Level - The Fall of Winter
PSN - xkappax

All I can say is: bahahaha. I freaking loved this level. Kappa your sense of humour is awesome.

4.5/5 ---> Appearance- This level follows a winter theme as you might of guessed. The creations are unique, the level flows beautifully, and it's definitely easy on the eyes.

9.5/10 ---> Gameplay- Well as aformentioned, it's hilarious. The plot derives around a showdown between winter and autumn, and it's December...so your obviously on the side of winter. While the platforming is quite easy, the variety of things you encounter really sets this level aside from the rest. You run into a half dead Santa, Hannukahman (haha!), and something I can only explain as "The Spirit of Autumn", who is of course the boss. But really, where the brilliance in this level lies is the sheer hilarity of it all. My only complaint is the lag you encounter around the middle of the level, which really makes things difficult as there is a lot of platforming in this section.

4/5 ---> Replay Value- As I'm going to go play this level again after I'm done this review, I think it's evident that the level has great replay value. There is a lot to see, a lot to do, and good laughs along the way. Bravo!

Overall Score: 18/20

Another amazing level! 5 stars and hearted.