random. You need to wait and try to pass under at the right time when the the tie is moving enough. That's what i like about it. Maybe it seems like it's animated but it's moving based on how the dancer moves. Which is random because she's trying to stand on her head but will fall to either side. Then her hands straighten her up again. I dared not go with VICE because of the copyright system and the fear of moderation haha. Mice fits in nicely as that's kinda what the sackboys are.

    When you see the tie move it's time to make your move hehe.
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    I was rather digging this level, but was only able to progress by luck at several points because it was dark, or because sackboy was hidden behind stuff. Finally, I gave up. But I'll be sure to try it again.

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